CA Gov signs Right to Die bill...

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Apologia, Oct 6, 2015.

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  1. Healing is available, and we can do what we are created to do in Christ to effect healing, and prayer for comfort is what we must be doing.
  2. Healing is not always available. Everybody dies. You can't heal someone from death.
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    The end is God's business. People can receive healing even in end stages. To end a life by a human decision is as if to say, "God, You've had your chance. You've failed to do it my way, so now I am doing it." Do you not see how man-centered and anti-God that is?
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  4. Healing is always available, and yes, we can raise the dead by the power and authority we have in Christ.
  5. How many times have you done this?
  6. I've not had much of an opportunity, but that doesn't mean I do not have the authority of Christ to raise the dead, because I do, and so does every Spirit-filled Christian.
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  7. People die everyday. Try it out.
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  8. If we could 'play God' wouldn't we heal ourselves of what is deemed terminal so we could live life to the fullest? But that's God's domain.
    When he doesn't heal the terminal how is it wrong for the terminal to then pray to God and ask for mercy and have that prayer answered with the legalization of self-termination?
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  9. How many have you raised thus far?
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  10. Yep, they do. But we can hope to die in health.
  11. As I said, I;ve not had much of an opportunity, nor has the Lord told me to do so in the cases I have witnessed of people dying in my presence. However, I have the authority in Christ to do so, when the Spirit says, "Go!"
  12. Sorry about your unbelief. I just pray that no one ever experiences a sudden death in front of you.
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  13. Your understanding of things is quite interesting. It is as though you hold onto magic, signs and wonders as being God focused and human achievement as man focused. You just don't see the bigger picture.

    Signs such as raising the dead, healing the sick and making a jar of honey never run out is ironically 'man focused' (carnality) as it is mustard seed Christianity. God just does not want mustard seed religion with us if He can avoid it. That is why he gave us very capable minds and hands.
  14. What is this if we could play God stuff ?
    Let me ask you this..........What does the written word of God say about this ?
  15. Sir forgive me for saying this - but this make no sense what so ever.
    God Bless Brother
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    You can't say that. You give people false hope and attempt to play God if you think your faith has anything to do with raising the dead.

    God raises the dead because on the other side the individual has a nice conversation with Him.

    Dead person: Hi God how are you doing?
    God: I am fine thanks. It is great to see you.
    Dead person: Wow it is so nice here.
    God: Wait until you see the rest.
    Dead person: Am I officially dead and in heaven now?
    God: Do you want that? You have family that still needs you and people that don't know about me.
    Dead person: You right. Can I go back to my family. I wasn't the best parent.
    God: Sure, no problem. See you next time.
    Dead person: Thanks God, see you later.
    Dead person: God before I go....who is this person standing next to my body chanting and trying to show everyone he has magical powers?
    God option 1: I don't know Matt 7:22-23
    God option 2: One of my children acting like his faith and a relationship with me are separate issues.
  17. Euphemia I agree 100 percent with you that we as believers have the right and authority to raise some one from the dead. Now for the next part I am saying what I have learned and I am not claiming that you are wrong in believing in the way you do here. I just want to be totally clear here....

    When we wait for the Holy Spirit to say move or do this - then in reality we are only covering our fear with religion.........shhhh I said it is what I have come to see and I said I am not saying you are wrong to beleive in the way you do here........

    What I mean is simply put as this.............
    what if it does not work - I will look like a fool here..........what if they dont recover - what will the people think of me then and so on............

    How do I know this............because I have fallen into this before. An older lady......such a wonderful sweet lady was walking her dog. Her only real companion and the dog was as old as she was. This dog was blind from some condition which also had been causing seisures in this dog. She was heart broken and they had told her the dog should already be dead.

    Now it was easy to see this lady loved her dog and would be lost with out it. I really wanted to lay my hands on this dog so bad I had tears but I did not because - what if nothing happened or the dog died before she made it home.........

    Now that is fear any way you say it. This is doubt and needs to be removed.
    It is the same as waiting to be told. Would you wait to be told to lay hands on your grandchild if something happened ? No because they are our flesh and blood and loved big time.

    Agaian this is Not aimed against you.
    God Bless
  18. Brother you are getting close to crossing the line here. We need to show respect to every one in here and this is far from it.
    I also think I saw that on a late night tv movie as a kid.
  19. I am not going to disagree with you Jim. We must talk to each other with love and remain civil. So if we are going to go down this road, lets start then with Euphemia accusing Asuk of unbelief and you liking her post.
  20. Whoa slow down there...........wager between God and satan....... Bro that never happened.
    God is not going to make bets with the devil.............
    You may quote the ol scripture from Job if you will get you a long reply.. ;)
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