favourite breads

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  1. post your favourite bread (leavened and unleavened) here.

    my favourites -
    leavened - ciabatta, hot cross buns, croissant, scones, coconut bread, brown banana bread, gingerbread

    unleavened - carrs water crackers
    huntly and palmers brown rice crackers
    matza - there's a dutch brand forget the name. It was really nice
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  2. I "discovered" recently a very tasty buckwheat roll. What a pitty that they do not sell it in local shops so I rarely buy it.
  3. All breads! :D

    I love specifically Challah and focaccia breads (Jewish and Italian)!
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  4. Oh yes I like challah too. It is fun to make. The six stranded ones a bit tricky though!
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  5. Would pancakes count as a bread or a cake?
  6. My favorite is my homemade wheat bread or white bread. And marble rye for reuben sandwiches
    Biscuits and homemade pita bread (made without yeast) and rolls and croissants if i could afford some organic corn meal...i would enjoy making some cornbread :)
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  7. Never heard of reuben sandwiches...although we have something called Vogels bread here in nz which is favourite of many.
  8. Oh well reuben sandwiches are corned beef on marble rye with sour kraut and swiss cheese and thousand island dressing.

    What is vogels bread?
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  9. A Reuben is one of my very favourite things to eat, and I haven't had one in about 35 years! I've never had one with Thousand Island dressing, though---just lots of mustard! I think I will need to give myself a treat soon...I'll celebrate losing 145 lbs!
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  10. Amen! Pray that i will get to celebrate with one of those soon too! Yum....my favorite
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  12. I think this is a conspiracy against the consumers for it seems to happen all the time. Find a store and a wonderful product and pooof it has been replaced with junk. lol Those junk pushers.
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  13. Not those breads that taste like Grtandma's basement.....
  14. My favorite bread is the ones Cturtle bakes and gives me while they are still very warm.
    Thank You. Thank You. Thank You
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  15. Vogels bread is a kind of bread made with lots of grains and seeds.
    Its meant to be healthier than plain white bread, the brand we have here is called tip top, and its like eating fluff, no fibre.
  16. A few year ago our govt made a new rule that all breads must now contain folic acid, cos there was a deficiency in our diets.
  17. That is, if you like eating factory made pre sliced bread.
  18. Thank you for describing it to me! I really appreciate it!
  19. Wow when I was a kid I remember a bread called tip top. Wow talk about a flash back.

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