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  1. Preparation Part 2

    Continued from Part 1 of Preparation

    The mother from the fire needed a lift to the grocery store. We loaded the kids up in their car seats and headed out. I dropped them off at the store and said I would return. My plan was to drop a flyer off to another young family. But as I headed down the street, God had me take a detour. I saw 3 adults with 3 young children. I pulled the car over and opened my trunk to get them fliers about the clinic and the free haircuts. I explained who I was and that I was with Care-A-Van Ministries. After I was done, the young man asked me if I knew where they could get some baby milk. They were all out of baby formula and the baby had just the one bottle left. I suggested a few of the local agencies, but at this time of evening, they were all closed. I got their names and address and phone number and told them I would be in touch.

    I visited with another young single mom; God had led me to about a month back. I dropped off the flyer and headed back to the grocery store to pick up mom number one and her two young kids. (Are you exhausted reading yet? I am! ). As she climbed in my car, she said God is soooooooo good! I said yes he is. She told me a bit of her story, which would make another story in itself! After dropping her off, Wal-Mart was on the agenda for baby formula.

    Upon arriving at the home, there was no one there. I called the number. They had walked across town. They happened to be in one of the other Care-A-van neighborhoods- Thorpe Avenue. When I pulled up that street, there were people everywhere. The street was littered with garbage. A gang of folks were in the street, little kids, teens, and adults. Now most of the folks know us and let me tell you, whenever I hit the streets, I wear my Red Care-A-van shirt. I feel like I got my armor on when I wear that. Deep down, I know God is protecting me while doing his work. I got out of the car. I just shouted “hey everyone, how ya doing! I am looking for Christina. She appeared from around the corner of the one home. I walked up to her and handed the can of formula to her.
    She thanked me. I said “don’t thank me, thank the Lord. He is the one that went and got the formula for you. He is the one who pulled up in the car. He knew what your need was and he is supplying it. Now you already know the next part of the story... yep... Salvation message. She explained her mom was very bad and there was no God in their life growing up. My heart was breaking. I saw her pain and her hurt... and oh yes, I saw her teeth that were paining her too, as a matter of fact, many folks showed me their teeth tonight as I shared about the free dental clinic with them! Dr. Russ and I could have been kept busy all night looking at teeth on the streets!

    We had a really great conversation, this young gal and I. I shared my testimony and explained God has a plan for her. I told her of all the muck and mire that she is living in is not from our God. I told her God really didn’t want her living and having to worry about running out of baby formula. I encouraged her as well as others that I spoke tonight to get rooted in a church, where they can continue to learn of God and how he changes their lives. I asked her if I could pray with her before leaving and she agreed to it. I asked if she wanted salvation tonight, and she said she was not ready. That was ok, that was her choice.

    We all have choices in life. We can choose to have life, or we can choose to die. Some of my friends would think I was crazy running around the city, going into these streets that are considered the not so nice streets of Batavia. But you know something? I love it! I love every minute of it. I am excited to see what God is doing here. I am excited how God uses me, Care-A-Van Ministries and others to make a difference.

    I am forever thankful for the preparation the Lord has been doing in my life. I am thankful for Bondman and my Christian friends on the Forum, who continue to guide me and teach me. I am thankful for Paul and Bridget and Care-A-Van Ministries being in my life. I am thankful for my Pastor and all my Christian friends, who continue to help me learn of God’s word and the power that our Lord has in our life. I am thankful for my Christian stomping sister Carolyn at work. I am thankful for the forgiveness of my own children and most of all for the forgiveness of Jesus and the great life I now have! I am forever thankful for our Lord!

    I am learning life is all about balance. When I was first called to the ministry, I was on the run all the time thinking I could save them all ! Now I pray and let God lead. Tonight, God lead me to go forth and share of his love with others. Wow! A lot has happened in this past year of my life!

    If you would have have told me a year ago, I would be on the streets, praying, speaking of God, hugging others and even looking at their rotted teeth, I would have thought you crazy! Just like there are a lot of little odds and ends to get down for our Free Dental clinic, there are some odds and ends that God is working on in me to totally prepare me to be the mature Christian woman he created me to be.
    Prepare the way Lord! Prepare the Way!

    Please note that it was truly Jesus that did all of this tonight, he just used me as a vessel to shine his light.

    I share this with all of you here on the Forum in hopes that you shall see God truly does care and he cares about you and your spiritual walk. As you open your hearts to learn of his word, he will show you more and more.

    August 26, 2009
  2. Praise our beautiful and wonderful Lord for all of His grace and favour; for His astonishing love He showers on those who let Him; for His guidance in our lives, leading us on, forward, learning and growing; for His forgiveness without which NONE of the above would work in our lives at all.

    "You are God!! You do quite WONDROUS things! You bring the truth to those lives who will RECEIVE it. You bring YOURSELF into their lives by Your Spirit, teaching, chastening, disciplining - towards making them to truly be Your People!!! You are way, way above us! Yet You come down to guide, help, assist us to slowly make our way towards Maturity in Christ. I bless You out of my heart of love You gave me, and bless You for others who have received You and Your Word with gladness, and even now are learning and growing. How can we possibly say 'Thankyou' enough?"

    - BM

    EDIT! We DON'T say "Thankyou" anywhere NEAR enough. Let's decide as a people here on CFS that we'll do BETTER on this from now on! - because He just LOVES to hear our heartfelt thanks!!!

  3. AMEN!!!!!

  4. We Need Prayers

    Ok folks, today is the big day! Bondman you and the Mrs are going to be busy! We are co sponsoring a free dental clinic for the community with a local dentist.. Dr. Russ..

    It is going to be an awesome day! Please pray for sunshine and pray for the strength for all of us working there, more importantly pray for the souls that will be coming.. pray that as they come to have their physical bodies looked at that our Lord will give us wisdom, insight and understanding to see deep within them the spiritual brokedness they have.

    I love you all! Also please pray for me as I believe I may have the start of some sort of urinary infection or something.. I have some pain this morning and just cannot be sick today!

    I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.. I sure learned that here!

  5. Okay, hon!! We will pray!!

    Because you and the guys are ministering to JESUS today!! " "Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to ME," from Matthew Ch 25:40. Jesus spoke in this Chapter of feeding the hungry, giving clothes to those without, and more. Here in giving help and support to those unable to do it for themselves you are attending to Jesus' TEETH!!!

    Those who do these acts of love and charity, if they do them with a right heart and spirit, NOT seeking any glory for themselves, HE SAYS that at His Judgment they will be in with the sheep bound for GLORY, and life with Him forever!!!

    Have a great day, and may much be accomplished for His Kingdom!!

    - BM
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #12


    Error Multiplies and is VERY Dangerous - plus the Tribulation!


    It almost seems to be a law of the Universe that error multiplies!! What it seems to do is that it attracts more error, so now an error in our belief system of understanding God and His Word, has doubled! If you don't resolutely and drastically cut this off at the pass, your error in belief and practice will attract more error, doubling again, so that now you're 4 times worse off!!

    In real-life practice I've seen this in lives where they failed to stay on top of TRUTH, ENSURING that it was NOT watered down by some false thinking and teaching, which led to more error and even more and ultimately the person had lost ALL of the Spiritual and was back totally human again!!

    One woman I can think of, when I mentioned in conversation that I was a Christian, excitedly told me she was too! She seemed to really know a lot and I was really happy for her. But before too long she moved in with a man who was not a Christian, thus BREAKING not one, but TWO Godly laws: live with someone ONLY when married; if you are a Believer do NOT get connected to an unbeliever. I don't really need to relate the rest of the story, do I. Her 'Christianity' went slowly down, down, and down, until...

    Quite recently I heard her utter her first blasphemy, and I thought with deep sadness, "That's a symptom, a sign if you like, of how your life has disintegrated this past year or more." In this case one error of action led to another, and it all grew until it engulfed her whole life.

    There are countless MILLIONS of Western Christians or Western Nominal Christians just the same as this woman! What you simply MUST realise is that Western Christianity is in a DREADFUL STATE!!! Thus you are SURROUNDED by Scriptural error. It's EVERYWHERE!! - errors and heresy abound, and so THE TRUTH is very scarce, and thus extremely difficult to find. Those people who can read the Scriptures and actually understand its Message are indeed very, very, very thin on the ground!!!

    Concluded in the next post...
  7. ... Concluded from previous post


    Take Christian authors as an example. Suppose someone recommended a Christian book to you. They tell you that it's great - but unless you are very knowledgeable as to Bible Doctrine and Practice, i.e., you've grown a deal in maturity and may even be up to Teen (or Adult), then the error mixed with the truth in the book (there will ALWAYS be a deal of truth, which makes it all the harder to SEE and DISMISS the error!) - this error, often sounding so "GOOD", can so easily start the process that eventually derails your life totally.

    This is deadly serious, folks - far more than you've ever recognised!! Many Believers wonder if they'll experience the Tribulation in their lifetime. When it comes will you be able to STAND? Start with this premise: "Probably NOT!!!" and work forward from that, okay. Why so? Because we are SO SHORT on TRUTH. And we don't LIVE it because we don't KNOW it.

    Listen up please!! I'm plumb astonished at the amount of truth I've put into scores and scores of messages, often repeating an important truth numbers of times - then I find someone who's still not got it, and in a Christian book reads the exact opposite that panders to the things our flesh wants - believes it, and rates the book as awesome!! IT'S NOT: the SERIOUS ERRORS in it are from the pit and the devil!!!!

    What this all says to me is that we're still NOT EFFECTIVELY SERIOUS with the Lord, i.e., nowhere near serious enough. If I were to say to you something like, "You're still just playing around with this," I imagine you'd not be too pleased with me!! But some, maybe even many of you, ARE!! Please DON'T take offence at this. Rather, take it on board - and CHANGE!! God WILL help you!!

    IT'S TIME, people!! No one knows WHEN but the Father, but there are so many signs out there that we'd have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to see them!! (More coming on this!) It's time to move our Christian life up a notch, up TWO notches and THREE, and keep moving up and up into Scriptural "DIFFICULTYLAND" - where Jesus is, and the Spirit is waiting to teach you and train you and guide you and give you power to live the Life and love you and care about you!

    Much, much love!!

    - BM (with his Lady)


  8. Ok, I have to admit I was one of those that Bondman speaks of, message after message and thinking "I got it" when rightfully I had not. It has been 1 year and 7 months since I started this serious journey of faith. Just today, I was witnessing to a girl on the street, she claims to be born again, saved.. but man is she straddling the fence.. yep just like I was. I got to tell you as I continue to learn, the Lord is doing amazing things in my life!

    I am sittting at the car dealership right now to get the oil changed on the brand new car that our Lord blessed me with last September, a year ago.. I know he is calling me to take better care of the things he has blessed me with, my whole life!

    Oh I ran off and read alot of books (christian books) but was not into the Bible as I should have been. So now, I make sure I am in the bible before picking up any other book.

    Yesterday at the free dental clinic, God gave 58 people free dental service and 37 folks received hair cuts.

    and yep.. one man came in with a rotted tooth, but was made anew when he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior right there in the dental chair! again.. if you would have told me year ago, Jesus would have me be kneeling by a dental chair sharing the salvation message, I would have thought you crazy! This same young man came out with Care-A-van this morning as we distributed groceries to the needy! Our God is an awesome God and he has big plans for all of us.. why not use the Bible as your GPS of life? Thanks for the great messages Bondman! I will post a few pics of the dental clinic at a later date.

  9. Well, prayer does work!!! I think it's so wonderful that 58 got their teeth looked and others their hair cut. Those of us who have enough money to do these things ourselves, often have little idea of how hard it is when you're having to live without such basics.

    I SO honour those who went out to do this work for the Lord Jesus!!!

    Yes, I fully understand about those who sit on the fence, and may end up paying the ultimate price for that!! Oh dear... But thankyou Lord for the young man who chose You!!!

    - BM
  10. I Had a Dream

    I tried to post this once before, and guess it didn't go through. So, I'll try it again.

    I keep having this re-occurring dream. I just had it again last night, BM, after reading your pm to me. In this dream, I'm trying to get ready for work, or something. Every time I try to find an outfit to wear, my eyes go shut and I can't seem to open them. I grope around until I find something and put it on. Then I go to where I know there is a mirror, so I can see if it matches, or is appropriate. But when I get to the mirror and look into it, it is always fogged over, or broken or scratched so that I still can't see what I have on. It is very frustrating, but I just can't seem to keep my eyes open. There is confusion all around me and I know I don't have much time to get going, but still I try, getting very discouraged.

    Sometimes I hear a baby crying and try so hard to find it to help it. But when I think I've found it, my eyes go shut again and I am helpless to do anything. Then I wake up.

    I read your latest Disciple message and find it to be very sad and I must say that I feel like I have been spinning my wheels when it comes to growth, and that everything I've read and gotten excited about is not what I think it is. I will try reading the Bible now instead and pray first so I can understand it clearly. Thanx for again pointing us in the right direction.

    I'm pretty sure I know what the dream is about now.
  11. Personally, I tend to think that dreams are just that - dreams! But as a Christian, when you dream THE SAME ONE over and over, well that's gonna get your attention!! And I'm really rapt that you think you know what this recurring dream was about.

    Oh, dear heart, between them the world, our flesh, and the devil sure can play havoc with our daily walk with the Lord!! And the "fight" to keep the world from running our life and keep our fleshly wants and desires from taking over and ensuring that the devil knows we no longer belong to him, and will NOT dance to his tune any more - all of these things have to be learnt, realised and recognised, the remedies slowly put into practice in our lives, and so it goes...

    Each time we move off the track - no matter in what way this occurs, that's one more thing we've learnt NOT TO DO!! So please take lessons as being good things, not bad, okay!!! (and NOT to feel bad ABOUT! - but rather to rejoice at FORWARD PROGRESS made via another lesson learnt!)

    No one should ever wonder why I say that to live as a true Christian is HARD. But, MAN OH MAN, is it all worth it!!!!! The "fight" of course, isn't really a fight at all - except for us to "fight" to stop struggling, stop trying to do it all ourselves, seeking to allow the Lord to run and control ALL of our lives. Do I lose out by giving all of me to Him? NO WAY!!! In the year 2009 here's "so much more of me" than there's EVER BEEN!!! I've lost nothing but the BAD stuff, and replaced it with piles and piles and piles of GOOD!!! ALL FROM HIM!!!

    Bless you so much, Sweets!!

    - BM
  12. Actually the end of times is what jolted me into true submission to Christ. Before I would have a hard time praying and reading God's word. I would secretly live in sin (which I felt ashamed for). Eventually... I started to hold grudges and remove myself from the body of Christ.

    One day I just woke up. My thoughts: Jesus can come at any moment.... any second! What if I am not ready? I AM NOT READY! So I went to read my bible and read the story about the bridesmaids; the ones who were ready and had enough oil for their lamps and the foolish ones who were not ready and ran out of oil in their lamps.... which resulted in them missing Jesus' return. I didn't want to be one of the foolish ones.

    After that, my life had changed completely. God had to break me.... to get me to realize that I needed him.

    Thank you God for your patience and love!
  13. Welcome to Christian Forum Site!

    You're absolutely right about not being ready. How wonderful that the Lord showed you this to bring you into submission to Him!! Yes, we sure DO need Him, every moment of every day!


    - BM
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #13


    Yes, but WHEN Will Jesus be Ready to Return?

    My Mentor says that most of the prophecies of Jesus' return to earth have already been fulfilled!! - less than 10 remain!!! Matthew Ch 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in ALL the world as a witness to ALL the nations, and then the end will come. Did you take note of ALL the world, and ALL the nations? Are we anywhere near achieving those goals? Let me share some GREAT NEWS that could take your Christian life onto a most wonderful new path, just like it has ours:

    God DELIBERATELY put me in the way of reading THE most challenging book I've read in this recent part of my life!! First I was SHOCKED in a bad way that billions STILL have not heard the Good News of Salvation; then shocked in a WONDERFUL way by THE most amazing, Bible-based and solid, immensely practical, fast-growing Outreach Program to REACH those billions that I've struck in the whole of my life!!!

    You can read this book FOR FREE!! Yep, poor ole BM had to PAY for the two he bought *hehe!*, but you can get one delivered to your home at no cost whatsoever! You will read and be introduced to things SO unusual and different from anything you've previously known!! (After you've read it, DO PASS IT ON!!!)

    It will help you get A NEW VISION as to where your life is going, help enable God to be free to send Jesus back for us, learn how to have people YOU helped bring to Christ standing with you in heaven (without ever leaving home!) and new and very special ways you can serve God's Son - Who chose to willingly save us all from eternal damnation!!! Click HERE.

    - BM (with his Lady)

  15. Bondman,
    I ordered mine today. The video clip was just unbelievable!

    Thanks for the heads up on this. Unbelievable. Really makes one think!

  16. I ordered the book. The video brought me to tears. I was called to be a missionary and it touched a place in my heart. Thank you Lord for speaking to me today!
  17. Faithwoman I totally agree about the video. I had intended putting it in the message, but in the end it has to wait.

    awakenurspirit, that's quite awesome to hear!! In the next days and weeks I expect, amongst other Messages, to be sharing WHERE Missionary work should be done, correction, MUST be done; WHO should be doing it, and WHY;and lastly HOW!! Some of the real-life figures I'll put up will shock you out of your senses!!! There is only one viable answer which we'll look closely at. From what I know of you so far, I expect it could change your life! (Can we call you 'Honey', or is that just an expression?)

    Blessings to you both, and enjoy digging into KP's book when it arrives!!

    - BM
  18. [​IMG][​IMG]Discipleship Message #14 (1st in our "Blood of Jesus" Series - Starts HERE!)


    Following Jesus as True Disciples

    This is Message #14 today, and we're now at the business end of Disciple! Here is a 'straight-talk', no punches pulled look at where we are and where we're going!! Take a deep breath, and LET'S GO!!!

    True, living, lasting-into-eternity Christianity requires total commitment. TOTAL!!! That's the standard Jesus set for us, and it's extremely rare to find in our societies - because so many churches and ministers have watered that down to a kind of "if you feel like it" or "If you get around to it". FACT: Jesus COMMANDED US to reach the unreached (those who've never heard the Gospel), and for discipling to be done - clearly requiring a Discipler/Teacher who knows Jesus and His Words and the Disciple who learns from him.

    Jesus taught as one with authority and HE pulled no punches at any time! He expected His disciples to listen up and aim to DO WHAT HE SAID. As your Discipler in this thread I also expect you to listen up and to aim to do what I say. If you DON'T then YOU'RE the loser (not me, not anyone else!!) by freely choosing NOT to be a disciple... So I expect you to get the FREE BOOK from Message #13, and after reading, share it with others!!

    We're NOT messing round here, brothers and sisters of mine, and that's because we have only TWO clear choices here - either to get serious about following Jesus (which is what I'm teaching you) OR not to follow Him at all!!! There is no middle course, NO fence anywhere around to go sit on, so don't bother looking! Either you're IN or you're OUT!! If you're in, then the actual REWARDS are so mammoth that they are difficult to adequately explain (tho I promise to try!!) - and they FAR, FAR outweigh the cost!! But make NO mistake that COST there WILL be!!!

    So take a serious minute right now to truly look at, and consider HOW MUCH it COST the Lord Jesus to redeem and save us!!! Following Him means costs to US as well. If you're not willing to bear them, to please your God (and gain heavenly rewards later), then don't be a Disciple. Your decision, okay...


    - BM (with his Lady)

    EDIT! - In the next while I AM going to fair BLOW YOUR BRAIN!!! Please be with me in earnest prayer for each other as we all make our IMPORTANT decision! Bless you!!!

  19. Bondman,
    As you know, Jesus has been preparing me and using me to reach the unreached. Today was no exception. I got a text message today from my friend Amy that her son was in a very bad car wreck. Please understand Amy is the daughter of the gentleman that I had met in April of 2003 and was with until 2006. We were to get engaged and get married. I did not have my relationship with Christ then. We partied alot out dancing and drinking and such.. anyway God saved me from that relationship.

    Jesus called me to go to the Trauma Unit of the hospital which is 45 min from where I live. This family lived back in my old town about 2 hours away.

    I was very leary of going as I knew this dysfucnctional family was going to be there, but I also knew that Amy is saved and needed a Christian woman there with her. Her son just graduated from high school and was to go in Navy in the fall. When I arrived the rest of the family was there, my ex bf, her father was not. I also knew Garret was not saved.

    The son just got out of surgery. He has a broken spleen, collapsed lung, sliced kidney, broken femur, ear injury, and much more, but he is alive.

    I got to go in for a few moments, He was responsive. I told him it was only because of God that he was there and he put his hands up in the air kind of like why? Since I only had a few minutes, and the aunt was with me, I just said a few things. But later before I left, I got to go back in and pray with him, he was very groggy and about asleep then.

    Jesus and I then went outside where the mom, sister and a few of the friends were at. Right there in front of the hospital, Jesus started to speak the message. I am thrilled to say that the sister accepted Christ tonight! I think the friends thought I was crazy.. but hey they are the crazy ones for not.

    I am thankful Jesus gave me the strength and I was obedient in making the 45 min drive to the trauma unit tonite. I will return in the next few days to speak with the young man again..
    Got a question on that one though.. in this situation, where one is lying with tubes in their throat and cannot speak but is responsive and understands.. what would be the appropriate way to have one accept Christ in that situation.. would you just have them respond by a squeeze of the hand?

    It was an awesome night and I thank Jesus for safe arrival back home late tonight.
    Now check out this picture, I say God was truly watching over this young man! . .He had been drinking and driving. One passenger in the front seat was injured with a fractured skull and fractured vertebraes and the 2 young people in the back, walked a way with a few bumps, scratches.

    Praises to our Lord!
  20. Oh, bless God for His faithfulness in all the things that He does!! WHAT A GOD WE HAVE!!!

    "Thankyou for all that You've done in Faithwoman's life! Wow, what changes, Lord!! By Your Spirit You speak through her to others, and we thank you for those who respond to the message of Salvation!! Whoo-hoo!! I pray for the young man to respond to treatment in hospital - and to YOU! Teach and grow the sister who's come to You. Thankyou!!"

    Yes, hon, I'm sure a squeeze of the hand is enough to say yes to Jesus!!!

    (In a message I'll explain what we mean about "the most unreached".)

    I am SO grateful to the Lord for you, dear one, and it's such a joy to have you as a friend!

    - BM

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