CA Gov signs Right to Die bill...

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  1. Phil 4:12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.
  2. Yes, a perfect flesh that did not die until authority was shifted due to sin.
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  3. Not once did he list sickness when discussing his mission in preaching the gospel amid hardships. He knew how to overcome sickness.
  4. Your wording here really concerns me Jim. '''Take advantage''' of the blood Jesus shed ........?

    You feel you getting a bargain deal with this whole Christianity thing?

    No, Jim we are not hell bound just because we have sin. God is not stupid. You have to hate what is good and love what is evil, to receive hell that is the verdict John 3:19.
  5. How do you know that? Did Adam not breathe in air? The evidence points to a limited lifespan. But I am not going to argue you on this. God can do anything.
  6. We are born hellbound because outside of Jesus, we love sin. We have no clue about our state outside of Him until Holy Spirit comes along us to convict us.
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  7. In English vernacular ''any'' means ''any''.
  8. I'm not going to argue this. This has nothing to do with this thread. In fact, it seems most people have gone off topic. I hope the mods strongly consider closing it as it is quickly becoming unedifying.
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  9. Nobody is born hellbound. We choose hell by rejecting Jesus. Now you would only reject Jesus if you love what is evil.

    James 4:8 is clear that we draw close to God and He then draws close to us. He is knocking on the door to everyone's heart. But He does not come in until He is invited. Inviting Him in requires us to invite Him in.
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    You don't understand Paul and his relationship with the Lord. Nor do you understand that sickness was not a part of the things he listed that came against him to hinder him.
  11. We are born sinners. Therefore, we are norn hellbound until we receive the life giving truth of the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  12. How do you know that? Did Paul say 'any and everything bar sickness'. No. You are adding that. Why are you adding that?
  13. With this logic you must believe babies go to you?
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    Paul listed all his hardships but sickness is not one of them. You are adding sickness.
  15. Your statement of us all being terminally ill and then your agreement with us all being hellbound equates to you believing babies can go to hell. Believing babies can go to hell is heresy. So you either need to better explain yourself or change your belief.

    This is not out of context to your OP.
  16. No.

    You've touched on the problem with your views----you are relying on logic over what the Spirit of God is saying.
  17. In English vernacular any = any and everything = everything. Interesting how Paul added ''everything''. It is as though he really wanted his point to be well understood and not for anyone to be confused as to what he was trying to say. Now unless you see sickness as nothing you have no leg to stand on.
  18. You said, we are born in sin and as a result are all hellbound. Are you retracting that now?

    My views? You said it Euphemia. This is a terrible attempt at dodging the question.
  19. I am discussing how Paul did not suffer illness as his thorn. You're off on another tangent.
  20. Why should I retract the truth I've relayed to you? Listen to Holy Spirit as He speaks.
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