Why can't I speak in tongues???

Discussion in 'Holy Spirit Baptism and Living' started by Tiffany Faith, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. Why can't I speak in tongues???

    So I went to a pentecostal church last sunday. I was raised southern baptist but I like to consider myself non-denomination as I take church traditions with a grain of salt and hold only unto the truth of the Bible. Didn't know this church was pentecostal. Thought it was non-denom. WHen we got inside though people were jumping up and down and the preacher was speaking in tongues and he put his hand on this girl and prayed and she passed out. It was different thats for sure. We had a great time however and the preacher had a really good sermon so afterwards I asked him why he spoke in tongues and if everyone could do it. He said yes all believers can speak in tongues and it is a gift which comes with the baptism of the Holy SPirit. After reading in the Bible I have come to agree with him.
    So why can't I do it? I have prayed that God baptize me with the Holy Spirit and I have confessed my sins and I just.. I don't know it doesn't work. Nothing happens. I don't fall on the floor and cry and start speaking in tongues. Why can't I do it?
    Do I need the pastor to lay hands on me? WHat if that doesn't work?
    Am I just supposed to start making noise? I tried that and i just felt foolish. And again didn't feel anything. SOmeone help!
  2. The issue of tongues has been discussed here and usually doesn't lead to similar conclusions. Everyone has a different opinion on the subject of tongues and whether or not it is a spoken human language or otherwise.

    In regards to gifts of the Spirit, I believe (personally) that everyone has a different gift which God gives them. Some might differ on this and that's okay just don't shove it down my throat and I'm fine.

    I'm blunt about it - you can either do it or you can't. I'd look stupid trying to fish if I can't fish, right? Do what you feel is most comfortable for you. When I go to church I am a quiet person, I tend to sit down and don't make a big show about how I feel. Is there something wrong with that? Um...no. If people want to get upset because I don't fall out on the floor and roll around, that's not my problem.

    Also, I'm not sure about the whole 'lay-hands-on-everybody' trend that I see. Personally, that makes me extremely uncomfortable - for reasons which I will not discuss here for the fact that someone might get a feather stuck in their eye and start screaming, so that's about as far as I will go on that one. However, ifsomeone were to ask me, 'do you think it's right', I'd say 'No', because (let's be honest) - it looks kind of foolish, non? If we switched it around and put it in real time out in the street, I wonder what we would say then...?

    Hm. You have my intrigued, my friend.

  3. Tiffany ..... May I suggest to you that there is a whole forum dealing with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Speaking in tongues.

    There are so many threads there and lots of reading and compiling of wonderful information that I think you should direct your questions in those threads and also read the threads as many people have put so much information there .


    The Baptism of the Holy Ghost and speaking in others tongues is for all Christians and I am not going in depth here as it has been well discussed in the other forum .
  4. I don't even know where to start looking for answers. Could someone just explain it to me on here? Thanks a bunch.
  5. Also I know why you speak in tongues, i just can't do it. I'm beginning to think everyone justs fakes it because they feel so pressured to do it. I wish I could. But I don't feel anything.
  6. The last link I sent was a whole thread devoted to just speaking in tongues .
    When we hunger and thirst for the things of God and the fullness of His Holy Spirit , he gives us our heart's desires and I cannot explain to you why you have not recieved but can tell you ... you can and will recieve if you are spiritually ready . The Baptism of the Holy Spirit gives us power to witness .

    All I can tell you is that every one recieves the baptism differently . Read the thread Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

  7. Please do not think that people fake it cause that does not come from God . The Baptism in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in Tongues and many of us here on this forum speak in tongues including myself .Read the book of Acts and also keep praying and asking the Lord and you too can recieve . Any believer can .
  8. I speak in tongues from time to time . but can't really tell you why i do . so wouldn't be able to venture a guess as to why some can and some can't since it's a gift it's based on God's discretion i would suppose .
  9. I want so badly to recieve the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I love God and I want all He has to offer. I don't want to miss out on anything. I want Him to use me and I want to be able to give all of myself to Him. I'll keep praying. Maybe you could pray for me too?
  10. I've seen more incredible things happen under the baptism . tongues is overrated, as Paul taught .. desire prophecy ;)

    but def will pray :)
  11. Hi Tifanny

    First of all, we seek the Lord and worship Him and that creates an atmosphere to receive the Holy Spirit. We don't seek tongues, but we seek Holy Spirit as a person, wanting to be filled completely with Him.Then the overflow of that filling comes out in tongues. I will work on writing something up about Receiving the Holy Spirit later and will try to post it tomorrow night for you :D
  12. Praise God Tiffany . That's awesome and as you seek Him , worship Him , spend time with Him , get into the Word daily and pray , He is faithful and will grant you the desires of your heart.

    We need to ask Jesus to dig deep into our very being to see if there are any hindrances that we don't know about and that He shows us so we can repent .

    Jesus desires that we put Him first , and honour Him in everything we do . Praise is also a very intrical part of worship cause as we enter into praise with Him we also feel a closeness and a oneness as He draws unto us . As you develope this oneness , He will also pour out His Holy Spirit and bless you in such an awesome way that you won't be able to contain . He will fill your cup to overflowing and suddenly those praises become another language ( tongues ) That is the only way I can describe it to you . It is undeniably an experience that is undescribable . But like I said as you hunger and thirst for more of Him , He will come in and floud your soul with His sweet sweet presence and there is nothing on this earth that can ever fill the place of the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

    Blessing my dear and am praying for you . Continue on your path and you will be filled.
  13. And here was me, thinking i was getting over emotional and the dream side of my brain was trying to talk .. tongues really is kind of a dream speak isn't it? so in saying translating tongues is the same as prophecy it's like visions are becoming manifest through speech .. just a thought .
  14. Well, I used to feel the same on the matter, till one night I started praying in tongues, at first I thought it wasn't really tongues but as I started to feel more and more blessed from the prayer I realized that it is tongues.
    I am humble about doing it, I really only do it in my own personal time with God and not very much at all.
    I think everyone can do it, but the devil likes to try and tell you you cant when your doing it.
    Now I have FINALLY been able to discern the devils voice most of the time, for me his voice 'thought' is always negative about things and is slightly lower in pitch as in a more 'evil' type of voice 'thought' - voice = thought.
    I dont hear voices, just my 'thoughts'. lol.
    I cant explain it without saying I hear voices lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  15. I've spoken in tongues since the age of 15 . and the idea wasn't introduced to me either . i wasn't going to a church . didn't have a bible . as far as i knew it was my secret language to God .. one time i was saying it in public and i over heard some people saying .. i didn't know he spoke Chinese .. lol . but i was like okay .. and just went back to talking to God . i guess because it's been a part of my life for so long i joke about it every so often .
  16. Just a tip though, don't speak in tongues (to people) when you're angry, you'll say things far worse than you can imagine .

    someone interpreted once and i was soooooooooooooo embarrassed .

    Just because you don't know what you're saying . it doesn't mean God doesn't ..

    but if you're really distressed and want to "speak your heart" to God .. tongues is the best way to do it .

  17. Praise God , Darknight and yes speaking in tongues is for our edification and our special connection with God . When I am speaking in tongues it is in my prayer life and strictly between me and God and also did you know when we pray in tongues , satan is defeated cause he does not know heavenly language .

    Also sometimes when I don't know what to pray the Spirit takes over .
  18. As Dusty said, this is lovely to hear, Tiffany! Keep on that track and you will receive what you are seeking.

    Just a thought. The NT gives pretty clear steps in all of this: confessing and repenting of ALL of your sin; believing in Jesus; being baptised in water; and receiving the filling of the Spirit (have you been water baptised?)

    I waited for ages before speaking in tongues. One day out of the blue it just happened and I was most astonished. So please don't stress about it. While tongues is the indication of being baptised/filled with the Spirit, you could already be filled (not all speak in tongues and it is not an essential; just usual - whereas being filled with the Holy Spirit is an essential).

    I think it was Dusty again who said seek for Jesus - HE is to be our focus in life! Do that and other things WILL come. Maybe relax a little and be quiet in His presence more.

    Bless you as you seek for Him!!

    - BM
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