What exactly is wrong with being a church hopper?

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  1. Why has it taken several years to find a place to plug in?
    To say that all the churches you have checked out in several years were not good enough seems a bit strange.

    Why go through all this when simply committing this to prayer and be Willing to go anywhere God sends you and Obedient to stay there no matter what would solve the entire situation......

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    For most of the churches here it is a physical matter. Modern American churches (regardless of size) are apparently obsessed with volume. There are some decent assemblies in the area that I simply can't physically tolerate going to. The volume is at damaging levels and the youth areas are even louder. Please bear in mind that I have worked in steel shops, mechanized vehicles, garages, and explosives. When I say loud I mean decibel levels that would give OSHA conniptions.
    I won't knowingly expose my kids to something that I know will cause them damage. Damage aside, that kind of assault precludes thinking and interaction.
    For some of the churches it is a doctrine issue, but that makes up a relatively small number.

    Before I respond to this part, could you please rephrase it?
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    Double post...
  4. Not sure why you need this rephrased.
    Let's try this.
    People spend to much time trying to find their ideal church and they do this by their own standards wants and likes.

    Truth be told.....God already has a Church that He desires you to be a part of. This is where you will find Grace and everything else you need.

    The problem is people won't look for a church like this because it may be farther then you want to drive or too big or to little or to loud and so forth. So they keep looking for their ideal church.

    Far to many times people leave a church and blame the teaching and in all truth God was trying to wake them up or bring them up to a higher standard.

    Face it people have a million reasons to leave a church.....
    God desires a Willing Heart to go where He wants you. Obedience to stay where He wants you even if you think other wise.

    All this church trying out could be avoided by spending time seeking The Father and simply saying, well ok that's our church no matter what.

  5. Brother, some simple punctuation would have helped
    I've had all that thrown in my face many times while what I had to say was ignored. Hearing it yet again doesn't make it any more applicable.

    As you have responded so far...
    It seems that the only option in your mind is that the fault is in us, without acknowledgment of possible systemic issues.
    ...or an assumption of lack of prayer and obedience simply because we don't fit the mold.

    Jim, I will gladly talk with you (or others) more on this, but it needs to be a private discussion.

    If you want to discuss the issues in the churches, starting another thread would probably be the way to go.
  6. Greetings Eric,
    I apologize if what I said came across to you in any other way then what I meant.

    I learned this after wasting far to many years looking for thee church by my standards.
    Once I let that go and let God have His way I was then under the teaching He wanted.

    That's it in a nut shell.
    Have a great day
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  7. It happens. That's the biggest problem of "talking" in this way/format.

    Unfortunately, God hasn't given us that place. We still have fellowship with other believers just not with a specific assembly.

    The more I have looked and surrendered the more God has shown me that needs to be changed in the churches. The American church is not pleasing to God.

    However that is getting outside the probable intent of this thread.

    Suffice for the moment to say that the problem is not always in the individual.
  8. You mentioned it earlier...there may be a problem with many churches. I'll take it a step past that...there is a problem with all churches. I have heard a saying by pastors that goes "You know, being a pastor would be great if the church wasn't made up of people." :)
    I know a man in our congregation that cannot physically tolerate high volume...especially a loud drum beat or bass. Nothing against the player or the music...he just can't handle it. Ours is a small, rural congregation (on a good Sunday was have 40 in Sunday School) so it's not an issue there...but we've gone to conferences and meetings at other locations and he has to get up and walk out. He's not being rude, he just can't handle it. I tease him and tell him that some Sunday morning I'm going to show up in a long wig and electric guitar and rock-out on him....ending the song by smashing the guitar. He just rolls his eyes. :rolleyes: Have you considered the smaller, rural, country...more traditional type churches? Heck, the only who wears a suit is our pastor...and we've told him repeatedly he doesn't have to. We're very rural, but we have folks drive in from town.
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  9. I think its just finding what Church is best for you.
    Pastors may differ in the way they teach - perhaps you like a formal service or a more energetic service which can be fun.
    Personally I like an energetic service that makes you smile, laugh and have a great time! (I'm not saying formal services do not deliver the same thing, its just personal preference).
    If you need to keep seeking for a Church that is suited to you, please do...there's nothing worse than going to a Church that you do not enjoy. :)
  10. That's all well and good however let me run these by you.
    1. What if you choose a church that is fun but miss God by Not being where He wants you?
    2. What if you leave a church every time things don't go your way or the pastor speaks on things that you don't like and Miss God by not staying where He wants you?

    Things like Grace, Provision, Growth, Blessings and divine appointments and meetings are waiting for you at the church that God wants you in.

    So is fun times and pastors that only speak on what you like worth taking a chance of missing God?

    No Sir, the best choice of action is finding out where God wants you and going there until He says leave.

    Oh and the word You is in general and not any one in particular.
    FCJ.......X Church Hopper
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  11. That's very true Jim, I have not thought of it like that before.
    In the end, we must listen to what the Lord is telling us - prayer is the best pathway. (y)
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  12. Dear Sir Brother HolyGround
    May I challenge you to turn that around.
    In the beginning, from the start, before one does anything, seek and listen to the Lord.

    Thus assuring in the end you have been found Obedient and done away with so much wasted time and energy.

    Why is it that man has adopted things such as . ...
    Well if all things fail go back and read the instructions?

    Seems this gets carried over unto the things or ways of the Father.

    If all else fails.......Go find some one to pray for you or question God why ?

    Would it not be wiser and much more enjoyable if you seek God First......then do what He says and leave the results unto Him?

    Again kind sir the use of the word You is in general and not aimed at any one person.

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  13. I believe HolyGround means well, but "fun," "having a great time," and "personal preference" should not be the sole criteria (and I don't think that's what he meant.) Those things are very subjective, and while they could be associated with that which is honoring to the Lord, they might NOT be also. Even though he didn't say so, I believe HolyGround meant it in a God-honoring way.
    Personal preference? I would love it if our song leader would branch out and lead us in something other than the same old favorites from the hymnal...BUT the old favorites we sing are very worshipful and honoring of the Lord. The song service is not there for me nor is it about me. I like Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman, but if I can't heartily sing "How Great Thou Art" then there's something wrong with me... not the church. Personal preference can be taken overboard...I truly struggle with senior adults who object to singing "How Great is Our God" by Tomlin. But...there are also younger people who moan and whine if they sing something written before 1900. We all need to remember that even with the oldest song we sing there was a day when it was the new song. If one style moves me but another doesn't, then I'm focusing on myself rather than the heart of the song to honor the Lord. I've seen personal preference cause unrest where it shouldn't...music, order of service, color of carpet, the placement of attendance boards, where the pastor sits during a service, etc. Why does this happen? Perhaps at the root is a shallow treatment of Scripture from the pulpit and in the Bible classes and a shallow view from the congregation. If it is clearly, pointedly preached and taught from Scripture that which is true, holy, righteous, God-honoring...those things which God Himself values and commands us to value...and if we let our preferences be shaped by that...then those other, lesser things wouldn't bother us so much. Maybe even this boils down two what Jesus said are the two greatest commandments....love the Lord you God with all your heart, soul and strength...and love your neighbor as yourself.
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    The Holy Spirit is reminding me that all of this stuff is 2 things. #1, the spirit if division, meant to devide and destroy the church and the worship experience, and the power or presence that the unified corporate worship brings.

    And #2 its people being offended which also does the same as above. It destroys the connection to the spirit, and ones faith wont work, because faith works by love. And once someone is offended they are in unforgiveness, which is the opposite of love which Jesus commands us as the body of Christ to walk in, and essentially sin.

    Both are the work and tricks of the enemy.
    James 3:16
    For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

    Good reminders about selfishness. I agree with you that self has no place in worship, for it is all about The Father....or at least should be :)

    God bless you and your family!
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  15. I know my Lil brother HolyGround did so!
    He is a wonderful God loving young man.
    I enjoy His fellowship and any chance I get to put a little learned wisdom in his step I do so in a playful way.
    Shoot I even bought a Pepsi the other day.
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  16. Exactly!!
    Far to many believers feel they need to tell every one their faults and point out everything they feel was done wrongly against them.

    That is just so oposed to the written word of God. When you learn to walk in Love and forgiveness you won't even have these things as offenses against you nor will you feel you need to tell others about them.

    In fact if you dig deep into judgment you will find that pointing out others wrongs is actually judging them even if they are wrong and this will get you judged and opens the door to the devil. So who do you think is behind making you feel offended?

    Well I don't want to derail the thread so Blessings
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  17. Hi autumn,
    I haven't read everyone's post. Hopefully I'm not repeating anything. I just wanted to add my two cents. I don't see anything wrong with it. Specially, now a days when some church's can have so many different beliefs that perhaps you might not agree with. I think you should also be in prayer. so that God leads you to the right one. Somewhere that will help you grow and learn more of the word of God and have fellowship with others that are like minded.
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  18. That is precisely what I meant. :)
    A Pepsi...my dear brother - you're converting. :LOL:
  19. Rofl! Good one :cool::whistle:
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  20. Converting? Wouldn't go that far but honoring a dear brother, yep I would go that far. Didn't help that's all they had. :whistle:
    Hmm I know I'm teasing but to which part I will leave that up to you.;)
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