What's the latest movie you've seen??

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  1. I saw the Dark Night last night. It was a very good movie but I would not bring younger kids to it. The acting job portraying of the joker was great- did anyone else notice when the subbed in a new actor in that part?

    BTW I give it a 7/10
  2. My friend said it was great. I had a chance to see it with some other friends yesterday, but I needed to go home and sleep. XD
  3. I finally saw 300. I know you all commented about this movie earlier. How it's gory. Well it is gory. Yuck, but I enjoyed it.
  4. I also saw "The 40 Year Old Virgin". He reminds me of a Christian. lol
  5. That is one I have yet to see.
  6. Yeah it's a comedy.
  7. Bank Job 0/10 - I don't know, I fell asleep. My friend rented it and he fell asleep, too. In my own thinking, it glorifies thievery. I just couldn't be swayed to root for the thieves.:(

    Tyler Perry's Meet the Brownes 10/10 - It has the usual Tyler Perry Cliches...but not so much Madia or however you spell her/his name. The story deals with a black woman victimized by men and circumstance. My favorite character was the drunk sister...she reminded me of my aunt before she sobered up and became important.:p Drama! Oh, the drama in this one! It woke me up from Bank Job, anyways.:eek:

    I got a new media player - the Creative Zen. 9 gigabytes. Without it I wouldn't be able to watch any of these movies! I store them in there, watch them on the go and in waiting rooms...it's a wonder!:)
  8. You won't like it. We had company over one night and a few of the guy's were watching it and there were girls in the room, I turned the channel. They were a bit surprised.
  9. It's true though, how the man virgin is like a Christian. He is a celibate, and doesn't mind. Unlike most comedy movies where you see the guy going crazy after another girl.
  10. The X Files 2: I Want To Believe - 0/10 - WHAT A BORE! This was so boring. More boring than Wanted. At least I was actually WATCHING Wanted. All I heard was BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-BLAH. I didn't even know what the whole point of that movie was! Goodness, they should be ashamed for putting such badly-made T-R-A-S-H in the movies.
    And what was it with the whole "I hate God/I love God" thing? So, one minute they're cursing God, next minute they're loving Him? Wha...? Didn't make any sense. Oh yeah, and thanks a lot for throwing in the priests-are-pedophiles bit. That wasn't the least bit funny and I don't know what that had to do with the movie?
    Well, just don't go see this movie. It's a waste of your time, $$$, and memory cells. I might as well have watched the Teletubbies than this...
  11. I can think of no worse thing to compare a movie to so it must be bad.
  12. Yes, it's bad. Some people may enjoy it if your a X-Files maniac, but overall, the movie is slow, boring, and uninteresting. The fact that they seemed to talk through most of the movie really killed it, then I didn't know what the whole story was supposed to be about just destroyed it...even more.

    There wasn't that much action in the movie, and the little that there was did nothing to make it more interesting.
  13. I know this post has been going on for awhile, but I recently saw the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight"

    It was absolutely amazing! I loved every part of it! And the twists during the movie, I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen!

    One of the best movies I've ever seen :)
  14. Glad you liked it, viva!:)

    Thanks for the headsup, Near...I'm not really into X-files. My mom and sister were, but I've been reading most of my life and I love a good story and I'd always figure out the plot before the shows were done so they didn't like me watching X-files with them.:(

    They always seem to have no ending either! It's like the stories are dull...and then whap! The credits start rolling and I'm thinking: What the beans? What's that supposed to mean?

    LOL - there was one show where these people were able to make time slow down. They could move at lightning fast speeds because they were exposed to something in this cave. I was talking aloud with mom...if they really could make time slow down and they could move at normal speed in a slowed-world...other laws would still apply. Their skin would burn from the friction of moving from point A to point B, and...

    She told me to shush.:confused:

    :p I won't be watching X-files then. I'm not a big fan.
  15. Whirly, I have the same problem. I like for shows to be UNpredictable, not PREDICTABLE.

  16. I don't even know the name of the movie last night.:( My friend rented it and it was sooooo boring!:( It was about this mob member who went into the witness protection program. I think Burt Reynolds was in it? I got so tired of it, I got on the treadmill and watched some Simpsons on my mediaplayer.:)

    Just googled it. The movie was called "Forget About It". LOL I really did forget about it! :) It was supposed to be a comedy, but it was gangster humor that I didn't understand. :(
  17. 21 5/10 gummy bears - This movie started out slow...oh, so slow! I almost gave up and shut it off. But then wait!:) It got a little more interesting.:D Then it slowed down a bit.:( And then pow!:confused: It got good and stayed good.:D It's about this kid in college who is asked to become a member of a team that goes to Vegas to gamble. Only they have the better odds, because they know how to "count cards". Supposedly based on a true story. It would have gotten a 10 from me if it started out good, stayed good, and ended good.:(
  18. Wall-E 8/10. We initially went to watch it for our boys. I think I ended up liking it more than they did. It was awesome!!!!
  19. da_man - took Baby to see it. I'm sure he didn't understand the whole environmental thing...but that's the key to this movie!!!:D

    The robots speak in one-word sentences and use gestures and such. So baby didn't have to understand the words, he just had to know that there was something going on. He loved it! I did too.

    The people on the cruise "ship" reminded me of the people in Walmart. There was an old man with a walker in there the other day that had to struggle it out because there were no more of those mechanical doo-hickey cart-scooters left. While walking around the store, I saw some very overweight people riding these around (one of them was my neighbor and her kid, who is also overweight). I thought...that's too bad.:(

    Then it reminded me of Wall-E.:p
  20. I know these movies are old but I just saw them again. I haven't seen these in ages!:)

    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory [1971 version] 10/10 - I love this movie. It's great. I prefer it better than the newest one, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love the umphalumpha (did I spell that right...? :O) song, the original one! It brings back such good memories...:D I love the singing, too. Seemed like these people had some mighty pretty voices! Much prettier than the ones I hear today.

    Sleeping Beauty - 10/10 - Oh, this movie is so beautifully-made and romantic. Disney has done such a lovely job creating such wonderful masterpieces. It has to be my favorite, favorite, favorite Disney movie EVER. I loved it. The artists who drew this had such a good hand. Rose/Aurora's singing voice was absolutely breathtaking! She sounded like some kind of opera queen or something! I wish they made more of these...

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