What's the latest movie you've seen??

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  1. What's the latest movie you've seen??

    So? What IS the latest movie you have seen?
    Why not post your comments here and give it a score out of 10?

    We just saw 'Fred Claus' (a little out of season, granted!). It was not bad. A little too much dialogue for my 5 year old to follow, but some funny moments all the same. 6/10

    Fred Claus (2007)
  2. National Treasure Book of Secrets

    Want to see Cloverfield with my son.

    Anxiously awaiting Prince Caspian
  3. Last night I watched Mr. Bean's Holiday.

    You know, it's very rare that you find a movie that can be hilarious and clean at the same time. God bless him, Mr. Bean had me cracking up and he did it without taking his clothes off, making rude or lewd comments or suggestions, without cheating on his wife (in the movie) and without making money seem like it was a god.

    There's no cussing - Mr. Bean doesn't speak in this movie, just grunts and whines and such. If there is cursing, it's in French or whatever language they're speaking in.

    Of course, he did steal. He stole a bike to try to get his bus ticket back. He also tried to steal the world's slowest scooter! Had me cracking up.

    Mr. Bean wins a trip to the beach. But he quickly turns that free adventure into chaos and one dumb-dumb after the next. By his fault, a father and son are separated at a train station - and so Mr. Bean takes it on himself to look after the boy and to try to find his father. Meanwhile, the father assumes that Mr. Bean has kidnapped his son!:eek:

    At the end of this movie, I told my friend: "That movie was so ridiculousy childish and downright stupid, stupid, stupid! So stupid, in fact, that I had a lot of fun watching it! It was entertaining!":D

    There was a scene where I was just rolling! Mr. Bean is in a fancy restaurant eating oysters and these crab-like things. He's pretending to enjoy them, but he's actually dumping them into his napkin. I laughed so hard because I was doing the exact thing when I went to visit my Grandma on the coast! Those oysters looked disgusting to me (raised in a desert-tribe tradition), and so I was pulling the gunk out and stuffing it all back into the biggest shell. I dumped it later on and thanked my hosts for a wonderful meal and then I went to eat a burger somewhere else.:eek:

    I give Mr. Bean 8 out of 10 gummy bears. Truly fun! It's always fun to see someone else make the mistakes, hee hee hee.

    'sides, I just love to laugh.

    Thank you very much, please pull forward...
  4. As i mentioned in another thread the last movie i watched was

    Alien Vs Predator 2

    And it was very cool :D so il give it 8/10
  5. Bella ...7

    August Rush... 7

    I am Legend ...10

    National Treasure Book of Secrets 6
  6. Since my wife and I don't get time to watch movies much the last one is Wild Hogs. I give it an 8
  7. Oh yeah saw that 'i am legend' recently, wasnt bad at all..

  8. I am legend 5/10
    Beowolf 6/10
    The 300 7/10
  9. Is 300 gorry?
  10. Yes, very. With a number of sexualized scenes and some nudity as well.
  11. True I edit our dvd playback to cut a couple of scenes. As far as violence it is a war movie and I am a guy so no problem.
  12. oh i didnt know one could do that:D thanks
  13. The Fountain - 7/10 - interesting tale about the Tree of Life and immortality.

    3:10 to Yuma - 8/10 Violent but I love westerns
  14. Took our son to see Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium (I wanted to see it really [​IMG]) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0457419/
    It was a lovely, lovely film. I highly recommend it from a feel good point of view - you'll feel a warm and fuzzy inside after watching.
    There are quite a few sad bits and I wished I'd taken some tissues!
    We weren't quite sure about Dustin Hoffman's teeth (they kinda added to his quirkyness I guess) and Natalie Portman's hair was just too short (I am now just being picky!!) - but the movie as a whole get's 8.5/10 from us.
    Our son is now in love with the sock monkey!!
  15. I watched Air Force One last night, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before that. I haven't gone to see a movie since the Nightmare Before Christmas came out in 3D.
  16. This weekend...

    Inspector Gadget
  17. The last movie that I saw was Hart's War. It was a really good movie. I would recommend it.
  18. Alvin and the Chipmunks

    9/10 for kids
    6/10 for adults

    lots of kid humor (which i loved) but misses a common plot
    still funny and good though if you ever watched the cartoons
  19. Snow Buddies...

    5/10 - only 5 for being so sickeningly cute and leaving that sweeeeeet aftertaste in my mouth. Icky sweet.:(
  20. You would probably like August Rush

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