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  1. Wow, great post, hon!!

    I guess that one of your best traits is that you really are "a learner". You'll learn this new thing if it kills you! (I'm sure it won't! hee!)

    And I can honestly say that I was never pulling my teeth and hair out over you. You struggled with things you needed to do, and sometimes it took a fair bit of time for you to do them. This is just our humanity. Most folks experience the same, so I just took your growth (or lack of it at the time) as part of seeking to help and disciple you. Because I understand how folks work, it was okay for me to just keep praying - and between the Lord's help and your ultimate determination to "make the change", you've done really well!

    There will continue to be many more challenges for you, as for most members here. That's the Christian experience!! That you'll one day reach Spiritual Maturity I really have no doubt!! (a lovely thing to be able to say).

    Much love!!

    - BM
  2. What I am not there yet? LOL!.. just joking.. got a ways to go.. will always be striving until the good Lord calls me home.

    Ok beautiful day today, went to church, scheduled to go see daughter, get out of church to a phone message from her, call me if you have not left yet.
    I called, she wants to cancel until next week-end. states she will come here for the week-end.. (has broken this promise many times before).
    It was heart breaking yet I am not going to allow this to steal my joy!

    I will go to street church with Care-A-van this afternoon, and then come home and relax at my house. Tomorrow AM I will go with Care-A-Van to local parade.. I am just going to relax in his presence today and rest of week-end.. Heck .. not even sure if I will pack any boxes up.. just going to use this as me time.. time for me and the Lord!

    Have an awesome holiday everyone.. well here in the states it is a holiday not sure about where you are Bondman.. Labor Day here.

  3. Wow! Lots going on here! I dont have time to catch up, yet, but plan to in the next couple of days!

    UPDATE: My daughter went to the conference with me, as well as my daughter in law. It was wonderful, and the speaker had a very good message about the church needing to step up and be a voice and stop being quiet and apathetic. My DIL was touched by God there, she even went to church with me this morning and seemed to be much more comfortable than the last time! She is a believer, but very immature in her faith.

    My oldest, well, nothing happened to her (that was visible) but I am praying that seeds have been planted (or the seeds that were already there got some 'watering'). She said it was ".....interesting".

    But I have the promise from the Father, that my whole family will return to Him, and I am standing on that! AMEN!
  4. Sorry I haven't been on to post. =/ How is everyone by the way?
  5. Time for you and the Lord is GOOD!!! *smile*

    Our Labor Day here in Oz was back in early May. Enjoy the holiday!

    - BM

  6. Standing here on that with ya Fluffy! Glad things are going well

    PS.. Hi Mindie!
  7. It's fine not to post, hon! (also fine TO post!!) MAY I EXPLAIN?

    Somehow or other, from the beginning of my ministry here on 1-1-08, the Lord made The Inner Room (first thread, still open) and now Disciple! sort of as "non-posting" threads!!!

    Amazing, hey! Many people come each day and READ, but few post, and most have NEVER posted. I don't even know who they are!! - yet they are my friends, my supporters, my brothers and sisters, they can pray like I've seldom seen in my whole life, and we are JOINED and LINKED TOGETHER in love by God's Spirit!!!!! Whoo-hoo!!

    But why is not posting a GOOD thing? Because these are teaching threads, they do need to be 'listening' rather than 'talking'. On a previous forum so many folks posted that time and again the thread got utterly swamped from the sheer number of them. And so teaching simply got lost!

    The Lord also organised here for 2 or 3 lovely serious Believers to be the ones TO post - sort of as my special "supporters." It's all worked so marvellously that my heart swells with love and appreciation at what the Lord has done!!!

    I am sensing that you could be a supporter in Disciple! If so, that would be wonderful. Ask the Lord about this!

    I checked your social groups - looking good! You sure are a busy beaver!

    Love n blessings!!

    - BM
  8. Hi Fluf!!

    All very interesting - with some encouragement!! I FIRMLY stand with you (and Faithwoman) concerning your dear family! We look to the Lord to do wondrous things in people's lives in answer to continued, believing prayer.

    I doubt I even knew you have a daughter-in-law, much less a Christian one! May she step up and really start to grow in the Lord!

    As for your eldest daughter, ".... interesting" is GOOD!!! In fact I find it quite encouraging towards continued prayer for her!!

    As for you, dear one, God bless you in all your 'doings', and with all your loved ones!!

    - BM
  9. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #18 (5th in our "Blood of Jesus" Series - Starts at #14)


    Continuing our Search for Justice

    I saw a recent set of figures that is a shocker concerning the whole Christian world. Christians spend:
    • 99.9% of Christian income on themselves
    • 0.09% on the Evangelized but Non-Christian World
    • 0.01% on the Unevangelized World
    Yes it IS that bad!! We can push these and other figures around till the cows come home, and try and view them from different angles, but it will ALWAYS come back to the same UTTERLY APPALLING result - which Beloved and I totally REFUSE to be a party to, and a part of ANY MORE!!!! TOTALLY!! Because what the King of Kings and Ruler of the Universe said was to Go into ALL of the world!! Instead we've simply not bothered, and continued looking after - well, ME!! But let me continue towards telling you how you can change this as we have!

    Have you ever read Revelation Chapters 1-3. In Jesus' critique of the 7 churches only 1 gets through unscathed. Today it may be more like 1 in 10,000... Unless you're in a most unusual small church where all the Members KNOW where their gifts go and KNOW that they're being used extremely well, then your church is going to be somewhere in the CHURCH/AGENCY figures from last Message where: a mere 0.5% goes to those who DESPERATELY NEED TO HEAR THE GOSPEL, BUT HAVE NO CHANCE, whereas 94% will stay in the church effectively DISOBEYING Jesus World Command!! Money self-centeredly WASTED!! People, my heart cries in pain for the Ignored and totally UNREACHED!!!

    As part of refusing to be a party ANY LONGER to the church's appalling misuse of money and resources we've withdrawn all gifting to the local church. No gifts, no tithe, nothing (the church won't fall apart from this 'loss'!!) We want to: 1) KNOW where our money is going, AND most of all 2) KNOW that it's TRULY being used for the Kingdom and is PLEASING to God. (Giving it to the church is Old Testament anyway - we're NOT disobeying His Word!!) 3) Be able to PRAY properly for those we were helping! Over time we've asked the Lord to SHOW us WHERE and WHO and WHAT. He's answered us BRILLIANTLY!! - EVERY CENT we now give goes directly to REACH THE MOST UNREACHED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!! Allelujah!!! People like these:


    Hundreds and hundreds of millions like these men believe in, worship, and sacrifice to
    false gods, who of course always fail them in times of trouble.


    There are NO Christians anywhere around to tell this man the Good News. He is without hope, and will die in his sins unless someone cares enough to get the Gospel to him.


    But a wonderful VERY self-sacrificing Missionary HAS come to tell
    these slum dwellers that Jesus LOVES them!

    I have been upset and in tears while writing this Message... It's starting to hit home, but is where I MUST take you to hopefully feel something of what I feel. Unless we have Missionaries to share Jesus with the MOST UNREACHED, like in the slum photo above, then for all the others their future is simple but very grim: live a hard life, sacrifice to dead gods, die, go to hell! And their children will repeat this - and their children after them! THEY KNOW NO OTHER WAY TO LIVE - know NOTHING of the one true God... and Jesus!! NOTHING!! We have the answer but have completely FAILED THEM by not sharing that answer.

    Not until God gets to our heart will we change how we live. WITHOUT change, not only does that ETERNALLY harm the above people, but ourselves as well, and worst of all we will lose SO MUCH after we step through death (which I am going to spell out for you in a later message - far more than I ever have before).


    - BM (with his Lady)

  10. That is so true! We are called to be giving, to not store treasures on earth but in heaven, and to spread the truth about Christ. Some of us are not called to be missionaries but that doesn't mean that they can't pray and contribute a little to the cause (also, that doesn't mean they can't spread the truth in their home town). When you help financially (or praying), you are actually helping the lost become saved.

    When you get your paycheck, the first thing you should do it pay your tithing. That is a command from God. Yet people instead pay their rent, bills, and things they want before paying their tithing. And a lot don't even pay it at all. They are too worried about what they have to pay... their faith is thrown out the window.

    Sometimes it's not greed that holds believers back from helping missionaries or paying their tithing, it's a lack of faith. They need to pay this and that. They can't give any money to church or to anyone else because they can't afford it. That is fear and fear is the opposite of faith.

    God blesses those who give. Like the woman in the bible who gave only a few coins and the rich people gave much. The woman was blessed because those few coins was all she had. The rich had plenty, so there was no sacrifice.

    There are times when I notice I need more faith. I am called to be a missionary. I want to attend this internship/mission in Baton Rouge, LA. It's for 10 months and it's intense. It cost quite a bit of money... around 4,500. Plus we have to provide our own food, toiletries, and anything else we might need (they recommend we have a car). I haven't done this and God has placed this in my heart for three years. I have a lack of faith. I don't think the money will be provided. I am afraid to go because when I come back... I will be homeless (I have no where to go when I return home. My family are not like most... they don't care much for me. PRAYING FOR THEM.).

    This is fear and not faith. I ask God for forgiveness everyday. I want to go in September and I need to do something about it.

    Your post spoke to me. Thanks Bondman. Your the best. AND THANK YOU LORD!
  11. Thankyou Lord indeed!! And thankyou for sharing, Mindie! You raised a few things that we've dealt with a number of times in The Inner Room (or Reaching Higher or Gems).

    In the New Testament, we certainly are ALL called to give to help our needy brothers and sisters, wherever they may be. And we're also ALL called to reach the WHOLE WORLD for Jesus - in that sense we're ALL called to be missionaries!! (not just some of us).Whoo-hoo!!! And in our "Blood of Christ" Series I'll very soon be showing everyone precisely how to easily and very effectively indeed be stay-at-home missionaries!!!!

    I sure agree with you about greed! Naked greed is everywhere in the Westthese days - including in our own homes!!The widow who gave all she had, she knew what sacrifice meant! In general, we do not!! Can we maybe say that greed and sacrifice are virtually opposites?

    Our giving - under the New Covenant in JESUS' BLOOD - is clearly free-will giving, NOT MUST-giving like under the Old Covenant. Jesus brought us into wondrous FREEDOM! John Ch 8:36 Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. WOW!!! Unlike back then, nowhere in the New Testament are we instructed to tithe - but many of those who do choose to give 10% of their income, yup, they understand what sacrifice means!!

    I find your faith problems interesting, and must say how much I really feel for you about this. Praying with you on this!

    Thankyou so much for your post and your kind comments. It's great to have you here!!

    Jesus' blessings to you!!

    - BM
  12. Mindie,
    Good morning.

    The thought that I wanted to comment on is if you really feel God is showing you or aksing you to go to Louisiana to be the missionary, the door will open for you. Now mind you, I do not believe in just sitting back like some folk do and say God will take care of it. I believe we have to step out and do our part as well.

    We also need to be sure it really is God's plan and not our own desires and wishes within. I really needed to learn this the hard way for me. What I hae learned is that as long as I am in prayer every day for all thing, I am in the Word, being with my Christian friends, the Lord will show me, he does show me and guide me.

    I can say this, that when I started being obedient in many areas of my life, God has done amazing things to show me his love, mercy and grace.
    I had a huge desire to write for the Lord, thinking I was going to write this or that, but who would have thought, he would lead me to be a Public Relations Director for a non profit all volunteer street ministry.

    Seek first his kingdom and all his righteousness and all shall be given to thee.

  13. whats with the pyramid bond man.?you selling stuff.?
  14. Another thought about giving

    As I sipped my coffee, the thought came to me to share this as well,
    As Bondman stated and taught me in the New Testament it states he likes a cheerful giver.

    I fee to many people get caught up and give because they are taught we will prosper materialistically with the more we give, to many give with the wroing motive.

    In doing the minsitry God led me to there was this woman quite a few months ago, that God led us to . She knew the Lord but had walked away. She knew scriptures like I could not believe. Anyway, she came to church that Sunday and when it was time for the offering, she opened her purse and put in all she had $ 1.13.. I heard her say Lord I am giving it all to you, she went to the altar and was praying and praising him even after she had been abused by her husband and beaten and such. She had her bible open every day and came back to her faith in God. To make a long story short, God saw her needs, he opened doors for her to get a new apartment, Christians came along side her and helped her get her new start in life.

    Take the most recent family Jesus is ministering to through me. Young family , mom with 4 kids, they all recently accepted Christ. She comes to church and when the offering plate comes around, she always puts an envelope in. Now mind you, her husband is in prison, her oldest son 12 years old has been in trouble with the law. She was just in a car accident due to seizure,may not be able to drive for a year. But she is learning God will provide for her. When talking to her, she had shared that when the offering plate comes around, she puts $ 1.00 in the envelope. Now she is up to $ 2.00. The pastor told her how proud he was of her , that even with what she is going through, she is giving back to the Lord from her heart. Now mind you, there are people sitting in churches that could give so much to make a difference , but they do not.

    When we honor God from our hearts, not with other motives for self gain, he sees that and blesses us whether it be good health, keeps us from some kind of harm , and much more.

    To end this illustration would be the 28 year old male firefighter, God led me to last night. Great evening of witnessing for Jesus. He too knew the Lord, saved but is still living in the flesh. When I gave him a ride home, he shared he is months behind in rent, his electric was just shut off. In asking him when was the last time he read his bible, when was the last time he cried out to Jesus, when was the last time he had been in church, it had been months. He said you know, when I was going to church, when I was tithing and giving back, my life all seemed to be going great, more importantly when he was not living in his fleshly sinful life, it was all better for him.

    I am rambling but I wanted to share the importance of the things I have learned of giving. I also have learned that I pray now and ask God where he wants my money to go to. As Bondman said and one of my friends who attends a bigger church here, feels the money is not going to help the people, it is spent in other ways. I am not saying all churches are like that. But when Bondman shared the numbers he did, it is staggering of the need in the world.

    Some of us are called to go and be missionaries in other parts of the world and some of us are called right here locally. With FAITH and with seeking God with all our hearts, he will show us, his will for our lives, not Robin's.. heck that ole will of mine, led to destruction.

    Have a great week.. back to work I go today!

  15. Oh, another great post, hon!!

    I totally forgot in my response to Mindie to mention that God DOES indeed love a cheerful giver (rather than an "I must" giver). It's the latter that can concern me about tithing if folks feel like they somehow "must", or ever maybe the wrong kind of "should"! Neither is pleasing to God!

    You've "got" it as I expected you would (and I'm so confident many, many others as well), that the need is so great for our money to go where it will really count, and where Jesus' name has never been heard from the mouth of a single Christian!!! Romans Ch 10:14b And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?

    YES! - about millions who've been wrongly taught to give so they'll prosper materially: wrong, bad, terrible, SELFISH motive. Shame on the Pastors who perpetuate this dreadful heresy (wouldn't want to be in their shoes at judgment time - do you know that the NT warns we teachers that more (doing right and well and teaching correctly) will be expected of us!!!! I am VERY aware of this as I write messages.....

    Wonderful about the lady who's up to giving $2.00!!

    Bless you with your continued outreach - and don't work too hard!! *hehe!*

    - BM

    Love your new Avvy! (Did you notice mine?)
  16. Yep, selling personal growth, SC!! - all the way up the scale to Maturity in Christ!!! (It's so SAD to find people who've been Christians for 20 years and are still BABIES!!)


    - BM
  17. [​IMG]


    Next Message in our "Blood of Christ" Series, we aren't just "nearly there" at last - WE'RE THERE!!!! Hallelujah!!

    - BM *too excited to sleep tonight!!*
  18. I can't go to sleep.. to anxious waiting for the next message

    Hugs to you and the Mrs


    PS.. thanks for the comment on the pic.. I thought yours was a new one too!

    Love ya .. you guys look sweet!
  19. I've been reading your new messages, BM. They are all very timely, as usual. God is using you so much.

    But, I've been at a stand-still on this wonderful ministry of helping missionaries so they can win the lost. At one time, I was so determined and desirous of collecting the money to send to a deserving, hard working missionary that I was willing to collect pop cans or do a paper route.

    But, BM, I'm finding that life gets in the way sometimes. I mean, not only am I stymied by my unsaved husband not willing to let me support a missionary, but I work 10-hr days and now I am dealing with a broken foot, so help me deal with this, my friend.

    I am in no way meaning this to sound like . . . in a bad way. I am not bitter or anything. I really do want to do something to further the cause of Christ.

    I just am a little discouraged, ya know. Maybe there is a time and a season for everything. And you know my history, some don't, so I will explain a little more about what I am just now discovering about my journey later. OK? I love everything you are doing, BM. Just know that. Sweets
  20. Hon, please don't hassle yourself!! God knows all about your situation. And He ALWAYS looks on the heart, and knows your heart too. I know you want to help, and so does He, okay!!

    Faithwoman's story of the lady giving $2 into the plate was great! Like the Widow's Mite we've been mentioning. You can give $1 if you like and it will go to where you specify. Or $5. Every CENT counts, let alone every dollar!!

    You do NOT have to actually support a missionary. We used to, but don't now. Instead we give what we can to whatever the Lord lays on our heart to. Again every cent goes somewhere to help someone or some situation. NOTHING is lost. It all counts!! You could give five bucks to "Unsupported Missionaries" and that will go to a missionary who doesn't have full support for the time being. We do this occasionally.

    Would you do something like the above ideas? That would be my recommendation, and I believe it will help.

    As for your life changes of more hours and now a broken foot, wow, that sure makes things tough for you. But the Holy Spirit in you, sent by Jesus specifically, will help you to COPE!!! This is always Beloveds problem - being able to COPE with life, with all of her pain and lack of sleep and so on. She gets overwhelmed with... LIFE!! But God is very faithful, and He will help you to get through if you go to Him in faith and trust.

    Don't PM me at the moment as my PM box has problems I've discovered! But do email if you want to, okay!

    Much love!!

    - BM

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