favourite breads

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  1. Your killin me Ab! aaaahahahaha
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  2. I wish I had more bread in my pocket :)
  3. Im hoping to find a breadmaker nobody wants so we can have freshly baked bread at church.
    I saw one on offer at freecycle but they havent got back to me...it would be really good for our community meals.
  4. The Archetypical "American" bread is like everything else made in America.... The "Best" means it is made by a machine as cheaply as possible.. Chemists, engineers, sociologists, and professional tasters all work together to "Optimize" the flavor and texture for the largest mass market appeal at the cheapest possible price.. So.. Soft, fluffy, pasty, nondescript taste that doesn't offend anyone, mass produced "White bread".... Made by high speed automated machines literally by the millions every day in a big factory somewhere else... Every single loaf is exactly the same... 40 different "Brands" of bread that all have exactly the same ingredients, texture, nondescript flavor, color, smell, shape, weight, and same price within a quarter.. The only "Signifiant" discernible difference between all of them is the label on the packaging....

    Donuts are dutch... Our contribution to "Donuts" was turning them from some unique type of pastry or dessert that had a character of it's own into the Dessert version of "American white bread"......

    That said.. The "Optimum" grilled cheese sandwich in the entire world is American Cheese between 2 slices of White bread - fried in butter..... TWO slices of "Not real bread" with TWO slices of "Not real cheese" between them... Fried in "Not real butter".... That tells you everything you need to know about America....

    and now, I want a donut.. ;)
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  5. Hahaha this post is funny! Thanks for the laugh. "Non-offensive" bread lol! ...classic!
  6. Professional taster?
    I want that job!
    Or then again...maybe not lol.
  7. Has anyone mentioned banana nut bread yet? Because I love homemade banana nut bread!
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  8. I love homemade banana bread! Minus the nuts, plus the chocolate chips!
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  9. Hmmmm, I've never had it with chocolate chips. Sounds intriguing!
  10. Trust me it is delicious! Banana and chocolate make one of the best combos.
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  11. The dutch are only 1/2 an hour from my home... but I live in the dutch part of Belgium. They're so friendly and they all speak English. Thanks! Now "I" want a donut!
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  12. Ooohhhh my favorite way to eat banana bread! Good stuff Mykuhl i agree!
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  13. Yum!
    I've never had banana nut bread WITH chocolate chips though.

    Its good with walnuts.

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