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  1. Ok we had favourite breads now our favourite fruits?

    What are yours? Fruits from the vine as well as trees.
  2. At the moment, in season here is feijoas. Also known as pineapple guavas.
    We have two trees that give us lots of fruit. You cut them in half and scoop out the flesh. Yum.
    The fruit is green - so its not unripe, that's just the way it is!
  3. Do not know those, never seen them.
    We often buy naartjies, pears, apples - I do not eat these though, nectarines - my favourite, peaches, pineapple and grapes.
    More expensive ones we sometimes get are strawberry and kiwi fruit - love those also, guava and granadilla.
    Then a firm favourite also is Avo, but it's become so expensive here, we mostly walk by.
  4. I have not heard of naartjies..? Or granadilla.

    Avocados are great. I once wwoofed on an orchard growing kiwifruit and avocados. The poor kiwifruits though. There's this virus called PSA that started spreading among the orchards, and many people decided they might have to rip them all out to stop the devastation. Kiwifruit is one of NZ biggest exports, along with apples and pears.

    Kiwifruit and strawberries are great for Pavlova dessert, and also, passionfruit. Passionfruit grows well in Australia as do oranges and pineapples, as it's warm.

    I really like Lychees, but you can't get them fresh here. They are from China.
  5. googled- ok, they are mandarins and a kind of passionfruit. Interesting!
    Yes mandarins are nice, easy peel.

    I am eating a lemon cake mum made for morning tea.
  6. Did you ever get a lime tree in a tub? I suppose living in an apartment/flat you can't really grow your own, so have to buy all your fruits.

    I have both a peach tree and a grapevine at home. No pineapples though, too cold!
  7. I have just been out in garden potting up strawberries.
    The season has just gone, but they need planting out as they've got runners. They can be easily grown in a window box.
  8. No sadly not, cash has been a bit strapped lately - many kiddies extramural costs with winter sports kicking in.
  9. winter is a great time to plant fruit trees.
    How many children do you have? And their ages?
    I suspect the original football was a fruit like a watermelon..
    The round one you kick could have been giant pomelos. They are kind of rubbery and bouncy.
  10. My daughter is nine, turning ten in a few months, my son is seven since March.
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  11. Do they like fruit?
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    ..I have to choose?

    Watermelon, cantaloupe, and black berries top the list.

    Nectarines are good but not strictly natural.

    I'm not too keen on figs, but fig preserves and fig newtons rock.
  13. I dont think ive tried cantaloupe.

    Arent nectarines natural? Why not? What about...peacherines?

    Figs..when fresh and ripe can be nice, but they are rare here. Use them more for soup.

    I have a THORNLESS blackberry bush. is that unnatural? Its a hybrid from america.
  14. Nectarines are basically mutant peaches similiar to the peacherines you mentioned. They can occur naturally, but are apparently the result of a very recessive gene structure.

    Blackberries grow wild all over the place here, but for the life of me I can't even imagine a blackberry bush without thorns. It just doesn't seem right.
    I can't even begin to tell you how many hours I have spent in patches of them getting scratched up just to get at the good stuff.
  15. LOL.
    I don't like thorns. I got rid of this flower carpet rose that was taking over the garden cos it had thorns.
    I wonder if the fruit will be just as good...it hasn't fruited yet.

    I thought nectarines were a cross between plums and peaches.
  16. oh yes I have. We call it rock melon. Very nice, juicy.
  17. Maybe each of the 12 tribes will be represented by a different fruit from the tree of life.
  18. I mean they had 12 loaves of bread for the shewbread.
  19. Yes, they do.
    In fact we have already finished our fruit provision for this month - I better get some more quickly.
  20. You mentioned two I also quite like, watermelon and figs.
    Figs are so scarce and expensive that it does not make the list.
    Watermelon is an old favourite, but problem is, you literally have to buy ten to get one really nice one - not sure why.

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