Why can't I speak in tongues???

Discussion in 'Holy Spirit Baptism and Living' started by Tiffany Faith, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. We need to empty ourselves and be so full of Jesus that our love for Him is like a consuming fire. It's not about us . It is about Him

    If you can get your hands on some books : Leonard Ravenhill : Baptism of Fire...

    Hebrews 12:29
    for our "God is a consuming fire."
  2. Echoing that .. the whole thing is to focus on Him . don't focus on the bible . don't focus on religion . don't focus on rituals . don't focus on what other people are doing . just focus totally on Him Jesus Christ . live with Him and may your mind be filled with remembrances of Him living through you . and to echo Dusty empty yourself so that you might be filled .

    once this happens then the bible makes sense from your own life, religion is more meaningful because you see Him in it, ancient ways are no longer dead but alive in you as He lives them through you , and it no longer matters what other people are doing . because you have Him . and know that you know that you know .. that nothing else matters but Him .

    it begins on the inside . focus on that . and the streams and waterfalls will flow and flow and flow . it begins on the inside with Him . and the more empty you are . the more full you can get .

  3. Amen Michael ..... Here is a video to watch .

  4. Stir it up on our hearts Lord ....

    Stir it up in our hearts .

    A passion for Your name ....

  5. I haven't read the entire string but I did read the OP and the last three replies. While I'll admit that these last three are not vocally putting pressure on this poster to speak in tongues, there is that silent pressure there by not giving a full range of the available information. I do not speak in tongues but I can fool anyone into believing that I can, short of an interpreter of tongues.

    I have even been offered instruction in the matter of speaking in tongues and I refused for the obvious reason. The God I serve, Yahweh, is the only God and there is nothing that He wills that I can ever refuse to do and if God wants me to glorify Him by speaking in tongues it is impossible for me not to do so. And as a Spirit filled and indwelt Christian I do not need anyone, a human, to help me do what God can't!

    All of that being said there are a couple of very important matters that must enter into such a discussion;
    ..1. The Bible is the Bible that Jesus/God used in His earthly ministry some 2000 years ago.
    ..2. The very best Life Application Commentary ever written on the Bible is known as the New Testament.
    ..3. No single nor any group of scriptures can be brought into light without all of scripture shining it's light upon it or them.
    ..4. This is a big one and I'll refuse to reply to knee-jerk replies here, the Bible, from "In the beginning..." through the very last "Amen" of the Revelation to John is of one context!

    Number 4 deserves comment. God/Jesus inspired the 40 or so penmen to write the Bible and the New Testament and the message from beginning to end is Salvation at and through the hands of God, it never changes and neither does God.

    One more note: Paul spent three years in one on one study under the hand of Jesus. (See Philipians)

    Now, since Jesus is the author (John 1:1-5) of the scriptures, everything has one flow. Then, since Paul did study under our Christ for three years in Asia Minor, His inspired words are every bit as valid as, even, Luke's book of the Acts of the Apostles.

    The matter I present here for your edification is not limited to but is, certainly focused on in First Corinthians 12 and 14. In much the same manor as the Assemblies of God Churches are doing today the people of Corinth were lording it over one another because they had 'the' more important gift of the Spirit. Worthy of note is the structure of Paul's message to these Christians... chapter thirteen, the Love Chapter, falls right in the canter of these to numerical lists of the Gifts of the Spirit. I believe that it is also worthy of note that Paul placed Speaking in tongues so low on the list as well as commenting that the sign of tongues was a sign for the lost man to see, not for the Christian to lust after. (1Cor. 14:22)

    Now, remember that the Love Chapter is in the middle of these two lists and if you are going to jump up and take a Dogmatic position on the matter you must consider, "Does this draw my brother closer to me or does it further divide the Church that Jesus wants unified around the basic truths of His Word?"
  6. Amen! I wish someone had said this to me a few months or so ago :D.
    Yes you need to get to know the bible, but the only way to truly know the bible, not just know what it says is by walking with Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  7. Are you talking about tongues or are you talking about something else? You went down another road and I can't find you.

  8. Paul did say, "forbid not to speak in tongues" so it would stand to reason that some did not end up speaking in tongues and were (continually) filled with the Spirit in the apostolic age (also) .

    I really get a bit suspicious when some people turn the gift of tongues into some kind of elitist game . or some kind of idol to acquire . i certainly hope this is not what is happening here .

    the gift of tongues is a gift from God . it is a holy thing . a beautiful thing . and besides not everyone gets all the gifts . it would be appreciated if you gave the proper respect to those who do not have the gift of tongues but also have the Holy Spirit . and can equally be filled with the Holy Spirit but it manifests differently . because .. God gave them different gifts .

    Merci Beaucoup
  9. I remained on topic so the post was about tongues.
  10. Bill , I was not referring to your post . It is others who are trying to take a very serious topic and making it a mockery .
  11. I agree we should stay on topic which is the Holy Spirit and the language HE gives. :)
    We don't want this thread to be closed for being off topic because Tiffany was serious in her questions, asking for help and desiring more from God.

    We're here for you Tiffany if you have any questions :D
  12. Why do you want to???

    And why do you feel you need to or have to?????

    What is your Biblical verse that says you have to???
  13. So thus far it seems there are a number of answers for the original question .

    1) It's a spirit filled thing

    2) It's a growth thing sometimes it kicks in later

    3) Maybe that's not your gift

    all sound biblical to me .

    in interest of continuing this stimulating conversation .. did anyone have any other insight to add ?

    this is a very awesome topic .
  14. Though i see the sense in what you are expressing . i have learned recently . accusatory questions tend to cut off all further possibility of conversation . but in interest of learning from one another . is there a reason why this topic seems to have disrupted your "Shalom?"
  15. Yes Michael what you say is true . The infilling of the Holy Spirit is not something to brush under the carpet and like GodSpeaks says there is a thread in the Holy Spirit Forum that explains to the OP how to go about asking for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and I challenge anyone who says this gifting is not real and a fake . I would be very careful about saying things like for fear of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost.

    It was said that a certain denomination pushes the issue .... no that is not true . And all believers can receive the Baptism and speak in tongues and I beg to differ with some one who says they can fake it cause they are not fooling any one but themselves .

    THe Holy Spirit is a gentleman and is never ever forceful . When we feel His sweet , presence sweeping over us and flooding our soul it is like a mighty river , cleansing and bubbling within . I cannot deny that experience , nor do I want to because I know my God is real and He ministers to me with His very presence . The power of the Holy Spirit is so strong that I am shaking and reaching my hands towards heaven and although I did not fall , I had to sit down . Now tell me .... Could I fake that . No one can convince me that I could .

    I also find that sometimes in prayer time , I don't know what to pray about and the Holy Spirit takes over and I pray in tongues . What a blessing.

    My God is real and I have and do experience His Mercy and His Grace and I cannot deny the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus told us it is for us as well as all who seek ....they shall find .
  16. Hi Dusty, Boy do I need this.............. This Bi-polar....... some days and sometimes weeks, I'm layed out and useless. Now my knees are weak and painfull... POWERFUL WORD from our Wonderful SAVIOR...
  17. Hey Angela .... it has been a very long time and many things have changed here . Nice to see you . I missed you .
  18. Hi Michael, Scratching my head...my Shalom is not disrupted... I should have post a smiley... Maybe my questions sounded accusatory, but that was not the spirit I intended... : )
    My Father says that not all will speak in tongues as not all will have all the other gifts. Only Jesus our Beloved had all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I speak in tongues when He desires so... But I don't SEEK after it... Personally I prayed to have the gift of healing, since nearly everyone I know is ill in some way...But I flow in other gifts when He desires to move through me...
  19. My life has changed quite a bit too! We are living with my mom in law in Vegas, and 3 months ago moved into a beautiful home... Hubby has been out of work since January and recently had a very successful jaw surgery that relieved him of months of severe pain...
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