CA Gov signs Right to Die bill...

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Apologia, Oct 6, 2015.

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  1. I did not hold anything against you. That is why I made sure to include the rolly laughing face. I was not sure why soI wanted to bring it up is all.
    Have a great day
  2. Kj I will make this short for this is off topic. @Apologia Please forgive me for this off topic reply but this non sense needs some clearing up.

    KJ the way you twist what others say in here is an art form in it self. :ROFLMAO:
    Now from the one who preaches Christian 101 and grevity all the time and yet you do not understand this ? Hmmmmmmmmm ?

    Kj - ask any beleiver in here - who goes to hell and who does not ?
    Answer will be any one who does not take advantage of the fact that Jesus shed His blood for us to make us in right standing with God - well sir they go to hell.

    All People born after the Fall KJ are born into sin..... Non of them will avoid Hell if they do not except Christ as their Lord and get Washed or Clensed by the Blood of Jesus.

    Loving sin is not the reason. Any one can hate evil KJ and this does not keep them from hell.
    Jesus is the way and the Only way to the Father. With out Jesus - even the most saintly person who hates evil and sin and loves what is good is not getting into heaven bro.
    It is the Blood of Jesus - no other Anything - can change ones destination from being born into sin.

    Now Sir for you twisting of "taking advantage of the shed Blood of Jesus" Poke at me.
    Honestly sir ? To take advantange of simply means to use or apply or make happen or except.......

    Kj I have no aught against you at all. I love you for you are my brother. Sometimes the pokes you take need to be corrected is all.
    Have a blessed day and God Bless
  3. KJ Please take this to another area. You are working hard to disrupt this thread and what any one has said. Age of accountability and the mental staus of one must be placed into this. You know this but yet you make waves.....Why ?
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    1. Well you will say that because I disagree with you and those who agree with you. Anyone stating or agreeing with this line by Euphemia ''Everyone, since the Fall of man, is born heading for hell'' just don't know their bible. Now any non believer and many believers will read this line as her implying babies are en route to hell. English 101. Now this is a statement that needs to be clarified as many do actually believe this.

    2. Its not just that Jim. Everyone who repented and hated sin OT went straight to Abrahams bosom. No '''hellbound'' for them. No 'literal' Jesus to reject.
  5. 1. Not really art. I would say more language skills and actually taking the time to read what is written. I had a couple of my friends read this thread and they laughed their head off at the replies. I am not kidding Jim.

    2. There you go again. You don't even try to understand my frustration with you using that line ''take advantage of the cross''. No Jim, no Christians I associate with use that line. The cross is not a free lottery ticket given to those who take it in faith. This is an absolutely shocking statement!

    3. Well I don't believe that. Your post here is once more evidence of your wiser and holier then though attitude. On par with Euphemia's proposals that I am not hearing the Holy Spirit when she can't oppose scripture given or raise a sound argument.
  6. Actually KJ I started this but you picked up on Euphemia saying it a few post down.
    Now then when we talk of Jesus and His shedding of His Blood - you have to use common sense and know we are talking from that point forward.

    You can not bring people before the cross and use them to come against what jesus did on the cross or what God has said in the new testiment.

    Kj explain to me why you disagree with the NT and claim only those who love evil are hell bound ? Many people who do not know Jesus hate evil and do not know do they get a free pass ?
  7. Kj,
    Listen to me please. You really need to watch what you say and to who you say it to.

    Brother I will give you that it is our culture differences on word understandings. This time!
    To take advantage of
    any state, circumstance, opportunity, or means specially favorable to success, interest, or any desired end:
    the advantage of a good education.
    2. benefit; gain; profit:
    It will be to his advantage to learn Chinese before goingto China.
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    1. It's kind of hard when you say ''everyone''.

    2. I don't understand what you are trying to say.

    3. Disagree with the NT...:giggle:.

    - Why do you think God says David was a man after His heart?
    - Why do you think hating evil and clinging to what is good follows 'let love be genuine' Rom 12:9 The love unfeigned: abhorring the evil; cleaving to the good;
    - Why does John 3:19 say the verdict is that people loved the darkness?
    - What do you think causes us to repent?
    - Do you think God is un impressed by people who hate what is evil? If so how do you explain James 4:8
    - Why does God judge hearts and minds Jer 17:10 if it is take advantage of Jesus vs not taking advantage of Jesus?

    I could go on all day.

    Those people you say hate evil will find Jesus as Jesus will find them. We know that God's eyes scour the earth. If they don't find Jesus, they didn't really hate evil. Do you have examples?

    There is no cultural difference on ''taking advantage'' :giggle:. The cross is not a get out of jail free coupon you are lucky enough to pick up at Walmart. It is a gift from God to those that love Him.
  9. Brother you are making me dizzy with this changing what you say all the time.
    Be blessed and have a wonderful day my friend.
    God Bless
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    Wow Jim that is an epic cop out.

    I was laughing at the ''know Chinese before going to China''. ''Ladies and Gentlemen, be sure to pick up the free Jesus ticket at the counter on the left for a free trip to heaven'' :speechless:.
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