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  1. Bondman: I can't wait! I pray that God speaks through you to all who read your teachings. =D You can call me Mindie. Miss Honey (My name means Honey... as in sweet...huh) I sometimes use for my Internet signature. My nick name is Minderz, given to me by my best friend.

    Message #14: I agree with you. You are either in it 100% or not in it at all. Your either cold or hot... you cannot be luke warm. If you think your somewhere in the middle... don't fool yourself... you are not. You are totally COLD (living in the world)... which is the opposite of living in the Spirit.

    Wow. That is awesome! I am better at preaching in front of people on a pulpit, then one on one. That is something I need to pray more about. How awesome it is to be used by God in a mighty way.
  2. Well Miss Honey, I think you'll just have to wait! *hee!* - hey, but not for long! Preparing Message #15 right now, with much prayer between each paragraph so it's what Jesus wants for me to say! Phew, this is SO important - BM, ya just gotta get this RIGHT!!

    Agree with every word you said about Message #14!

    Faithwoman has a gift of evangelism God has been pleased to give her. Amazing how early He did this. He's also made use of her particular temperament, to give her a lovely amount of what the greats of old (some hundreds of years ago in Great Britain) would have called a Holy Boldness!! LOVE IT!

    Bless ya heaps, Mindie!!

    - BM
  3. [​IMG]


    Message #14 and now Message #15 in Disciple is the START of something NO ONE should miss!!

    You don't have to be knowledgeable, or an established Christian to simply JUST FOLLOW the steps I'm setting down!

    This is a VERY SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY for all CFS folks to start a truly new life in Christ, following Him and His Way and His Words!

    I've already promised that I'm going to blow people's minds with some of the things I'm going to write!

    At the end of it, each person who chooses to PARTICIPATE will be living a DIFFERENT KIND OF CHRISTIAN LIFE, one that the New Testament teaches, that pleases God, gets you ready for the Tribulaton, AND that gets you MAJORLY ready to live in Eternity - in a way that you could almost certainly NEVER hope to do by yourself.

    Please JOIN IN!!!

    All of Jesus' Love to you!!

    - BM

    EDIT! If you're reading Messages in The Inner Room, or Reaching Higher, or Gems, as I know numbers of you are, then that's wonderful! Don't stop! Just 'gently' add in reading DISCIPLE Messages as well!!
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #15 (2nd in our "Blood of Jesus" Series - Starts at #14)


    Today We START!!

    As a committed Christian your life can have real VALUE during your short time on this earth. Or it can have virtually NO VALUE at all, which is true for most Western church-goers. This may even have been true FOR YOU for most of the time you've considered yourself a Christian. We are about to - just step by step - CHANGE all of that, so DO hang in with me. If you feel overwhelmed, or that you can't keep up at any point, DO NOT QUIT!!!! Just trust the Lord, relax, rest, ask the Lord for help from the Holy Spirit to keep you going, did I say 'trust'? - and just hang in there!!!

    FACT: under God, YOU are in charge of your life at all times! NOT me! I've said that I want you to do your very best to do what I say. Cos that will profit YOU the most!!! - and especially later on in Eternity!! - watch for this info: COMING! What we must look at now, however, is how seriously we are simply wasting our time, that we are NOT living the Christian life (only what we THINK is the Christian life, as that's what we've been taught), and we're seriously wasting our money and resources. Don't feel too bad about this, as the CHURCH is doing all of these things too (I'm going to give you the facts and figures!!), but we can't change the CHURCH - whereas we CAN - and must - CHANGE US!!

    I'm sure you know by now what or who is the BENEFICIARY of all this wastefulness we're all on about!! If there's one thing no human needs any tutoring or teaching about it's how to look after NUMERO UNO!!! We automatically know how to do this, and we just as automatically do it - all the time!! But we have to STOP this selfishness and this SIN!!

    Concluded in next post below...
  5. ... Concluded from post above.

    I propose that we give ourselves something much BETTER to focus on, to HELP us get our focus OFF ourselves - else it's NEVER going to happen. Does that make sense? I CAN and I SHOULD get my life-focus off ME by replacing 'me' with GOD. Agree? But God is a spirit, Who we cannot see, feel, smell, touch, so that's NOT always easy, is it! SOLUTION: let's REFOCUS our whole life, our thoughts, our feelings, our very being, ALL of who we are, onto... OTHER PEOPLE!!! By doing this WITH God, and FOR God - ultimately we're solving ALL of our 'ME' problem!!!

    But exactly who? Which people? A total of 6½ billion for us to CHOOSE from!! Maybe those of our Brothers and Sisters who are in dire NEED of any kind? Oh, absolutely!! That's PRIMARY, and a total ESSENTIAL to our salvation! I know we're NOT doing this, so we'll do work on this soon as there's time (meantime you may click and very carefully read) Matthew 25:31-46. But if we're caring for the NEEDY is that enough, sufficient to know that we're following Jesus, which we looked at in Message #14? ANSWER: no, it's certainly NOT!!

    Have you ever analysed the things Jesus spent His time doing when He was here? 1) He spent a whole pile of time caring for and helping the NEEDY. They were everywhere! - but astonishingly He took care of them all. 2) But then He TAUGHT and PREACHED, and what He taught was the Message of the Kingdom, of His Father's Kingdom here on earth, i.e., of God's Kingdom coming to BE IN US!! - the WAY into which HE was going to sacrifice Himself to provide!! Choose to actually FOLLOW HIM as we talked about in #14, and we'll be doing exactly the same as He did!!! HOW exactly did He manage to do it all? Same way as we need to: a) by the POWER of God's Spirit in Him, and b) by being OBEDIENT to GOD!

    So in the above paragraph we now have our CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS!! We have the BLUEPRINT, the MAP of what we must do. AND we also have the TWO THINGS that we'll need in order to succeed in following God's MAP FOR OUR LIVES!! HOMEWORK!! *hee!* What I want you to do is write down the two things HE did that we'll be FOLLOWING, and also the two things that HE had, that WE also need, in order to succeed at our task.


    - BM (with his Lady)

  6. If anyone was around observing all the woopsies I just had happen with Message #15, I'm sorry!!

    Somehow I copied the 2nd part over the top of the 1st part, and so I LOST the first part altogether!!! I should have had a copy of it in memory - but astonishingly I didn't!!

    So I looked for it in other copies of Internet Explorer I had open - but failed one after another - until I got to the very last copy, and I said in total desperation, "Lord, help me! If it's not in this one, then we're in BIG TROUBLE!!"

    I'm absolutely certain He PUT it there for me (and us)!! - cos if it was there then it would have been in the other copies of IE, where it most certainly was NOT! Talk about a: "PHEW!!!" and a MAJOR, "Thankyou, Lord Jesus, You are just wonderful!!!"

    - BM *still shaking*
  7. Reading #15 brought a story to mind about a man who preached in a church. When it was time to deliver a message to the congregation, he approached the pulpit with his head high, thinking, "I can do this." He was boasting to himself how great he was. While he was preaching, people would look around. The spirit was not moving. When, in the end, he did an alter call, no one came up for prayer. Afterward he stepped from the pulpit with his head down.

    God would have done great things through him if he would have walked up the same as he walked down; not boasting and knowing that He can do nothing without God.

    "I mentality is also know as pride. Some people think they know it all. They go up to the pulpit or approach someone who needs to hear the Word of God putting themselves before God.

    We need to realize that it is not about us. When we preach and God uses us, don't take the credit because it's God who uses you. Never take credit for God's work. Humble yourselves.

    Thought I'd share that. =D
  8. Great messages Bondman~

    I love how God uses me.. and yes I have to be very careful that all Glory goes to him!

  9. We all have to. :D Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be used by God?
  10. Mindie, Yes it is! I have learned though in my journey, to seek him and his divine appointments.. to be in prayer for what he wants me to be doing. Not every good thing is a God thing.. is what one of my girlfriends told me!

    Today I got sent home from work due to illness. had a scratchy throat yesterday, head congestion , cough and such today. I work at a hospital and they are taking no precautions with the new flu that is going around.
    So I am to be off work possibly 7 days or be symptom free for 24 hours.
    So I am taking this time to get ready to move to my new home.

    I am so excited for the new start the Lord has given me.. Just think a new home, a pure home, the old me is gone, the new me is here in alot of ways! Praises to him. I have attached a few pics of my new place. It is a duplex. My landlady lives in the back half and I have the front half, upstairs and downstairs and it is $ 100.00 cheaper than where I am.. I can walk to work or catch the shuttle right across the street in bad weather. Man He keeps blessing me! Our Lord has big plans for me!
    check out the little upstairs porch, I envison having my coffee and doing a little writing for the Lord from up there. Plus the huge front porch

    Hugs to all of you.. and Bondman.. I am ready so keep on sharing!

    Hugs to the Mrs!


    Oh PS.. my friends at Care-A-van love me so much. I could not go to the streets due to being ill, but they called me to check on me and my friend is bringing me apple juice and diet 7 up when they are done with picnic tonite. I know I am spoiled.. ;);) But I praise God and give thanks for all things!
  11. Mindie: Yes, we do indeed have to watch to ensure we are living the humility and 'nothingness' that God requires of us.

    When I chose in 1999 to be a bondman (bond-slave) to Jesus forever, I knew I was giving up to Him ALL of my rights. He is the One in charge of my life, and I live solely to serve Him at His pleasure!!

    None of which prevents me from inadventantly getting proud if I'm stupid enough to let that happen at any time - as Believers we have to remain very wide awake at all times, don't we!!

    Faithwoman: I love how your girlfriend said that: "Not every good thing is a God thing." INDEED!!!

    Wow, your new place is magic. Yup, God's STILL spoiling you, like I've always said *hehe!*

    And your Unit is SO not like anything we have in Australia! I know the high-pitched roofs is because of snow, but it always amazes us to see how different your homes are to ours here.


    - BM
  12. [​IMG]


    Well, an important notice about IMPORTANT Notices, anyway!! *hee!*

    I realise that people do MISS some of the Notices I write - yet their contents are usually quite important!

    I hope that always putting the Disciple GRAPHIC on top may help catch your attention!

    Blessings all!!

    - BM
  13. [​IMG]

    The Blood of Jesus Series!

    I've realised that I need to make what we're currently doing in Disciple as a Series, because it is so INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to all of our lives!

    I could do them as Part 1, Part 2, etc., but I know that can be easy to get lost in. So in making this as a Series - STARTING with #14 - I've taken these steps:

    1. Modified the Disciple graphic a little.
    2. Added some extra words in red at the top to help navigation.
    3. Changed the colour in the Index of Messages in "The Blood of Jesus" Series to blood red.

    All of this because of: Hebrews Ch 9:22b Without the shedding of blood there is no remission (of sin). That is, no forgiveness, no being let off without punishment! Oh, man, that's what our Jesus has done for us!! Yet there's something VERY SERIOUS concerning His shed blood that we're MISSING, which you'll read in #16 which is about ready to be put up - and what you read there will blow your hat off!!


    - BM
  14. Bondman and all.
    I am excited about the new series!
    Blood of Jesus.

    Speaking of, I watched this you tube video this morning:

    I watched it as the woman crawled to him.. I have thought so much of my own journey! Thank you Jesus for dying for me!

  15. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #16 (3rd in our "Blood of Jesus" Series - Starts at #14)


    The Blood of Jesus is Crying Out for JUSTICE!!


    IN MESSAGE #15 I DID NOT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE TO PERSONALLY DO all the things I asked you to write down!!I I said WE (the "Royal We!!"), all of us, have to communally get these tasks done - you know, the foot with the little finger, plus the ear, and so on, WORKING TOGETHER, like Paul said (click to read) 1 Corinthians 12:14-24.

    I hope you wrote down what we have to do and/or help get DONE: 1. We have to care for the NEEDY 2. We have to teach the Message of the Kingdom, i.e., the Good News, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then HOW to do this: 1. By the power of God's Spirit in us, and 2. Being OBEDIENT to God. Alright let's get straight on to the matter of the "something MUCH BETTER" (much better than "me, me, me") that I proposed for us to get the FOCUS of our whole life changed!!

    I promised to blow you're mind, and that's exactly what I'm going to do right now, starting with #2 that we wrote down!! Please follow this all carefully: #2 says that we have to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus to the world, according to His COMMAND to us in Matthew Ch 28:19a: Go and TEACH and MAKE DISCIPLES of all the NATIONS, i.e., of all races, nations, people groups throughout the whole world!!! So what do YOU think? Is the church DOING this?

    It's said that there are lies and statistics! But here are FIGURES I promised you, to show you what the church is doing. As they're compiled from various places, they do vary according to who compiled them and when, but I believe they are good enough for what we MUST see and understand. In considering who has heard the Gospel and who has not, THREE GROUPS of individuals are usually used: A, B, and C. Here they are explained:

    So B and C people have been evangelised as you can see, whereas A people have been IGNORED!! (B folks have been evangelised: some responded, some didn't). The horrific SHOCK is that of the 6½ billion souls in the world, as many as 3 billion are in the World A group!!! - that is, they are unevangelised and unreached with the Good News of Jesus!! Now I have to tell you that the LOGIC of the church (as well as action) seems to be unbelievably FLAWED and HOPELESS (as you'll see for yourself). I firmly believe that you will do better!! So, if Jesus put YOU in charge of distribution of the church's resources worldwide - like money, literature, manpower - out of A, B, and C which would you send the majority of it to?

    Please think carefully. Which group? Have you got your answer? Alright, then lock it in! (*hee!*) Let's now see if your answer tallies with what the church is currently DOING. Here's THEIR answer:

    On these figures, the church and church organisations are annually pouring a massive 1½ trillion dollars into C - people that are already FULLY EVANGELISED!!! Poor World A people then get the dregs of a paltry $800,000!!!! Already evangelised people get a massive 94% of the take, while those who've never heard of Jesus' Salvation get just 0.5%!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!! I told you the church has no logic, didn't I. And I promised to blow your hat right off your head as well! Look carefully at the data in the graphics again. To me this is nothing less than Spiritual CRIMINAL INTENT!!! But there's more!...

    The next figures were published in a book and are now out of date, but the end result will be the same today - or maybe even worse. Evangelical Christians in the US earn $700 billion a year. They give $21 billion of that amount (that's 3%) to the church. The church then gives $2.1 billion of the original income figure (0.3%) to missions. But of that 0.3% only 0.0029% goes to the unreached and unevangelised. If you take a year 2000 annual income of $31,380 and multiply that by 0.0029% you end up with how much each Christian gives EACH YEAR to reach those WHO HAVE NEVER HEARD: a whopping 91¢. In case that was too small to read, it was a whopping 91¢ a year!! That's just 91¢ out of a total 3,138,000¢ - with much of the remainder used in the wrong way, wrong place, squandered and wasted!!

    The Blood of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour cries out against this appalling injustice, perpetrated by an apparently blind church, against the helpless and most unreached souls, most of whom are also the needy: in need of help and support for the basics of life. But His precious blood gets NO answer - unless WE provide it. And we can!! Please keep firmly in mind that by the END of this Series you will KNOW exactly how simply you can literally CHANGE THE WORLD - without leaving home. STAY TUNED...


    - BM (with his Lady)

  16. AMEN!! (very moving video, and a song with great lyrics).

    - BM
  17. Shocking, just shocking numbers!

  18. We MUST become part of the solution.

    - BM
  19. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #17 (4th in our "Blood of Jesus" Series - Starts at #14)


    Who?... ME?

    A quick but IMPORTANT extra before continuing (the next major Message is already written).
    A. ALL of our "Blood of Jesus" Series IS PART OF DISCIPLING!! Because ALL things need to be working together in our lives! Thus ALL of the content of the Series is essential and integral to the ultimate and EFFECTIVE committment of our lives to living as true New Testament Christians - serving JESUS!!

    B. I've introduced you to serious church problems, but fixing up the church is NOT our task! Nor is fixing our country or the world with all their myriad of problems. If another Christian asked you for help to know exactly what IS our job to fix up, what would be your answer?
    We're still FOLLOWING JESUS here - so let HIM be our guide on this: 1) Jesus totally IGNORED POLITICS. The harsh Roman oppressors of His people (the Jewish nation) were oppressing when He came, and still oppressing when He left. Nothing had changed! 2) Yes, He did speak out against the church of His day, STRONGLY!! But THAT was not His mission either! When He left, the church was still in as big a mess as when He came! Nothing had changed.

    Neither of these were Jesus focus. PEOPLE WERE!! He spent ALL of His time helping their physical state, AND teaching them Spiritually. He preached the Kingdom of God coming into their lives! And He taught personal, individual, Spiritual responsibility!! Maybe we should be more AMAZED that how He lived and taught is EXACTY the same as we are to live TODAY!! Thus YOU, and how you are living, is to be your PRIME FOCUS. Fixing YOU up!! NOT fixing anyone or anything else up. FIX YOU and you'll soon be able to be helping others just like Jesus did. Because THIS is how to serve HIM!!


    - BM (with his Lady)

  20. Wow, ouch all in one. Not ouch in a bad way, but this is just what I needed to hear with exclamation points and all. When first coming to Christ, man I thought I was ready to conquer the world. I heard the message accepted Christ and man I WAS READY TO SAVE THE WORLD.. NOT! What I learned is that I can save no one, but Jesus can! What I needed to do was allow Jesus to continue to teach me, fix me up so therefore I could go forth and share the good news with others.

    As my faith journey continued, I was still so much caught up in trying to fix people, I saw their muck and mire and became way more focused on them instead of myself. I see it every day on the streets. I see it in my own friends who are not saved. I can honestly say that it really has come down to finding the balance. The balance of allowing Jesus to fix me up and going forth and sharing the good news. I have to take the time to sit at his feet and continue to learn. Before I would read something in the bible, then think "I got it" and was good to go..

    I joined the Forum on January 14, 2008, 808 posts later I am still learning! I am thankful for the discipling I have received here from Bondman and others that have helped me mature in my Christian walk.

    Just in these past 2 weeks, I have become more still and praying and asking Jesus to show me what needing fixing in me. Yes there are still layers that need peeled off. I have been ill since Wed. (upper respiratory) and have actually been home! not running. I have had the time to prepare to move to my new apartment. I have been in prayer with others that when I move to my new apartment, that the "old" Robin be left behind. For I want to be able to really take care of the things that God has blessed me with. This new apartment is pure.. no memories of past relationships with boyfriends or anything.. yeahh! I will have my good friend Elder Ron from Care-A-Van bless the home. My friends will be there for the blessing.

    I cannot begin to express how I really needed to hear these words this morning. Bondman, I am thankful that our Lord has continued to use you to share the word.. I know it is not easy .. meaning the time involved and all you are going through in your own life with you and the Mrs.

    I am learning to say no to people.. meaning I cannot do it all for them.. ie.. call or text message .. can you take me and son to church tomorrow.. my response.. please call the van number they will pick you up.. 2. ran into a family at the local deli last night. mom was in the store, the kids were outside, I went into the store, noticed she was buying a big bottle of beer, she came outside, the two younger ones had bottles of juice, but older ones did not, I took boys in got them each a juice, gave the mom the number for the van for church in the morning, kids stated mom will not get up for church, I looked at her and just shared a bit, as I was getting ready to leave the little girl looked at me and said are you going to take us home? I said not tonight honey. (they lived within walking distance)

    My whole point is, I got darn tired running and doing all "good" things, but then I had to stop and realize what was Jesus really calling of me?
    What gift has he given me- it is the gift of boldness, the gift of evangelism, to share with others what the righteous way of living is. It is not to be running a taxi service. now mind you if there was no other way for these folks to get to church, I would have figured that out.. but honestly

    the biggest thing I have learned is just like here, we share, we tell of the way of life with Jesus, then the people whether on the streets, in a church or on a Christian forum, have got to want it, they have got to want Jesus and what he has waiting for them.
    They have got to take the steps for their own spiritually. Just like me... man I bet Bondman was ready to pull his hair and teeth out with me sometimes!

    Ok I could ramble this morning, one of those mornings, but this series is for us to learn of the Blood of Jesus. I just share my own experience and want to say Keep on sharing Bondman, no matter if no one seems to listening, or responding, this young gal in Batavia, NY keeps on learning and taking it to the streets. The Jesus in me and you continues to help people find their salvation. I am forever grateful for that..

    Continue to fix me up Lord! Continue to fix me up!


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