Best Ear Piercing Method: Gun Or Needle?

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Gun or needle, best ear piercing method?

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  1. gun

  2. needle

  1. So folks, which is the best ear piercing method, gun or needle?

  2. I've only ever had my ears pierced with a gun, but it seems like everyone who had it done (professionally) with a needle, seems to rave about how much better that is. Mine all closed up after 3 years the first time I took them out for more than 8 hours, so perhaps that's a vote against guns?
  3. Banarenth:

    Yes, well the gun method tears a bit of flesh out of the lobe (yours are lobe holes, right?), whereas the needle does a clean cut. Also, a mall kiosk might have a sincere teen who uses the gun on you, but a tattoo/piercing parlor is likely to have a trained professional who may charge a bit more but it's worth it.

    You should check out a local parlor, without obligation, if you're interested in knowing more about the needle method.

  4. Oops, silly me, I meant to vote 'needle', but pressed the wrong key...:(
  5. Perhaps, but I also spent time manually gauging them, and the lady I went to was pretty good. I really didn't know about the local parlor method until I went to get my third or fourth tattoo. and saw someone doing piercing there. Either way, it's odd that they healed so fast because I gauged them to 10 - 14 AWG (depending on where they were on my ear). I just heal really fast sometimes.

  6. Banarenth:

    You mean, the lady put plugs or tapers in? for the gauges? (Not sure what you meant.)

    Yes, often tattoo parlors do piercings too. Kind of a full range of services, really.

  7. No. I found out about all the "right" stuff way too late. I just spent time gauging up with bigger and bigger rings. I can't even get a small one in anymore without getting re-pierced. I suspect in another year or two, the scars won't even be there anymore. Two have already vanished. I'm like Wolverine, without the claws, so I guess I'm like Deadpool but less killy.
  8. Banarenth:

    The lady kind of forced the rings in, then, did she?

  9. Not really.
  10. Banarenth: These days I'm actually not wearing earrings, but I think it's fine for a guy, anyway.

  11. Ive got both my ears pierced about 15-20 months ago with a gun loaded with the ear-rings itself. It was so quick and painless, all i felt was a little after effect (a bit of a sting thats all).

    Did I mention that I took a panadol before I got them pierced L0L
  12. Hi Jake:

    Gun may work out fine for some folk, I guess.

    So do you still have the original pierced studs in, one each side, permanently? or maybe once your holes healed you changed them for ones with a thinner gauge?

  13. Farouk,

    Yes I've still got the original studs in permanently in both years. The holes have now healed, don't think i wanna go any thicker or thinner. They are just fine hehe :)

    Are you planning on doing yours?

  14. As I recall, they don't have Panadol over there; but I've been in the mission field so long, who knows??
  15. Yes Rusty we do have Panadol over here..!!
  16. My "over there" I should have explained the States, where the vast majority of our members are based....Sorry...
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  17. I have no idea what Panadol is. I'm assuming some type of pain killer or muscle relaxer?
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  19. Ok, so it's just acetaminophen. No biggie. Though, personally, I think it would lessen the "experience". I found that even though it hurts (just the tiniest bit, I mean, they do it to infants), it can actually be a bit addicting. I liked the feeling of having the earrings, and actually I enjoyed getting tattoos more than I enjoyed having them. Ask anyone who has a lot, and they all seem to agree, it's an addicting experience. I'll leave it to you to decide whether that is a good or bad thing.
  20. Yeah....but did ya look up antipodes?

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