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  1. Courtesan au chocolat wow, so many eggs! its more like pastry than bread though.
    It kinda reminded me of chocolate eclairs, that's made with choux pastry and got chocolate topping and inside is cream.
  2. I just picked up a few 10 minutes ago. One of the perks of Chinatown.
  3. That's true -- I wouldn't consider it so much of a bread as it is a pastry. Though I do need to get better at baking.
  4. Mmmmm... all this talk about chocolate pastries is making want to drool. Chocolate baked goods is one of my weaknesses.
  5. This year I saw some bakeries selling chocolate hot cross buns.
    I don't know about that! I think some people serious chocoholics. I mean I like chocolate but not all the time. Only for a treat. Though I do prefer it over coffee - never liked coffee.
  6. Same here. I'm a tea drinker -- especially English breakfast.
  7. If there was such thing as an american bread, what comes to mind would be those krispy kreme donuts. Or any other donut, the most unhealthiest food known to man.
  8. There is American bread; the most popular is probably your standard white load bread. But Americana may be cornbread. Banana Nut bread is also an American bread.

    I'd love to claim donuts as American, but they are an English invention.
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  10. I thought donuts with a hole were american?
    Doughnuts that are long and filled with cream and a dollop of jam and suated with sugar are english. But donuts that are round and dusted with cinammon with a hole in them, and maybe got icing or fillling in them...american. Deep fried donuts. Mmmm
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  11. That's ok I've got a recipe for sourdough starter and bread in my cookbook, Alison Holst's Bread Book.

    Alison Holst stayed for a time in SF where she learned more american style cooking, and bought it back to NZ. All her recipes are very good and work for NZ kitchens.

    I once considered buying a bread machine but decided against it as tried it out and they were too noisy. Plus, its more fun making by hand. Even though maybe a bit messier.
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  12. today for my breakfast I am eating English muffins toasted with butter.
    What about you? What breads do you eat for breakfast?
  13. French bread, English muffins, cracked wheat bread, Boost My Protein bread, and crumpets.
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  14. I like Matzo, Pita, and Rye
  15. Holy Shamoli....I totally forgot about crumpets.

    Sometimes for breakfast i have toast (homemade or wheat) with raspberry jam. Sometimes i like to have rice cakes with peanut butter and slices of apple.
  16. After having visited London and paid a fortune for tea and scones, my daughter has learned how to make them and they are OUTSTANDING! Much better even :)

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  17. Nice!
    Yes at church a lady always makes scones for us with jam and cream for morning tea fellowship time.
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  18. Crumpets! My favourite...although, are they really a bread? They more like a bread jelly. I steam them and eat them with butter melted through the holes.
  19. I always thought that crumpets were like english muffins. ....steam them? Wow that is new to me, i have just had them toasted like bread and yea with melted butter.....yum!

    It's been awhile since i had scones. Someday i would like to make some. Because to me i enjoy the ones with fruit and they remind me of a sweet biscuit....also Yum!
  20. I also like water crackers with blue cheese as a snack
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