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  1. Ya just gotta be patient!! *grins wickedly, haha*


    - BM
  2. In Need of Prayer

    I emailed you, BM. But, I also wanted to make clear to everyone here that a lot of my problems may stem from being resistent to the Holy Spirit. I just had to get that out here because I realize some of you may need to know that in order to pray for me. It is my unbelief, that being a carnal thing, that I need to address. I see that now.

    And, you are right, BM, I can give at least $5 at times when I have it. I do put any change I find laying around the house in a jar which is my "stash" I call it. I don't know if this will do any good though, if my heart is not in the right place, as it will not count or something. I don't know. And, also, I am doubting again, it seems, if God hears my prayers when there is sin in my life. I am really down right now, and in need of being lifted up in prayer if ya'll will do that for me. Thanx
  3. Whoa! There is so much to respond to and I read so much I forgot who said what. I will respond tomorrow. Today was a busy day. I promise!

  4. Prayer for Bonnie


    Well of course we will!

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    We come to you this morning. When two or more are gathered in your name, how powerful it is, even we as individuals come to you Lord , you hear our cry. You are are father. I pray for Bonnie right now heavenly father. I pray that you touch her heart heavenly father, you see her struggles. We all have struggles, we all fight against our flesh. We lived a life before God that was filled with sin. But you Jesus, you saved us! Your word is filled with promises , promises for us, promises for a good life.
    Your word says that even as Christians we will have suffering and persecution, but with that suffering, we build perservance, perservance builds character and character builds hope. A hope in you Lord that no one can steal away from us.
    To many times Lord, we as humans want to blame the enemy for stealing our joy, yes he comes to kill, steal and destroy.. but the battle that rages within us, is the "old" us.
    Father forgive us, forgive Bonnie, I pray that the Holy spirit be within her even more strongly now. There is no condemantion with you Jesus.

    We must have faith in the unseen. I pray that Bonnie can reflect back to see where she has come from. Whether it be twenty five cents or $ 5.00 to you Lord, may she remember Lord your word says you like a cheerful giver. She is an awesome woman of God. She has repented and turned of her old ways. She no longer lives in that sin Lord, yes we all fall short of the Glory, but Oh Lord.. your grace is sufficient. May Bonnie realize God that your grace is sufficient today. We uplift her to you this morning Lord. Fill her with your love, your spirt, your peace your joy.

    Lord, it says in your word that with you we have Power Lord. May Bonnie realize the power within her Lord. May she continue to be in your word and pour her eyes and heart over your words and love father, Strenghten her now father , she feels weak, we all get weak, but Lord we can do all things which Christ strengthens us. May we come to realize Lord, that you are the only thing and person we need in our lives. If all else was stripped away, it would not matter as long as we have Jesus in our hearts and lives.

    Lord, I am thankful for Bonnie. She was there for me when I needed uplifting on my walk. Lord we thank you for the encouragement you gave her to come here and ask for prayer. May we all realzie we need to be open with our Christian friends, we need to reach out and cry out to Lord, with the wonderful friends you have blessed us with. WE praise you Lord!
    We will praise you through the good, we will praise you through the bad.
    Lord we love you, we pray Lord that you touch Bonnie in a very special way Lord, so she will see Lord that you are right there each step of the way.

    We ask this all in your son's name Jesus

    I love you girlfriend! I am thankful you are my friend! Keep on hanging on to Jesus. He is the only way!

    Love ya!
  5. You have my loud AMEN to every word of Robins, Lord Jesus!!! Allelujah!!

    - BM
  6. We all have those busy days!! No problem, dear one. See you tomorrow!

    Hey, no need at all to respond to everyone. There's a lot of 'silent responses' go on in the IR and Disciple threads! - always have!! And amazingly, it all WORKS!! Cos our God, wow HE REALLY IS GOD!!!

    Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ!

    - BM
  7. I've replied to your email. You'd have gotten it before bed except for all the things that were going on here!!! Not the least of which was that I was out riding round the streets on Gertie as I do each day the weather lets me, and next minute one of the tires had gone dead flat. So much so, that it nearly came off the rim!! We were all organised for any such eventuality, got a Maxi-taxi to come and collect poor Gertie with her "broken leg" and Beloved and carer (Karen) came to collect me. Even tho this all went really well, it's fair wiped me out!!

    Of course we'll pray for you as Robin said!! And, sweetie, if God never heard anyone's prayer because of sin in our lives - then He'd never hear even one prayer!!! For we are ALL sinners!! John stated flatly: 1 John Ch 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. So that settles THAT problem for you!!

    Please clear your heart and spirit of all concerns about your sin, and go to Father and nestle up in His mighty arms. Let Him just hold and comfort you, until you know again with certainty in your very deepest being that He is your God!!! Then you may tell Him about your sin, and repent, and THANK HIM from the bottom of your heart that IT'S ALL FORGIVEN!!!

    We love you very much, dear one!!

    - BM
  8. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #19 (6th in our "Blood of Jesus" Series. Starts at #14)


    Where Jesus Shed Blood Has NO Effect!!

    IF we truly care about the Gospel Message of what Jesus did for all men, we'll consider this verse to be very pertinent, very important: Romans Ch 10:14b And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? IF at least 1.5 billion people have never heard (some would say it's closer to 3 billion, almost half the world population) and considering that a mere 0.5% of mission money goes to REACHING those dear unreached ones for Jesus then the blood Jesus shed is having NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER in a major part of our world!!! So it HAS to be asked: WHAT CAN WE DO???


    First, please take your time to read ALL that's below. It's a lot to take in. Read it a bit at a time maybe. Pray and meditate on it all. People's eternal salvation depends on your response to this crucial Message.

    Second, we simply MUST understand the major importance of what is called the 10/40 Window. You can see this stretches from Northern Africa right across to India and South-East Asia. The countries in this rectangle are between 10° and 40° Latitude, hence "The 10/40 Window". Amazingly, almost 2/3rds of the world's population live within this Window, but most important of all for us as Christian Believers is that it's the part of our world most UNREACHED with the message of Salvation. In fact an astonishing 97% of the world’s remaining unreached, unevangelised people-groups (races of people, language-groups) are located in the 10/40 Window!! WHY has the church allowed this to happen? - and still is doing almost nothing??

    Third, the part of the world with the densest population of people who've NEVER EVER heard those amazing words "Jesus loves you" from the lips of a Christian live IN this Window - in the North of the sub-continent of India (MANY of whom are among the 300 million poverty-stricken, considered less-than-human, "Untouchable" Dalits!!) QUESTION: If YOU were in charge of where the most Missionary money should go, would you send it to where Beloved and I would? And we already do: part of our monthly gift to the LORD goes straight to Dalit Christians ("caring for the needy"), along with part to other places where the Gospel has never been taken!

    Continued in the next post...
  9. ...Continued from the previous post

    Where Jesus Shed Blood Has a MAJOR Effect!!

    About evangelising all of the world, John Piper said: "Send, go or disobey." He's absolutely right that if we personally FAIL to help evangelise the world we're grossly disobeying Jesus. But there's one more thing available to you and I above what Piper said!! Okay, what else is there but to either "send" or "go"? Well now I can tell you of a most wonderful third option!!! - where there's NO NEED TO DO EITHER!!!! Every cent, repeat EVERY CENT of the money we send goes to our brother and sister Dalits AND/OR to help get the Gospel to the most UNREACHED PARTS of Southern Asia - and especially India with it's 1.2 billion people (the majority enslaved by Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam! Shocking!!)

    We do this without leaving home: obeying two MAJOR commands of our God: caring for those in NEED, and making DISCIPLES throughout the whole world. And NO ONE has to "GO": our Missionaries ARE ALREADY THERE!!! Before I explain, let me ask you this: which would you prefer to be involved in? - a) SENDING a missionary, ONE missionary, at an all-up cost of maybe $100,000 a year (or more - training, learning the language, plane travel, children's education, etc., etc.) or b) supporting ONE missionary at an all-up cost of $2,000 a year? That's a no-brainer! Divide 100,000 by 2,000 which is 50, which means that FOR THE SAME MONEY you have 50 missionaries to go to the UNREACHED vs. just 1 missionary!!!!

    What's the catch? There isnt one!!! Just the OPPOSITE in fact!! - our 50 are not only massively cost effective, but also cannot help but do a better job!! Here's why: 1. They are 3-year fully Bible-trained men and women who come from among their own people, in India, Sri Lanka, and many other small countries round about. 2. Thus they already KNOW the language AND understand the customs (both very difficult for a Western missionary). 3. They live (unbelievably simply by our standards!) amongst and exactly the same as those they are evangelising!! - like this missionary, working full time for Jesus in the heathen village the Lord called him to!!!


    All the above explains why total support for a single missionary costs less than $1,500 for a whole year!! For a missionary family up to $2,500. Type gfa.org into your browser, click on "Support a Native Missionary" and choose one for the regular $30 a month that Gospel for Asia (GFA) do for their 16,500 working missionaries in South Asia. The WHOLE $30 goes to your man or lady. You'll join with 4 others (more for a family) to GIVE and to PRAY for your missionary. He will be effectively trained, ready and willing to be persecuted and even martyred for sharing about Jesus, labour 7 days a week, live simply amongst those he seeks to reach, win converts to the Lord Jesus, ultimately plant a church, disciple the converts, and with his brother and sister missionaries bring over half a million souls total into the Kingdom in one year.

    Concluded in the next post...
  10. ...Concluded from the previous post

    Our Experiences with GFA

    They are all WONDERFULLY POSITIVE!!! This is undoubtedly THE most wonderful Christian organisation or church that I've experiened in 52 years. Commenced by native Indian Christian KP Yohannan over 26 years ago, this beautiful man is still President and leader of the 16,500 missionaries plus another 9,000 in training. The incredibly high standard of the people AND the work is almost mind-boggling. Their integrity is beyond reproach and almost legendary, e.g., how every cent given, arrives where it was given for! The breadth of their ministry, continually expanding, is staggering: things like Jesus Wells, brilliant Bridge of Hope schools for Dalit children, their massive Printing Presses for Christian literature, the Radio coverage of over 100 languages into the whole South Asia area, their work to help victims of tsunamis, floods, etc... and much more that you can read on the GFA site.

    We used to sponsor a lovely missionary man for $30 a month. When GFA started in Australia we had to change and started regular giving to any one of their many areas of work. One is to the Unsupported Missionary fund, to make up for someone who's had to stop support for some reason. If you want to give to a misho (as I usually call them!) this may be a good way to start. Otherwise you may give a pair of rabbits (that breed like rabbits!) to a Christian Dalit family (our brothers and sisters) to help ease their acute poverty. You can give $1 towards an expensive and superb Jesus Well. Or $100!! Either will HELP and is VERY acceptable to God!!! You can give towards the amazing Radio broadcasts that bring in 1 million letters per year that are all personally answered, with help to the writer towards their salvation. All at: Donation - Gospel for Asia

    We LOVE giving towards a sturdy bicycle for a missionary. Works like this. In his village, a missionary walks everywhere like everyone else. This is poor, 3rd World living very, very common in India. He eventually has a church established. Give him a BIKE and he can then cycle to 1 (or maybe even 2) neighbouring villages to evangelise THEM in turn. So this inexpensive $1,500 a year missionary, with a bike for $110 JUST DOUBLED HIM to "two" missionaries. Now THAT'S GREAT HEAVENLY VALUE!! Maybe you can see how PASSIONATE we are for this amazing and quite unique work.

    If you choose GFA with us, then our task to reach the world for Jesus is a simple duality. All we need to do is GIVE and PRAY. That's it!!!! They do all the rest!! (but CANNOT without our gifts and prayer!!! - that's OUR part of this special PARTNERSHIP!!) I told you it was mind-blowing, and SIMPLE, and that you didn't need to even leave home! Don't need to be educated either, or a 'somebody', or have a large income. What you DO need is a HUGE and CARING HEART that God will give you if you seriously ask Him. We then need to be very SERIOUS about this, for LIVES FOR ETERNITY are at stake!!!

    If we're going to TRULY Follow Jesus like we've talked about, we need to give up Worldly things and worldly living, and give the savings to evangelising the MOST UNREACHED in the world - which GFA is dedicated to doing, and IS doing! Involve yourself in ANY PART of this work and YOU CAN BE CERTAIN THAT PEOPLE WILL GET SAVED THROUGH THIS!!! Can you ever hope to bring such a wondrous certainty to where your life is now? Most Believers never win even one other person to Jesus. Here's your Godly opportunity to change that for the remainder of your life. Those you help by your new dedication will stand with you before Heaven's Throne where the King of Glory sits! Your reward will be so much the greater (look for and amazing Message about this, coming)!!

    That about finishes this Series seeking to honour the Blood of Christ, in helping to allow it to WORK in the lives for others who LITERALLY otherwise could never POSSIBLY become God's sons and daughters, but would certainly die in their sins!!! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

    - BM (with his Lady)

  11. Wow , Thanks for a great eye opener Series!

  12. [​IMG]


    ... Faithwoman wrote! (Thanks hon!) Back in my day we'd probably have called it "food for thought!!" But in the case of the vast numbers of people just like us - but living shockingly difficult and utterly, utterly LOST lives - I call that VERY serious food for thought!!

    I know the latest Message is too much to take in all at once. Yet take it in we must! (please just do it like you eat an elephant - one bite at a time!) And even if you never give one cent to GFA, we MUST know the truth of what's happening in the 10/40 Window!!!

    If we can't give we can and must PRAY! You can subscribe to GFA ** and receive regular email updates sent out by KP (KP Yohannan, President and Founder of GFA). This will open your eyes to people living lives like we've never imagined AND to how we can help them by Prayer and by (large or small, regular or irregular) Gifts!


    Wow, that's sure the Truth!!

    With much love to you all!

    - BM

    ** You Americans can go to Gospel for Asia News and Features - Gospel for Asia and look for "Receive email updates" (near bottom on the right) to start getting regular emails from KP. Many of them are amazing and sure will open your eyes to the WORK and the NEED!! In the Spiritual world they are worth their weight in gold!!!


    K.P. Yohannan speaking at a Dalit rally in India​
  13. Robin, thank you for the wonderful prayer you prayed for me!

    And, Bondman, the last message was so beautifully put, also the beautiful pictures. I have some very exciting news about dear husband. He has been frantically reading and reading his normal new age books, like Chariots of the Gods lately, but tonight when I was reading on CFS, he asked me to read to him what seemed to be so interesting to me! So I did.

    It happened to be from a new person on the forum, who was talking about the Rapture and quoted verses that seemed to say that, during the Tribulation, no one except the Jews will be saved and that if you made your decision against Christ before the Rapture, then you didn't have a chance to be saved during the Tribulation. He quoted a scripture that said God would send delusions so that you would believe the tales of the wicked one. Something like that. It's in 1 Cor. maybe verse 10.

    Well, dh seemed disturbed about that and said he'd like to know more about it. So, I think God is still working on him and I am so glad you all were praying for me. Norm said he may even make an appointment with a pastor and ask him all the questions he has been wanting to ask, and ones that I could not answer. It seems like he is finally coming to a decision and it is thrilling to me.

    Bondman, I may even give Norm your email address, if you wouldn't mind. He is so confused about having faith, and I don't know how to answer him right. He said he doesn't have faith, not like I do. But I don't know how to tell him to get faith, you know?

    So, thanx for all your prayers, because I was becoming so weary from the long journey I've been on. And Jesus knew what was just around the corner. I wish I had hung on a little longer. Praise Father for His loving kindness and mercy. And for understanding. HUGZ
  14. Wow Sweets, I'm so glad you like the last Message!! I consider it the most important one I've ever written - and the BEST thing about it is that it ALL concerns OTHERS!!!

    Very interesting about Norm. When an unbeliever is living with a Believer, they do tend to eventually go one way or the other, i.e., get right AGAINST the whole deal, OR ultimately get saved. So keep up your good work. Don't be afraid to tell him when and how you messed up as a Believer. I don't think he'll hold that against you, and it may help him a lot to see that Christianity actually is REAL!! (one of the things that keeps many out of the Kingdom).

    I will be doing a full Message on the Tribulation and all in due course. I have a grip on it all like I've never had ever - thanks a lot to my mentor. It's actually all so simple from the Scriptures that it's an amazement how confused we've all been!!

    Faith comes by learning the TRUTH as set forth in the Scriptures. Because they are not necessarily easy to read and understand for an unbeliever, the Word of Truth needs to be SPOKEN by a Christian and explained in an understandable way. It's okay to give him my email addy if you feel to.

    Hang in there, dear one. The way can be long and hard, but the end of the journey will be FANTABULOUS!!!!


    - BM

    EDIT Faith also specifically comes from seeing Who God is, and what Jesus did to secure our Salvation from sin, and a place with Him for eternity.

    I don't quite understand people being freaked about the Rapture and Tribulation when they could be dead tomorrow from... well, anything at all. Putting off getting right with God is the way of the foolish!!

    I was teaching under a Headmaster years ago and we got talking about Salvation. He understood enough of it to get saved, but said to me that he could accept Christ just before he died, allowing him to live as he wished until then. How unbelievably foolish and stupid. 1. How could he know when he'd die? 2. You can't just come to the Lord when YOU want to - He has to draw you by His Spirit.

    He KNOWS the hearts of all men, and if He's not rapt about how you've approached it all (like that man), then He may NOT draw the person. And I strongly suspect that with his dreadful attitude to God and salvation, he would have quite unnecessarily died in his sins! Have I ever said, "DON'T MESS WITH GOD!!!" *smile!*
  15. Our eyes and hearts are not to be focused on worldly living but living according to God's will. When we humble ourselves and give when God individually speaks to us to give, he will bless us not only in our life here on earth but in our "true" home in heaven.

    It's a wonderful feeling to do something for God and to make a difference in the world (Jesus through us). We are blessed to bless.

    I like what you said above Bondman. Awesome. :D
  16. Prayer for Faithwoman Needed As Well

    Romans Chapter 1
    16I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.
    17For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last,[c] just as it is written: "The righteous will live by faith."[d]

    Ok, now I just prayed for Bonnie and I have got to be honest here, I need prayers as well. The rightetous will live by faith, man I have to be honest here, the Lord has blessed with me boldness and Evangelism, but at the same time, I have difficutly accpeting those promises for myself. I was to see my daughter last week-end, then she canceled on me saying she would come up this week-end. When talking with her last night, she will not be coming due to not getting off of work, I mean like I due understand but deep in my heart, it hurts. I prayed with my friends of Care-A-van before hitting the streets tonight, that the Lord would fill me, fill my spirit and fill those holes in me that are hurting. To take the anger and the bitterness away, to purfiy me before I hit that neighborhood tonight. He did do that and 4 people received salvation tonight! The team did an awesome job of working together with the Lord, to see this victory come to fruition.

    I am still battling the addiction to nicotine. I truly do want to declare victory in this area. I can type it , I can say it, I can profess it, but I know it a part of my flesh that is still raging. I read, I hear about the power of God, for heavens sake, I share it on the streets, so what is it about accepting it for myself? Yes Bondman, I know my temperment plays a huge role in some of the battles I am fighting within. I praise the Lord, that I am not the same woman I was a year ago!

    You know, I could ramble on all night, but the bottom line is I need the power of prayer tonight from my friends here, I really cannot specifically say what to pray for, please take a moment , be still and allow the Lord to show you what Faithwoman needs. This morning when looking in the mirror before going to work, I was literally shouting and praising him for the work he is doing in me. But this evening, I feel a little of this emptiness within.
    I love you all.. and Bondman , I am looking forward to the next series.

    Hugs!God Bless and as we say at Care-A-Van
    Keep the Light on!
  17. Great verses you quoted, dear one! We will pray!!

    We will not have perfection until we go to meet Him face to face. Meantime life will be hard for us, and part of the hardship can be the ups, which we like, followed by the downs, which we do not. Yet both are part of our walk with the Lord. And consider: if we had no times when our faith was tested, then how could be grow? It does not come naturally to any man or woman to BELIEVE. For some it is easier than others, yet all have to LEARN this.

    Only living by faith will give us the inner peace of heart and satisfaction of spirit that we seek for, to know that we are trusting Him as we know we should. So the LEARNING of faith is high on the Lord's agenda, as He constantly goes about His promised workmanship in us (Ephesians 2:10) and in our lives. Not only does He know our HEARTS, but He understands our frames, understands what we need, where we need to go and who to be, what we feel and how we can learn to use this for good, and much more.

    HE KNOWS IT ALL! Knew even before you were conceived! So He's the One to Who we must turn for care, understanding and support - what we used to call succour. When things are going well we don't need that, or at least don't think we do, and seldom avail ourselves of it. So we must learn to lean on Him, rely on Him, and especially to trust Him in ALL EVENTS of our lives, including and especially during the down times - that in due course we will walk by faith in Him always, no matter the events of life around us.

    Maturity in the Lord does not come easy, does not come quickly, else we'd all be already at the top of the Disciple! triangle!! We cannot help our emotions and feelings when things are hard or hurtful - but we CAN start to learn to use these times for the learning that I've written above.

    Bless you in HIm at all times and in all your ways!!

    - BM
  18. Thankyou, dear one.

    I rather like how you use the word "humble"... kind of to bring ourselves down so that we may become people of some use, maybe even of value to the Lord. Not becoming "nobodies" or "nothings", but just being humble before our God in the way we're living, how we think of ourselves, and how we seek to serve others - directly, or by our giving, on in whatever way He leads us. For in doing these things we DIRECTLY serve our Master, even Jesus the Lord!!

    Bless you much!!

    - BM
  19. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #20


    Bondman, a Message, and the Devil

    The event I'm writing here was amazing enough that I thought I should share it with you. I'm "Bondman" (or was last time I checked, anyway *hee!), the "Message" was the previous one (#19). "The Devil" - well we'll meet him soon enough!! These days I write all Messages in FrontPage, in the reasonably complex language of the Internet called HTML, then transfer them to Disciple! where the CFS forum program turns them into a simpler language called BBC. The words and colours etc. look the same in both.

    The Message somehow grew into three sections, and were all together in FrontPage. Came the time to transfer them to the forum, same place as where you post - and I got ready to copy each separate section to a separate copy of Internet Explorer - ready to post in order.

    So far so good - the 2nd and 3rd sections copied across as usual, just fine. I tidied each one up as the transfer across is sadly never perfect, though usually isn't too big a task, so they were done ready to be posted in fairly short order. However, when I copied the 1st section, to my surprise it came across just to the end of the Scripture in the first paragraph!! The rest was nowhere to be seen!! Was it a CFS problem? No it WASN'T!! So what's going on? Back to Frontpage. Hmm... all looks okay. Try and copy again. This time it went to the end of the first paragraph. Odd, very odd! Back to FP again. Time to take a look at the code in HTML, as clearly there has to be some sort of a problem there. I found a couple of code errors, fixed them, and thought maybe they were the problem.

    They WEREN'T!! This was getting serious. I'm ready to put this SO important Message up - maybe the most important one I've ever written, and it won't copy to CFS!!! I wasn't panicking, just getting a bit frustrated. Okay, back to FrontPage to look at the code again. Finding nothing wrong, I repeated the dose - with the same result. All up I lost count of the number of times I copied the whole of the 1st section - it never came across any further than the 1st paragraph! Talk about crazy!!

    Okay, time to get serious. I have to check all the HTML code from the beginning down to the end of that para. What did I find? Well quite a mess in the code above where I'd been looking! Now if you've never programmed, I have to tell you that messes are common enough when coding. Programs that help you to code mess up regularly (as well as the coder himself messing up, but we won't talk about THAT!!) But this was NOT my mess at all. There was faulty code that I could not imagine how it could have happened - but then I discovered the doozie!!!!

    In the code towards the top of the 1st paragraph was a mess of code INCLUDING to my amazement "- BM (with his lady)." What the!!! How did THAT get there? It's always at the BOTTOM of course. How could it be IN the first para? Not only that but the code for IT was quite a disaster as well!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Goodness, I thought, NO WONDER it wouldn't copy across past that. But not to worry, I can take out the WHOLE of the mess, and all would be well!! WRONG!! I copied it to CFS. Same result. BACK to FrontPage - AGAIN! Take out all the rubbish. Double check. Copy. SAME RESULT!

    I think I did this 3, maybe 4 times. It WAS all fine in FrontPage, but it would STILL NOT copy to CFS properly. When I fixed the code in FrontPage, I was copying correct code to CFS, but which would then FAIL - AND MOST AMAZING OF ALL, when I came back to FrontPage it always HAD THE MESS BACK IN IT AGAIN - yet without me doing a thing. You can see that this simply cannot happen!! Absolutely NOT possible!! I sat and stared at the screen. Okay, I thought, I can sit here and do this ALL NIGHT - and this message is NEVER going to get onto CFS for you guys to read!!!

    I've told you that the devil (yep, here he is!) seldom bothers me and that I think this is something to do with my maturity in the Lord that God's brought me to - thus not a lot for him to mess with these days. I wasn't one bit angry (I no longer get angry) - but I WAS starting to think, what else can this be but the pig (as I call him) DOING this!!! Solution - easy enough - (click) James 4:7!! I said these words just like this: "Lord, this has to be the devil. I can see no other possible explanation. I am submitted to You. I resist the devil - and he will flee from me according to Your Word."

    I went to FrontPage, and deliberately copied the section across to CFS but WITHOUT FIXING it first, and guess what? -it copied perfectly!! All there, for the first time!!!! Yee-har!! I checked back at the code in FrontPage, and guess what again? ALL of the mess that I could NOT get rid of was completely GONE!! DISAPPEARED as if by magic!!! So no wonder if copied across correctly this time. And just as obvious was that the devil was specifically and LITERALLY PUTTING THE RUBBISH CODE BACK INTO THE MESSAGE SECTION EVERY TIME I TOOK IT OUT!!!!

    Miracles of God can be small, medium or large. Doesn't matter which. God rewards faith. He rewards people BELIEVING His Word, taking what He says at face value - and acting upon it by faith. Yet in this case no great faith seemed to be needed. I've used James Ch 4:7 oodles of times - but only when I REALLY NEED IT. And it has always worked. I don't consider that I particularly have great faith. I simply believe what God says. No big deal. So the Message 2nd, 3rd, and 1st section got posted for you to read. Major THANKS to the Lord God and all of His mighty power!!!

    Bless you each one as you consider how He can be TRUSTED!!

    - BM (with his lady)

  20. Amen to that one.
    Your post brings up a very good point about the devil. (pig) as you say.

    He comes to kill, steal and destroy.. and just think because of the importance of the message, he really tried to step in.. BUT our Lord prevailed .. as he always does.

    We do need to trust and I need to learn to do that more and more.
    just as things are a bit overwhelming with some stuff here.. I need to trust in God that it will all get done.

    Had a great meeting with my Christian counselor today. Just what I needed.

    We have grocery distribution in the morning, then a Fall cookout at the local college tomorrow evening.
    Have a great week-end


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