CA Gov signs Right to Die bill...

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Apologia, Oct 6, 2015.

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    Now this is an interesting concept; 'right to die'. Here again, in the United States you can do whatever you want as long as you don't hurt someone else. My question is, in the nonbeliever worldview, why limit this to terminally ill people? Why not expand it to anyone, healthy or not, for them to be allowed to 'humanly' kill themselves? It breaks my heart that people (and I'll venture to guess that people who have ended their lives in the 4 other states that permit 'right to die' have been self proclaimed 'Christians') feel as if there is no hope and/or lost or never had faith that Christ has already healed us, it's up to us to accept that healing. This whole idea of 'right to die' is quite frustrating. Whispers from the enemy seem to be becoming more prevalent nowadays.
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  2. I was a volunteer for Hospice. I support this legislation 100%. Thank God for mercy and the right to not only live with dignity, but to die with dignity too.
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  3. If someone is terminally ill and suffering then it should be their choice to end their life.
  4. But it isn't their choice. It is God's.
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  5. We must pray for them. But reality is that if they are still stuck in that bed after we pray for them....them choosing death is God's choice.

    I don't think it is smart bill though purely because of the age we living in. There is technology around the corner that can help all!
  6. That is interesting and I hope it helps many people but none of us will live forever (physically).
  7. I don't know nearly enough to comment on being able to live forever. I just know science today is really fascinating. Our God given brain has the ability to do miracles on its own.
  8. I absolutely, dear sister. It's not up to us when we're to die. We all have our allotted span, and only God knows when our time here should end.

    I know a brother in Christ who's terminally ill. He's very dear to me, and - I'm sure - to everyone who knows him. He's been a help and encouragement to his brethren locally where he is for many years, as well as to many other brethren across the world. Since he was diagnosed with the fatal illness, his light has shone out in an even more distinctive way. We saw the same thing with a young sister who was taken to be with the Lord recently as the result of a terminal illness. It brought it home to me freshly that all these things are under divine control, and are necessary for the working out of His purposes for each one of us. In times of trial and suffering, something distinctive is often brought out in the believer in a testimonial way, and often we don't get much of an impression of the wonderful secret work which is going on in the soul of the individual believer in these times of trial. I don't see how it could be right for anyone to choose to cut that short. God's timing is perfect.
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    It should depend on how much they are suffering.
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  10. Not the truth. It is always God's decision.
  11. Are you serious? Do you realize how man-focused your comment is?
  12. Amen!
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  13. Well if God doesn't want it to happen then he will stop it.
  14. God has given us rulership on earth
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  15. No He won't. He responds to His people who intercede.
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  16. And with that, the right to die under certain circumstances. Surely God doesn't want us to live out our last moments in agonizing pain and misery.
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  17. Stay in the Holy Spirit, in all things, keep Jesus' presence, not my will, I have no agenda, just His, His will be done!
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  18. Your perception is wrong. Praising our minds is not man focused. We must use the mind that God gave us. As Paul says 1 Cor 6:3 Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!
  19. Ditto what Asuk said in post #16.

    It is always God's decision. In His omniscience He knows what to expect from working brains.

    I think you need to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has a loved one suffering in excruciating pain. A guy suffering on a medievil battlefield will see the guy who kills him before the vultures as a God send.
  20. So what do those of you against this have to suggest when someone is dying and is in excruciating pain and misery?
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