Condemnation and guilt

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  1. Here is a story:
    I feel guilty every single day, because it seems like I cannot hit the mark. Sadly, I have been neglecting Bible readings for a bit and when I read, I just don't seem as focused anymore. And then comes school. At school, even though I do try my best to follow God's commands, it feels like I am out of touch with Christ, and this has started to creep into my life at home as well. I don't like to read the Bible while eating, because I can't focus, so I usually look at some memes or go on ebaumsworld, and end up wasting long amounts of time on my phone, which, in turn, gives me less time to read the Bible later. So, as you can see, I have been neglecting the Bible.
    And I just feel out of touch with God because He does not talk to me like how you guys describe it, and I don't feel His presence. So, I have been feeling really guilt and I have condemning myself because of these things. The thing is, that I don't want to be encouraged all that much because I believe that that promotes the same lifestyle that I have been having. How do you deal with guilt and condemnation? Sin is another big thing.
  2. Juk,

    First thing you need to know is that condemnation and shame are not from God. The enemy is trying to destroy your walk with God because he sees your hunger and progress. Read 2 Corinthians 5:15-19
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  3. I have been where you are now Juk. Where I just ended up wasting a bunch of time because I felt discouraged in my walk with my progress. You end up feeling like you aren't getting anywhere and you want it SO bad. I know what that is like. God has been teaching me how to defeat it.
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  4. Thanks for the encouragement.
  5. You are welcome. Don't give up! And have patience, trust me you need patience. You need to be hungry for God, really hungry but you also need patience.

    Was I right about my description of your situation?
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    It sounds like your mind has grabbed ahold of being sin conscious. To combat this you have to remind yourself that you are forgiven. I struggled with this too. But God finally got through to me His forgiveness and grace. This is something that we have to be settled in. As you repent of the things that you do wrong, or the mistakes you make....God forgives you. Your sins were nailed to the cross 2000 years ago.
    Meditate on forgiveness and grace. God has thrown your sins as far as the east is from the west. And remembers them no more.

    So when you feel condemnation or guilt.....remind yourself of the cross...and where your sins have been nailed. Don't let the devil steal your covering that Jesus paid for with His Blood. Meditate on 1 John 1:9. Because Jesus is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse you. Cleanse means that He takes it away. Like taking a bath to get the dirt off. His Blood makes you clean.

    Fight the good fight of faith...which means that Jesus has already purchased your victory. You just have to accept it. And like mykuhl patient with yourself.

    Something else i want to add that i have learned....this is what happens when we judge others. As we judge, we then begin to do the same to ourselves. Because as we have judged, we end up making the standards or rules for which we look at ourselves higher than before. And those thoughts are what the devil uses to trip us up, and trap us into being what the Bible calls sin conscious. Thus putting us into a prison of guilt, and bondage.
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  8. Juk simply put the phone down when you eat. Make it a family thing if you can OR tune in a ministry show on tv or radio and listen while you eat. You got to get the word in you some way either by reading or listening to it. I found on my old phone a FM Radio app that I overlooked and here it does not take any conncection other then head phones for it is your antenna.

    I found about 4 or 5 Christian stations and the other morning I just could not get into reading and like you grabbed my phone. I decided to play with the radio and kept scanning station after station and would listen to a piece of a song here ot there and boom.......this guys is talking to me. So I get blessed by a sermon and scan, scan and boom this other guy is talking to me. Then scan, scan and boom here is yet another guy talking to me.

    What started out as a day that just was not cutting it turned into a blessing after blessing day.
    So stop feeling bad or unworthy and do something. The plan from the devil ( lower case ;) )
    is to keep you upset feeling unworthy and NOT doing anything about it,
    It's really your choice..........are you willing to be willing to go forward even in the pressure the devil is bringing ? ( persecution for the words sake ) or will you stay in this rut and sulk as the devil is betting on ? Your choice me brother.
    God Bless
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  9. Yes, I believe so.
  10. Someone mentioned about taking a bath.
    Well, whats stopping you?
    Why you want to keep wallowing in your old sins?

    If I did not take a bath and wash, of course I will feel condemned and guilty cos all that dirt still be sticking to me and then I would start to smell and I cant approach Holiness like that.
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  11. Juk, the Holy Spirit will not condemn you for anything except denying Jesus Christ as Lord. It is your own heart that condemns you when you do wrong or if you are not doing what you know you should do. This is good, and not a bad thing or you would just continue not doing what you know you should. If you go astray, the Lord will draw you back to him whether you ask for it or not, as you now belong to him, not to yourself. Make sure you surround yourself with Godly things and not the things of this world which tend to draw you the wrong way.
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  12. You can't hit the mark Juk, none of us can. How do you deal with guilt and condemnation? Faith in Jesus. Faith in the cross. Faith in your Father.
  13. You must meditate on Romans 7-8:1
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  14. May be this will encourage you?

  15. Sorry, I'm on mobile.
  16. Please write the Bible passage again.
  17. Buy why am I not trying?
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    Not trying what?
  19. I am pretty sure he means...."am I not trying to hit the mark?"
  20. Well it is obvious he is, that is why he feels so condemned.

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