What's the latest movie you've seen??

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  1. My wife thought it was a love story! I liked it too.:)
  2. the latest movie i seen was wall-e with my bf the movie was really cute and lol that might what will happen to the earth in many many years
  3. Stop Loss - 4/10 gummybears: Way too much testosterone in this melodramatic over-charged political statement. Channing Tatum is one of my favorite actors, he's cool!:cool: But when a movie gets too political it just loses me.:confused: Also, the movie seems to glorify (and even encourage) drinking alcohol to the point of losing consciousness.:(
  4. Hellboy II 7/10

    A fun movie but I liked the first one better.
  5. Ok, so I am behind the times. I finally got around to watching "I am Legend".
    I give it a 8/10.
    At first, I was reluctant to watch it because it reportedly had vampires in it, but that is not accurate. (I am so tired of vampires) and I really dont want to watch any more movies about demons.
    But the reason I like this movie (besides the fact that there are no sex scenes, very little cursing, and very little blood and gore) was that in the end, Neville remembers God. He remembers that God IS in control, has not abandoned them, and is providing a means of saving the people. Thru the blood. And then he sacrifices himself so that the woman and boy can get away with the serum.
    (I think this movie sneaked up to my daughter with a message of sacrifice and salvation. I dont think she has caught up to it yet.)
    The part where Neville had lost his dog, and he was in the music store, pleading with the mannequin to "say hello" really got to me. That was well done. And the other mannequin being in the wrong place freaked me out! (hey, I've seen the original movie this was remade from and I knew there was supposed to be someone uninfected like he was, but it still freaked me out!)

    I dont give it a full 10 because of the language, and it was a little slow in some places.
  6. Agreed 7/10:)
  7. I think HellBoy II was funnier than the first, but something was wrong with the story. Before the end I was like "If nobody can die, why don't we all just be friends!" lol.
  8. It was a love story, action movie.
  9. And the girl's wearing a cross, dating the devil, and chooses her love for him and temporarily enjoying his company over her own life. HellBoy is a lot of guys... :eek:
  10. I want to see that monkey movie so bad! Space Chimps. I know it's a kid's show...but me and my ex-wife went to see Casper when it came out in theaters: Yes, two adults for Casper. And then me and my buddy Preston went to see Princess Diaries (of all movies), I told the ticket lady: Yes, two full-grown men for Princess Diaries 2.:eek:

    I just think monkeys are cute. I'd get one if the laws on the reservation didn't prohibit.:(
  11. Man of the house - with Tommy Lee Jones....

    10/10 even my picky 13 year old son liked it!
  12. Best movie I'd ever saw was "Crash." It really made me think and could have been a life saver. But, then I liked "Sixth Sense" equally and also "I See Dead People."
  13. SweetSurrender - your mention of "Crash" brought back memories of a very serious topic. Drunk Driving or Impared Driving (alcohol or illegal drugs).

    When I was 15 years old and anticipating my driver's learning permit, our Driver's Education Class in school included the mandatory viewing of a documentary film produced by the Ohio Department of Public Safety around 1960 called "Signal 30". The title is the police code for a fatal traffic accident.

    The documentary showed, in graphic terms, the human tragedy of the innocent victims dying in an alcohol related traffic crash. That documentary imaging has stayed with me all of my life. I have never had a drop of alcohol in my life and that documentary was the reason that I became a law enforcement officer for 21 years (1970-1991) - to try to keep drunks and impared drivers off the road.

    'Signal 30' was not my 'favorite' movie - but one of the most important that I have ever viewed.
  14. That made me LOL! :D! I'm sure that was an interesting sight..:D;)
  15. Homeward Bound: I & II - "The Incredible Journey" [movie I]; "Lost in San Francisco" [movie II] - 10/10 for each!
    It's been quite a while since I've seen H.B.
    Lost in San Francisco came on a few weeks back on TV, so I decided to watch it. Ah, it brings back good ol' memories, like the anime Sailor Moon does, too. It made me realize how much I missed movies like this. No cussing, sex, violence, or bad plots. It's enjoyable for little kids to the big adults.

    The animal trio of dogs+cat is one I rarely see anymore. The older Disney movies such as these are the best ones. I am not to big on the ones they have now, though Disney has been pretty clean cut and wholesome.

    The first movie was more tense and tear-jerking than the second. The second is a little more on the laugh-side, and has a more comedic style than its counterpart. But it still retains that good feeling.

    I would love to see more movies like this. They're very touching. While any movie, regardless of it's rating, can touch you, I miss these...:D
  16. Dad came to visit this weekend, so we had to go and have some fun!

    The Dark Knight 7/10 - It was very soap-opery. We went in at 2:30 and didn't get out until 5:30. Whew! My posterior fell asleep! I actually drifted off once or twice...but Dad loved it!!! Usually he's the one falling asleep in movies, hee hee. This movies actually seemed like two movies in one. First, the Joker. Then Two-Face. It could have been split in two and I would have been happy.:eek:

    Space Chimps 9/10 - FUN! I thought this was going to be a Saturday Morning Clone. My friend wanted to go and see it, so I went along. I thought, oh noooo...one and a half hour of cutesiness! But I really got into it!:) My favorite part is where the song started playing and it was "Monkeyrena" instead of Macarena.:p And the chimps used a bananaberry instead of a blackberry.;)

    Ironman 10/10 - What more can I say?

    Superhero Movie - 8/10 - Goofiness at its best. Leslie Nielson comes back for this one, he's one of my favorite from the old Airplane! days. Nothing serious about this movie...it's good for those times when you don't want to have to think. Heh.

    Shutter 4/10 - the actor's dad was my dentist in Vancovuer, that's the only reason I wanted to see this movie. It's okay. Kind of a mesh between The Grudge, Dark Water, The Eye, and all of those other ones.

    Lie With Me 0/10 - Very inappropriate movie! Christians need to avoid this movie. Dad rented it and we shut it off after some very graphic scenes. :(
  17. I liked the movie. Heath Ledger's performance is 5 stars all the way. He completely stole the show. It was at least over 2 hours, and yeah, you get kind of tired after about the last hour. :eek: Overall, it was interesting, maybe a little bit to much to think about and for your brain to process, but still good. I think this is a movie that needs to be digested through your personal television or computer, not in a theater. You can kind of get lost if you don't.:D
  18. I know what you mean, yeah. Was this Batman made by the same people who brought us such classics as...Batman Begins? It's the same Batman, same Alfred, Morgan Freeman, etc.

    ...my questions: Who was the Joker? How did he get like that? He told several stories of how it happened. Where were his wonderful toys? He only used bombs and guns - where were all of his neat gadgets? But yeah, Heath gave a great performance. Disturbing and mad.:( He was a talented actor.

    I think that's why it broke so many records, ya know?:confused:

  19. Lets see a secret service agent guarding a house full of cheerleaders- yep I think a teen agae boty might like that - LOL!
    All kidding aside my family liked it too!:)
  20. [SIZE=-1]Heath Ledger ledger was the actor playing the joker. He died of an accidental drug overdose while filming. He is certainly one of the big draws on that film. I can't wait to see it myself!:)[/SIZE]

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