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  1. A reuben bread sounds similar to a cheesesteak...or cheeseburger. I guess the combo of meat and cheese and bread is a winner.

    But its prolly not good for your digestion!
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  2. A Reuben Sandwich is a classic---always served with a chubby dill pickle spear!

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  3. Now that is simply not nice but mighty tasty though !!
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  4. Probably not, so just once in a while as a treat. :)
  5. Its funny, English muffins are a kind of bread, yet other muffins are more like cup cakes.

    What is the distinction between cakes and bread? Is it just, one has yeast, or the other has sugar?
  6. Marie Antoinette was said to have said 'let them eat cake!'
    I think I would die of diabetes if I had to eat cake everyday. Give us this day our daily...cake.
  7. I think that you are right...cakes have much more sugar than bread, and most of the breads have yeast.
  8. [​IMG]

    San Fransisco sour dough bread bowls. Sour dough is my favorite bread. O man I'm hungry now :eek::D
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  9. It's been eons since I've had sourdough bread! Oh man it's good stuff!
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  10. I tried to make some once yeah it was nice..but you have to keep on with the starter. Apparently in san francisco they have really nice sourdough like its their unique thing.
    I dont know what the specialty would be in my region..shortbread? Anzac biscuits? Scones with cream and jam?

    I am partial to pain au chocolat. Thats bread with chocolate inside! Yummy. Although...its more of a pastry than a bread, like croissant.
  11. If theres an artisan bakery that sells pain au chocolat, I go for that, or coconut buns.
    We have french bakeries, and then the ordinary kind, which also usually sell cakes and meat pies.
    Our national sandwich is not subway but something called a marmite and chip roll.
    Although we do have kiwiburgers that have beetroot in them instead of pickles.,
  12. Oh yea....put beef stew in it instead of clam chowder.....i'm in! Course i know someone who would be in fish heaven with clam chowder though.....:ROFLMAO:
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  13. If that is anything like starbucks sells then i have had a few of those years ago, and i agree they are very good!
  14. What is on a marmite and chip roll? Or a kiwi burger? Sounds interesting.
  15. I remember having one of those breads filled with chowder in Singapore of all places, at a French place. I do like baguette and garlic bread as well. Just need to chew something minty afterward!
  16. marmite - savoury yeast spread
    chips-potato chips, salted or salt and vinegar
    when combined into a sandwich, very nice - crispy, salty, yeasty and bready.

    Kiwiburger - a hamburger, (not made of kiwifruit or kiwi birds) that is just like an american hamburger except it has a fried egg and a beetroot in it.
    Kind of like how you have Hawaiian burgers that is just a hamburger with a slice of pineapple in it.
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  17. I surely appreciate your explaining! They do sound tasty!
    Blessings to you!
  18. Wow, it really does depend on how I am eating it.
    For instance, if it's a turkey sandwich, Sourdough.
    If it's a pastrami sandwich, Rye.

    I also love everything Bagels, especially if it is lox and schmear.
    The Dutch bread you're thinking of is probably Dutch crunch. It's one I grew up with and is really good. Challah is also very good and grew up with that.

    Naan bread (which I think is the same if not similar to Tandoori) is excellent all around -- dipped in hummus, with a chicken tikka of kofka dish, or just alone. It can even be used as a pizza crust.

    Choereg is an Armenian bread which is not only unbelievably delicious, but it is also pretty fun to make.

    Baguettes, croissants, Italian bread, and Fladenbrot which is a Turkish flatbread. Monkey bread is an excellent sweetbread which I recommend.

    I am a pretty descent cook, but my baking skills aren't as great as I'd like them to be, so it's something I hope to improve. My father-in-law is actually a baker for the Mayflower hotel in DC and I hope to get some tips from him.
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    After my wife and I move into our home I intend on baking Courtesan au Chocolats...

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  20. Well, chinese aren't really into breads but we do have fried bread kinda like doughnuts that we eat with rice porridge - congee.
    It's kinda like croutons, but chewy.
    And then we have sweet buns with red bean paste inside. yum!

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