What exactly is wrong with being a church hopper?

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  1. I agree and yet many that are lead to a church by the Father, run out if things don't go there way..... excuses such as God can't expect me to stay here or God will understand.......truth is.....if He called you there......then stay put.
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  2. I find this sad.......if you compare the excuses above to how God Commands us to live and walk according to His word.....Well those excuses are All Opposed to His Written Word.

    What does that say to you?
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  3. Exactly... I call them excuses too lol but sometimes we need to push our brothers and sisters (and I mean "push" as in "encourage" them) when faced with trials like these.

    In the end, it's their choice.

    But yes, It is very sad, and that's what's happening here.
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  4. I think the biggest thing that helps me is to remember that old saying..."you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink" .... Which is like you said, in the end its their choice, and we have to trust God to be their developer and leader. Trusting that He will get them to where He wants them to be.

    Blessings to ya
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  5. Thank you for your encouraging words. I will definitely keep praying.
    God Bless
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  6. May I say to you that finding the right church to worship in can be seen in the example of the two disciples who met with Jesus on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24:32........
    "And they said one to another, did not our heart burn within us while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to the Scriptures".

    When you are in a church meeting and the preacher speaks in way that all the pieces of Scripture fit together and come alive to you, then you will know that you are in the place that God wants you to be.
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  7. What I see as way more troubling than 'church hopping' are Christians who put up with ineffective, spirit-less, dysfunctional ministry because they think that's the right thing to do. This is by far the bigger problem in the church today.

    Church hopping is good because pastors and those in leadership have to understand that the genuine people of God deciding to submit to their leadership is the confirmation of their calling and their effectiveness in that calling. And, church hopping makes it so those people in attendance who are insincere, or uninterested in the truth are free to leave and will not end up being a cancer within the congregation.

    If pastors and those in leadership truly feed the flock, God's people will come. And those who aren't interested in what's being served are free to seek what pleases them elsewhere....and, for the sake of the body, they should.
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  9. Another thing wrong with being a church hopper is it can hurt.
    Not all churches are the same height.
    And those asphalt shingles leave a terrible burn.
    And the landing is a little rough sometimes.
    And then the people come out of the church and start yelling at you.
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  10. church hopper.jpg
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  11. IMO there is something wrong with the church when people are asking what else is out there.

    IMO its a good idea to hear and study with others, if your church is in a falling away state you would never know it and fall right down with the church.
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  12. Welcome to cfs! Its good to have you apart of our family. When you get the opportunity please review your welcome pack and the topics that cannot be discussed. We want your time here to be very enjoyable and profitable for all.
    If you have any questions please feel free to contact any moderator and we will be more than happy to help in any way possible.

    Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance
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  13. That's why a solid prayer life and Relationship with The Father is key !
    The Holy Spirit will guide you and warn you if things are not being spoken correctly according to His Written word.

    People end up un-nourished spiritually when they themselves decide which church to be a part of. The pick and choose from within their own passions or personal likes.

    All the while ignoring the fact that The Father has already a church chosen He wants to plant you in.
    Then there are those who follow God's leading and end up in the right church up until it gets a little uncomfortable for them and woosh there they go.

    No friend.....we are to be planted in a church of His choice and stay planted Until He Himself up roots you and moves you.

    Lol listen to the reasoning behind most that insist God is telling them to leave. It's always about them and outwardly things.
    Blessings and Welcome to cfs
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  14. thank you for the welcome CT Shalom!
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  15. i can only speak from my own experience, when i was younger i lived in different places because of my work, when i got to a new town, i picked a church, went, if i liked it i went back, if not i went to another.
    i also visited other churches when i was a regular member of another. i wanted to hear new teachings and meet new people.
    i dont agree with those that change churches because theyy hear bible teachings they dont want to hear, love of money, cheating on wife, homosexuality.
    i do agree with people leaving churches (i had this very problem) when there was to much focus and animosity to other faiths, the Catholics, Jews, and Muslims are so terrible and are gonna pay. i never liked that.
  16. There is the automatic presumption that the problem is with the church (the established congregation) rather than the individual doing the asking. There can be many factors...the pastor...the preaching...the music...issues with other members. If the church wasn't made up of human beings then there'd be no problems...right? I have found that in most cases issues arise over:
    1. The preacher not being truly gifted to preach, teach or lead. (This is NOT saying he doesn't love the Lord or the word of God...but simply he isn't gifted in the capacity that he occupies.)
    2. Individuals being allowed to teach that are not gifted to teach and have poor (or non-existent) study habits.
    3. Deacons who are not gifted to truly serve in the role as deacons, but are put into the position because they're popular, well known, or liked...and end being the supervising body over the pastor....who ends up doing his duties as well as the deacons duties
    4. Church leaders who are more interested in getting what they like and want rather than what is God-honoring and for the edification of all.
    5. Failure of repentance, and the seeking and extending of forgiveness, within the congregation.
    6. Gossip.
    7. Making mountains out of mole hills...color of carpet...piano/organ or a keyboard...someone didn't wear a tie, etc.
  17. I can agree that I have had mixed feelings about some churches I attended.

    Most folks leave when the messages step on their toes or does not follow their own ideas and desires and if the message goes on for weeks.

    The problem that arises more times then none is that God is wanting one to learn something or change something for their best interest but folks just don't want to.

    Again, I have learned it is much better for me all around to simply go where He sends me.
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  18. Attacking people is one thing...but addressing doctrine is another. The addressing of false doctrine can be approached in a civilized manner. We are to speak the truth in love...but love IS what speaks the truth...not what avoids it. Hostility to those in other faiths is silly and prideful, but if someone is placing their hope in Mother Mary, keeping of Rabbinic laws, or hoping in Allah...we are obligated in love to share Christ and the Scriptures. We have no control if they will hear or heed...but love will not leave them comfortable where they are.
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  19. It's not always and for the most part not anything to do with qualifications of the padtor. If the pastor is honest then it is God who directs what he speaks.

    Then all the complaints against the pastor stem from human reasoning.
    Face it folks enjoy emotion stirring but complain if truth steps on their toes.

    Again just simply go where God tells you and walk like a Christian.
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  20. Something else we have been learning is that because we are spirit beings...each member of the congregation has the ability to pull on the pastor and what he is teaching or preaching, depending upon what they desire. If a pastor is not strong in distinguishing what the Holy Spirit is leading him to preach, he can get swayed into things that are not profitable for everyone.
    And that what is being preached is greatly affected by the hearer. If the members of the congregation are not desiring to hear (have ears to hear as Jesus would say) what the Holy Spirit wants said...the pastor will not be given a message that will edify the Body.

    So we fully agree that there is a huge responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the congregation and has nothing to do with the pastor being in error.
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