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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #24 (8th in our "Blood of Jesus" Series. Starts at #14.)


    Get Ready for Fireworks...

    And please don't let this photo put you off


    This is not a SLUM, but regular Dalit hut people. (More photos in the next post.)

    [​IMG]... SweetSurrender - please read it HERE - and K.P. Yohannan and Paul the Apostle.

    Wow-eeee!!! Oh, Sweets, it's so exciting to read your post!!! I can see that I should have just copied from KP's book instead of writing it myself. Better still got you to do it for me!!! *hehehe!* I admit that this quote from KP really GOT ME:

    2 Corinthians Ch 8:14 But to have equality [share and share alike], your surplus over necessity at the present time going to meet their want and to equalize the difference created by it, so that [at some other time] their surplus in turn may be given to supply your want. Thus there may be equality.

    Equality??? Even between CHRISTIANS in our country and those in another, that thought, that word IS THE SICKEST OF SICK JOKES!!!!!

    Last Message I spoke of us finding a whole 11 bucks to purchase a pair of rabbits to gift to a poor-as-poor Christian 'Untouchable' family to breed for food and money. This would take 5 or 10 minutes to do. And that's it. I wonder if you have you gifted money DIRECTLY to some brother and sister Christians? Giving through your church counts little. In general, I've clearly shown here that hardly any of it gets there anyway, plus Jesus said WE are to help THOSE who needs our help - PERSONAL!!


    In 2009 the Capitalist System is proven a failure. All that it's doing today is produce more and more GREED!!! At all levels! We live like kings and queens in our countries while half the world is undernourished, and millions of kids die of starvation in a third of the world.

    SO... if my recent Messages in the "Blood of Jesus" Series have not moved you enough to send even $1 to the Lord Jesus (to the NEEDY!) in India or wherever (GFA will accept just $1), then as lovingly as I can, I'm going to suggest that you leave here - and come back when you've done some serious work on your LOVE and CARE (and maybe, and probably, WORLDLINESS as well.) We WILL certailnly welcome you back when you've got yourself sorted out with the Lord!! (It's okay to get mad with me if you want - but I DO love you!!!!)

    Continued in the next post...
  2. ...Continued from the previous post

    For those remaining, I turned 71 today, been ill for decades, our last holiday was 19 years ago, I work here full-time every day, 60-70 hrs a week, (bit like GFA Mishos). I've shared with you a great PILE of TRUTH - including the above. You can do things that Beloved and I can only dream of doing: we have absolutely NO contact with people like you do, and I have neither the time nor health to chase up people via the Net. BUT:
    [​IMG]1. We SERIOUSLY need MORE PEOPLE HERE reading and taking strong note of the Messages the Lord helps me write. You can help get them here!! Encourage them strongly to START at Message #1, and like yourself DON'T MISS EVEN ONE MESSAGE!!! (Because I have to ASSUME you know all the things that I've said, which I may well be building upon!)
    [​IMG]2. We need more people acting upon the GIVING and CARING opportunities I've set out for you. WHENEVER THE SIZE OF THE TASK LOOKS TOO GREAT, DO ALWAYS THINK OR SAY: "MADE A DIFFERENCE TO THAT ONE!!!"

    Obviously, you don't have to give to GFA. But every cent to them WILL go to the field, something that's almost unheard of! PLUS it's as easy and quick as just going to an Internet Webpage: http://gfa.org. Those reasons alone are enough for me to "plug" GFA. But the reasons are ALSO very much FOR YOU!!! Because...
    [​IMG]A. You can so easily OBEY Jesus' command to EVANGELISE the whole world and DISCIPLE the CONVERTS (hastening His return!!!) via GFA Mishos doing this in your name!!! They WILL get converts, and these are accounted unto YOU also, and become part of your heavenly REWARD.
    [​IMG]B. You can ensure your SALVATION by gifting regularly (ANY AMOUNT you can manage!) to THOSE IN NEED. Jesus says, that if you FAIL to do this for others, you fail to do it for HIM, AND that failure WILL take you to hell - no matter how strongly you reckon you "believe!" This couldn't POSSIBLY be made any clearer in (click) Matthew 25:31-46.

    Salvation is a complete PACKAGE. It's NOT just one or two simple things at all. It's demands your total LIFE. And I've set forth here on CFS ALL of the things that GOD SAYS are required: along with A. and B. above, things like accepting HARDSHIP and SUFFERING, following Jesus in SACRIFICE in your life, ENDURING to the end, and more. And COMING: I'll be writing about just WHY you need these because of what we'll all be doing (wow!) after we get our Glorified Bodies!

    I'll end here with what Sweets quoted:

    What is the bottom line? God is calling us as Christians to alter our lifestyles, to give up the non-essentials of our lives so we can better invest our wealth in the kingdom of God.

    Completed in the next post (pics!)...
  3. ... Completed from the previous post


    A slum quite close to a holiday spot! Slums of up to 5 million people exist in large Indian cities.


    A trained Missionary ministers to slum people.
    (A doctor left his successful practice, home, everything, and with his family went to live
    WITH the slum people, just as they live, in order to preach Jesus to them!)


    A Missionary in Tibet, Manja saw a person murdered and reported it. Those who have the true God turned it round and got HIM accused of the murder. He was convicted and jalied. We all prayed, and GFA tried every avenue to get him released to no avail. After many years in prison he's now been released! Does it look like he has the joy of the Lord, despite his appalling ordeal? While he was incarcerated his lovely wife Rati continued his ministry.


    In this meeting all but two believed in Jesus! Praise God!!


    When they receive Jesus they know they may, and in many cases, WILL be persecuted for His sake! In the State of Orissa, India, religious extremists went on a rampage against Christians, burning their homes, bibles, churches, even trying to burn Christians in their simple houses. Missionary Pastors and their whole congregations fled.
    One year later, there are 20,000 brothers and sisters of ours who are still displaced, without homes or work to return to.


    Founder and leader of GFA, K.P. Yohannan. A gentle man who had the VISION! Hundreds of thousands of South Asians will be in glory with us because of this wonderful man.


    Here are some of those who've been brought to the Lord Jesus, their lives realeased from the tragedy of worshipping and sacrificing to dead gods - now joyous and alive, in front of their simple church.



    A poor, sad Dalit girl. Treated by others as less than human, families are kept in virtual slavery by those who 'own' them, generation after generation over literally hundreds of years!
    300 million of these dear people are without hope in this world or the next - until a Missionary reaches them with the Gospel!



    A whole family who have decided to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. No matter from what religion, caste or country, no matter how difficult and dangerous the work for the Missionary, the aim is to reach as many as possible to give them the opportunity to believe in Him!


    How most villagers have to get that life essential - WATER.


    What a difference! In this village GFA has bored and constructed a Jesus Well for ALL the people, Christian or not. What a great witness for the Lord when money is given to enable life-giving water to be available at any time from a Jesus Well.


    One of the cheapest yet most effective evangelistic tool is the common tract ($1 for 200 tracts) clearly explaining salvation through Jesus in the language of the area. Printed by one of their 3 giant printing presses in India, GFA print these, along with other literature, plus Bibles ($3) or New Testaments (50c) for their own work and also that of others Christian work in South Asia.


    The greatest possible Jesus' love to you and yours from Beloved and myself!!!

    - BM (with his Lady)

  4. Wonderful pics, BM! You can tell who the Christians are. They have a beauty glow about them. I am in the process of choosing how to give my $30/mo. I think I'll just give it to the neediest and let them decide. I am going to save a dollar a day like suggested and then open an account of my own, and go from there cause I know Norm would not let me send it from the account we share. At least not at this time. I don't like being sneaky, but at least it will get done.

    I was not sure about the statement you made about our salvation and not giving to the needy. Maybe I didn't understand it right, but it sorta concerned me, unless you meant that if a Christian is not giving to the needy, then they should consider they are not really a Christian at all. ??

    B. You can ensure your SALVATION by gifting regularly (ANY AMOUNT you can manage!) to THOSE IN NEED. Jesus says, that if you FAIL to do this for others, you fail to do it for HIM, AND that failure WILL take you to hell - no matter how strongly you reckon you "believe!" This couldn't POSSIBLY be made any clearer in (click) Matthew 25:31-46.

    Also, can you just share with us how the money gets to the right people, as far as being sent to the office there in India, or where ever, and does not get in the wrong hands, like some nations are in the practice of doing. Do I make sense? I don't mean to the right missionary, I mean to the person who the money is sent to. It is so exciting to read the magazine online and all the testimonies of the persecuted and the faithful. Thanx for sharing. Sweets
  5. Great messages Bondman and Sweets.
    I am working on the above, to alter my lifestyle, one day at a time, striving to do this.

    Care-A-Van has been busy as usual. I have to slow down a bit and keep praying for the Lord to show me his plan and will for what he shall have me do. Being the PR of Care-A-Van can keep one busy. I get all these wonderful ideas. and then you know me Bondman.. the circle of busyness continues.

    You and the Mrs. were sitting in an awesome country church that has about 10 members, but they faithfully support the ministry of Care-A-Van, so we took a road trip to visit with them. They are located about an hour from us. Then after we got home we did street church. Yep, you and the Mrs. were praying for salvation for a 36 year old woman. She had terrible pain from a tooth that had been pulled and upon witnessing to her, I asked her what other pain she had within. God opened the door and before we left she accepted Jesus. Please pray for this young woman as she also has a 17 year old daughter that is addicted to drugs. Wow I am pretty fortunate with my own daughter.

    Also the Lord blessed me with someone to help with the painting in my new home, God has blessed me with.
    Thanks for continuing to teach me Bondman!

    Also a home church, The Fellowship of the Cross from another town came to help out at street church. I snapped a video of their Pastor and them singing

    Hugs to you all!
  6. I'll answer your query about salvation in a Message, but meantime did you read the Matthew passage I quoted? If you read it carefully, word by word by word, with the Holy Spirit, it spells out exactly what I said regarding it. Jesus' words are clear and plain, with no possibility of confusion.

    As for the money getting to the Missionaries etc., FIRST, GFA America is the "home" of the Organisation, run by KP who resides in America. I also know his 2IC in the Americal Office. Two of KP's kids are Mishos in India. SECOND, the money then is sent to India where GFA is a very large Organisation, with all of the care taken that you would expect a 26-year established Christian entity to have. The central Government of India is very responsible, and respected by countries like America and Australia. They don't ever interefere in, or have any involvement with GFA that I've ever heard of, nor would I expect them to.

    Third, if you go to gfa.org, down at the bottom you'll find the Financial Accountability Organisations GFA is members of. FOURTH, up above that you'll see more and more of the countries who are getting to be part of GFA. In Australia, I know the couple who run the GFA Office here. They are less than 2hrs from us here. Like most of those who do admin work for Gospel for Asia, they live by faith, taking no money from GFA, are totally sold on what GFA does, and do a great job to get OUR personal money right to the recipients in South Asia.

    FIFTH, GFA has many Bible-Colleges in India where Missionaries are trained; they have their major printing presses that many other Christian groups there get their (extremely cheap!) literature from; they have their own major radio network which is now broadcasting the Message of Jesus to over 100 languages, and 1 million people then write to them per year, who are then ALLwritten back to by staff who do just this task, to help them with getting saved and growing. Sometimes Mishos arrive in a new village to be met by CHRISTIANS there (saved via radio), who then say, "We've been waiting for you to come!!"

    Then there is the web of responsible and experienced leaders of the Mishos themselves; and GFA gets mentioned in the Christian press in India - especially if Mishos are threatened, their homes destroyed, they're bashed and/or hospitalised, and most of all if they lay down their live for our Lord! SIXTH, they are highly respected amongst Missionary Organisations worldwide.

    Hope that all helps!!

    - BM
  7. We give each month, and have also given to the neediest and let them decide. But mostly we give towards a different area each month: radio, Jesus Wells, Unsupported Missionaries, Bibles/New Testaments/Tracts, Bicycle, Sewing Machine, various animals, Lantern, Jesus Film, Bridge of Hope, etc., (we've been at this awhile! *hee!* And of course things change and more things are added.)

    We chose this way because it's focussed our minds and hearts onto the many things GFA do. Also gives you something different to pray for each month. I just noticed that America has added Unsponsored Children to their list - good one! Our most favourite gift is towards a bicycle for a Missionary.

    I like how you're going about 'gathering' your gift, and would have thought it perfectly proper that because you earn your own money and belong to Jesus, then you may gift some of it to Him as you wish, from an account opened for this purpose. Scripturally, in no way is Norm there to run (be in charge of) your life. I know most American Christians see it this way, but it's wrong. In your case Ephesians 5:21-33 doesn't even speak about Norm at all, as the passage is about the relationship between Christian husbands and Christian wives. Read it through, and you'll see what I mean.

    - BM
  8. Faithwoman you sure are continuing your busy life! When is shifting day?

    Changing a lifestyle is not an easy task. It's easiest when you catch a VISION of what God is wanting, and how you can PLEASE Him, i.e., nothing is every done in a vacuum in our lives. Trying to change without the vision, the impetus will be miles harder.

    I think you were saying about looking for a home church? Will pray about that.

    Bless you in all of your days!

    - BM
  9. I like how you're going about 'gathering' your gift, and would have thought it perfectly proper that because you earn your own money and belong to Jesus, then you may gift some of it to Him as you wish, from an account opened for this purpose. Scripturally, in no way is Norm there to run (be in charge of) your life. I know most American Christians see it this way, but it's wrong. In your case Ephesians 5:21-33 doesn't even speak about Norm at all, as the passage is about the relationship between Christian husbands and Christian wives. Read it through, and you'll see what I mean.

    - BM[/QUOTE]

    I do see what you mean, BM. I do try to honor him, though. But it is so hard to sit back and watch our money go to worldly things like booze and gambling, travel and entertainment. I just so wish to be free to go where I want to go and save the money that is being wasted. I am not smoking now, so that was something I could control. Them was big bucks!

    I keep praying that his heart will soften but I also know it will be in God's time. Maybe my going ahead with my gifts to GFA will help some. I have even tried praying to the H.S. to draw him and show him the Light. Thanx for the encouragement. Sweets
  10. Aiming to honour him is good, hon!!

    I know how frustrating it must be to see waste, waste, waste that could be making such a difference in beautiful lives that need it SO badly! Stopping smoking that you said cost "big bucks" - seems to me to be money you should be able to give. YOU stopped! - so it's yours to use how you want, sort of idea.

    I'm hoping and praying that he may well see, understand and appreciate the good that you're trying to do for others!!

    Yup, the Holy Spirit DOES have to draw him, and so asking God to send His Spirit to do that is great! Meantime, YOUR LOVE and CARE towards him (going out of your way to do this - even sacrificially at times!) is going to do softening (IF that can happen) as much or more than anything else in the world!!

    - BM
  11. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #25


    Agape - Our FAITH and Our (Good) WORKS

    SweetSurrender wrote a query about what I said concerning Matthew Ch 25:31-46 in Message #24. Please now go to The Inner Room Message #183 where I set out the Matthew passage in a CLEAR and READABLE form. I would strongly suggest you read it before continuing here. (While you're there Message #187 is very useful also. And in Message #13 in Reaching Higher please also go down to Section C and read that.)
    The above Messages should give you a good overview and understanding of this important and almost totally NEGLECTED passage. Why NEGLECTED? Well, maybe ask the preachers and teachers... Could it possibly be because this involves work or giving, and cost to us, and thus it's mighty unpopular preaching and teaching? Very SERIOUS, hey!!!

    The EXTRA I wanted to write here is that IF WE ARE SERIOUS BELIEVERS, and IF WE HAVE DETERMINED TO FOLLOW JESUS, and IF WE'VE DETERMINED THAT WE WANT TO BE OBEDIENT TO HIM, then we should not even NEED to hear about the Matthew Chapter 25 passage!!

    How so? To be OBEDIENT to God the New Testament has over 800 commands for us to keep. But I believe we ALL know of Jesus TWO Commandments ("Love God", and "Love your Neighbour" (everyone!)), and I would hope that ALL know of JESUS NEW COMMAND: John Ch 13:34 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another - which He said NUMBERS of times!

    QUESTION: Isn't that EXACTLY what the Matthew passage is all about?? QUESTION: Is LOVE (agape - which is God's Love that we have WITHIN us) just an EMOTION, just a sort of fuzzy FEELING inside? QUESTION: Do we believe that faith WITHOUT works really IS utterly DEAD and USELESS? James Ch 2:20 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. So how are your WORKS going? This is very PRACTICAL stuff we're talking about here, folks! - our personal FAITH working out and being SHOWN in our lives by our good WORKS!!!

    Y'see, I'm asking these questions because I don't believe that neither are we: a) truly loving our brothers and sisters in Christ via agape (let alone loving non-believers!) NOR b) looking after them in practical ways. I don't see Western Christians SACRIFICING themselves, their time, money, pretty-much anything at all, in order to HELP these people Jesus spoke so strongly about, with DIRE CONSEQUENCES for failure):

    .. the HUNGRY;
    .. the THIRSTY (clean water supply);
    .. the HOMELESS;
    .. those needing CLOTHING and other such needs;
    .. the SICK;
    .. and Christians IMPRISONED for their FAITH.

    But, you may say, there doesn't seem to be much need for these HELPS around here. I would find that a tad surprising, and lovingingly suggest that you have a more serious look. But if you're right, then look further afield. How many are STARVING in our countries? FEW! In other countries? Hundreds and hundreds of millions!! - who sadly are BOTH OUT OF SIGHT, AND THUS OUT OF MIND as well. We simply don't care...

    Yes, I know how it can feel really, really OVERWHELMING!! How can I possibly make any difference? Answer: by THINKING of just ONE person or FAMILY. Help THEM!! Now you've made a difference in their lives!! Wow, THAT'S MASSIVE!!! BUT, dear ones, if our FAITH really is failing because of our lack of good WORKS - then our FAITH is failing, PERIOD!!! - and that couldn't POSSIBLY be MORE SERIOUS!!!

    So right there is the answer to SweetSurrender's great question. It's extremely IMPORTANT!!! - True Christians WILL be in the sacrificially "helping others" (sheep) group at the Judgment, NOT in the "ignore the plight of others" (goats) group. So now, hopefully, you can see the IMPORTANCE and the practical REALITY for YOU of Jesus' words in Matthew Chapter 25!!

    If this all surprises you, how many times have I said here, "IT'S NOT EASY TO GET TO HEAVEN!!!" So please take very, very careful note of what you need to do and how you need to live - as what I desperately want for you is that we may be together with God forever!! (A lot more to come in time about this!)

    - BM (with his Lady)

  12. [​IMG]

    The next two or so Messages are very important.

    For your ongoing walk with the Lord, please make sure you don't miss them!

    Prayers and blessings!!

    - BM
  13. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #26


    tnorF ot kcaB (Back to Front) - Part A

    The next Message I put up will arguably be the most important I've done to date in Disciple! (TOMORROW, I expect!!) I've worked on and 'agonised' over it literally for DAYS - and I do NOT want you to miss a single word of it. For example, there's a crucial "WHEN?" question I ask. Then, "What does God want to be to YOU?" - but more important ones than those!!

    As you read through it, very near to the end is a SUMMARY and final information that's especially critical for all Believers who truly want to get places with the Lord, and to grow toward maturity in Jesus.

    "Back to Front" refers to what we normally do FIRST when speaking to someone about Salvation via the Gospel, and them indicating that they wish to respond. BUT IT'S NOT THE FIRST; IT SHOULD BE SECOND!!! I can ask you now actually, "Who should come first: GOD or US?" A no-brainer, right! THEN HOW COME WE DO THIS BACK TO FRONT AT CONVERSION?

    HINT: The reason why involves the no-brainer above - so when you've read down to the IMPORTANT paragraph near the bottom, (no cheating now!) see if you can figure out WHY we've got it SO WRONG!!! (I didn't write the reason!! - why should I have to do all the work?? *hee!*) If you get it, then high plaudits! - and maybe you'll be as shocked and appalled as I was when I saw this for the very first time!!!

    Continued in Part B ...

    - BM (with his Lady)

  14. CFS just came back online, after quite a time off.

    So I'm wondering if I should delay the important message I promised for today - for just a little at least - so as to leave time for people to catch up. SOON...

    Blessings all!!

    - BM

    K.T. My friend, it would be great if we could have contact! Using the webster email address would be fine.

    Hoping to hear from you!

    - BM
  16. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #27


    You Really Need to: Change Your Mind! - Part B

    Get Clean, More Freedom, and a Much Closer Walk With God

    ... Continued from Part A

    This command comes directly from the mouth of our Lord and Saviour, although it first came from the one who it was foretold God would send to pave the way for Jesus. And they both said these exact same words!! Matthew Ch 3:1 In those days John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of Judea, 2 and saying, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” Then: Matthew Ch 4:17 From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” How amazing!!

    Repent means to radically "change your mind." You may have been told (or not) that you must repent when you first came to Christ. Perhaps you were led to say at that time, "I repent of all of my sins..." And there is a sense where it may seem that you CAN change your mind (repent) about everything at that time: "I am all Yours, Lord!" and, "I will live for you always."

    But in no way does this catch up all of those things where you have sinned against your God and Father, perhaps wilfully, deliberately, or else by failure to do and be what you should. TRUTH: Our sins are MANY!! From early days we lived for ourselves.. to gratify our flesh.. according to OUR desires. God was not considered important, nor did we care about the sin we were commiting against Him. How much the need that we repent - change our mind - as to our past life in ALL its evil ways.

    We 'change our mind' at our conversion to Jesus as evidence that we wish to go His way and live according to His laws, committing our whole life to Him. For maybe most of us the SERIOUSNESS of all this may NOT have been greatly obvious at the time. IT NEEDS TO BE!! How can we change our mind in repentance if we're almost wholly unaware of (ALL) THE THINGS we're changing our mind about??

    EVERY INDIVIDUAL sin we committed in all of our life, aware of it or not, we specifically committed AGAINST Almighty God!! Each DESERVING of death and hell of course, but much worse, HURTING the One Who loves us so dearly. We all know that having done wrong against someone we must go to them and earnestly express our sorrow! This we may well do, and I trust we have - BUT... WHEN did we do this to our Father God?

    Concluded in the next post...
  17. ... Concluded from the previous post

    We DIDN'T, and HAVEN'T, right!! Then NOW is the TIME!!! But what a massive job, someone may say, it's going to take ages!! Possibly will, but until you do this please DO NOT expect your Christian life to be what you wish it to be, and DO NOT wonder why it isn't!! It's your responsibility to tell God "sorry" for every sin you've committed. REPENT of each one! Doing this will bring you into more heart and life freedom that He gives for you to enjoy!!!

    Yes, this SHOULD take hours, days, or longer. Doesn't matter whether long or short. GET IT DONE!! And ask Him to BRING THE SINS TO MIND that you may repent of them! This is how we get clean and get closely CONNECTED to the Lord. How can you POSSIBLY be CLOSE to Him while there remain SINS you've never said sorry about, and told Him that you've changed your mind about ever doing them again? YOU CAN'T!!!

    We do this because we recognise the incredible seriousness of all of our SIN against a perfect, righteous and holy God! We do this because we understand the punishment we deserve for even just ONE sin! We do it to show God how earnest and serious we are about truly living the Christian life.

    For His part, God's great desire is for us to be in a "close-as-possible" LOVE relationship with Him!! Q. "What does God want to be to YOU?" A. "Very close!!!" Wow!! But not possible while there are things left unsorted between you both, right! So get them sorted! I really cannot adequately express how very IMPORTANT this is for you to do.

    First, take the decision to do this ASAP! Second, work out when (and where) you'll do this. Third, aim to DO IT ALOUD - much more effective to cleaning up your life than doing it in your mind! Fourth, don't quit till you're finished! Fifth, make sure you ASK the Lord God and TRUST the Lord God to bring to mind sin you've forgotten. Sixth, after you're all finished, later He'll come again to remind you of more sin you've not repented of! - you repent and say sorry for IT!! *a great feeling!!!*

    Finally, please don't get this MIXED UP with God's FORGIVENESS OF ALL OF YOUR SIN! IN CLEAR SUMMARY: We ALL should have been shown FIRSTLY, how and why to fully and properly REPENT of sins committed against GOD!! THEN had explained to us why and how to truly BELIEVE in Jesus! THEN to have got down to a total REPENTING! (with help as to HOW). FOLLOWING THAT, with no waiting and no delay, to be BAPTISED in water, and THEN BAPTISED in the Spirit. RBBR is the Scriptural way to Salvation!!! (that we did, starting in The Inner Room.)

    Once anyone is fully saved, ALL their sins are forgiven FOREVER!! - but we still confess, say sorry, and repent of any sin we commit, cos THAT'S all about our love RELATIONSHIP - and being CLOSE!! - with our mighty GOD!!!!

    - BM (with his Lady)


  18. Wow Bondmanl Great posts! There is so much good stuff here!
    I did exactly what you said above awhile back, I layed out flat on my living room floor, and had a long conversation with our Lord. I asked him to put a microscope on me and show me and he did just that . I go to a bible study weekly now with one of my Christian sisters, and I was in a bit of emotinal way this past week. Her husband stated exactly what you said, that I needed the Lord to show me those things and those people from my past that I had been in sin with and ask the Lord's forgiveness for of that sin, especially concerning those men that I had been intimate with.
    He said that anytime one of those things poppped in my head, I had to go right to the Lord with it. I never truly understood the whole soul tie thing when two people had sexual relations and how a piece of that person became a part of me. (now that alone is a scary thought!)

    I continue to keep working on things and asking God to show me, and even the littlest of things are shown.. ie .. getting to work on time, taking extra time at lunch break etc.. then he also reveals the bigger ones as well.. Thank goodness the sin of the snooping on other people's live has been taken away.. TRUST and OBEY, there is no other way! When I trust him and seek the answers from him he shows me. Praise the Lord~

    I also pray for Discernment about the people that come into my life. Someone told me that the enemy can be dressed in an angelic light. It can all look so good, but behind it all there is evil. I think maybe that might tie into a sheep in wolves clothing? Hmm.. we went through that before!

    As far as helping people sacrifically, I have seen this in the ministry I am involved in and contine to learn about giving up what I want to do each day, and going to the Lord asking him what he wants me to do for the day. This has got to have constant awareness, or I can get off on a tangent.

    Today we will be out on the bus in the AM giving out food to the needy and clothing. In the afternoon, I will be taking the rescue van out to partner with another church for street church. It is Bridget's birthday and she was dissapointed that Paul would be busy in the PM with the street church. I said if you find someone to drive the van, I will go forth and set up and all as he has been training me in all aspects of the ministry. So Larry is going to drive the rescue van and I will do the set up.

    Our Lord is soooooooo good~ I truly have to do a writing about the flashback scene last night, when I tipped over a gallon of paint while preparing my new home. If you would have told me a year ago, that I would be preparing to move and that an ex convict who is now a new creature in Christ would be helping me, I would have thought you crazy! Years ago, I would never have even given anyone like this a second glance or chance in life, but hey just think if the Lord never get us a second chance or glance~

    This gentleman has been a huge blessing to me! The conversations are always based on the Lord and allowing God to heal us from our past and keeping us focused on the future he has for all of us. Can you imagine being molested by a man at the age of 3 and being in a coma for 6 months , your father dying at the age of 10 and so much more (he shared it is ok for me to share). then living a life of drugs alcohol etc. , having the fancy home, 7 cars etc.. then it is all stripped away.. now in the Am you find yourself traveling the streets for pop cans, and sharing the good news of Jesus? I could write so much about what I am learning, but my main source of learning is coming here and continuing to learn the righteous and holy life.

    Love ya~

  19. What a wonderful post!! I'll respond more later!

    Your friend sounds like one of those amazing examples of both the GRACE and the POWER of our God! That's definately gotta be a hallelujah!!!


    - BM
  20. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #28


    Looking Forward to Our Spiritual Future!! - Part A


    It's only natural that those things we can SEE with our eyes, and FEEL, and HEAR, and TASTE, and SMELL, and physically EXPERIENCE are always going to feel like WHAT IS MOST REAL. And this IS reality, clearly and obviously. To the unbeliever it is their sole reality. They know no other.

    But to the true Believer it is NOT the only reality! Yet because of the above senses - and especially our EYES, what we can SEE - for many believers, as for unbelivers, THAT is still the strongest reality. ALL BACK TO FRONT!! - so it's obviously critical that we work to change this!! First, let's make sure that we've STARTED the right way - having done each step of RBBR, (near end of Previous Message) for this brings us out of the world straight into a strong SPIRITUAL REALITY!!

    Second, we should ENSURE that we help others come to the Lord and LIVE in the Lord in this same solidly Scriptural way. That is, we should NOT keep to ourselves important truths that we learn - like RBBR and Loving One Another and Tending to the Needy!

    Third, can we SEE that 70 or 80 years (here) is less than a grain of sand compared to a 1,000 mile beach of who knows how many quadrillions of grains of sand (eternity)? So which then has the STRONGEST call on your life as to its FINAL REALITY? I know that I'm still HERE and so are YOU, but increasingly I am NOT primarily "LIVING HERE"!! Did you notice the end of John the Baptist's and Jesus' calls that were exactly the same (beginning of Previous Message)? - "Repent because the KINGDOM of HEAVEN is at hand." You've repented and so EVEN NOW are living IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!!

    In this Kingdom where God is THE MIGHTY KING, and RULER over ALL, all is done to OBEY and PLEASE and HONOUR Him!! THIS is the new REALITY for us all! With our EYES clearly looking towards our FUTURE - in ETERNITY (and of course FOR eternity!) - then ALL MUST SLOWLY CHANGE of how we NOW live and perceive life, along with our priorities and our wishes and desires and goals and visions!!

    Thus I am looking towards my FUTURE with Jesus my Lord and Master. Whether raised from among the dead or still on earth we shall meet Him in the air on His Return, and immediately be CHANGED!! And then we wiil soon commence our REAL purpose for having been born - THEN BORN AGAIN!! - Revelation Ch 20:6b ...but they shall be ministers of God and of Christ (the Messiah), and they shall rule along with Him a thousand years.

    I shall write more about us ruling with Jesus for a thousand years after His return, and of.our possible tasks and responsibilities and their importance during that time! WOW!!!

    Continued in Part B ...

    - BM (with his Lady)


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