What Do I Do With My Tarot Cards?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Polly, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. I have a Tarot card pack, and I don't really need the Tarot cards, because I have some psychic abilities because I am an indigo child, and the Tarot cards are anyway evil, right?

    Should I sell my Tarot cards to someone who is not Christian, or what do I do with the Tarot cards?

    Tarot cards are fortune-telling, and fortune-telling is a sin, am I correct? But I do practice some esotericism, or mysticism, and there is such thing as Christian mysticism or Esoteric Christianity, and I was born as an indigo child.

    But do you think that being an indigo child is some curse or demonic possession, or is it a gift to be an indigo child even if I don't practice witchcraft?
  2. Hi Polly - Tarot or Mysticism is Paganism and although has the best intention of helping you out cant get you any closer to Truth or the feeling of ultimate Peace. Only the invisible God can do that, and by knowing him through Jesus you will find you dont need any fortune telling to be truly happy. You are special. Give the cards away and focus on the Lord.
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  3. So, can I sell the Tarot cards to someone who is not Christian then? And use Christian mysticism because sometimes my prayers won't come true even if I don't sin. Sometimes feels like God ignores me. What am I doing wrong then that my prayers don't usually come true? And by the way, google Christian mysticism or Esoteric Christianity if you don't believe me that there is such thing.
  4. Historically there are mystics in Christianity yes... but as a new believer all that stuff just gets in the way of truly knowing God in my opinion. Simply reading the Word and living it out and becoming as much like Jesus as possible is the goal for all of us. Sure, its hard to accept that that is achievable. We all sin. We are human but our goals are more than just this world. You pray to God as you have faith in Him. He has faith in you too. Keep praying and worshiping and sharing love with everyone you meet. You can do what you like with the cards, sell or give away in my opinion, they shouldnt get in your way of knowing the Truth and being the best you can be.
  5. Tarot cards are a tool of occultists, and should not be used by any Christian.
    Who do you think manipulates the cards during a reading? God? Not hardly.
    Burn them. Selling them is just passing the poison onto someone else.

    All forms of divination are forbidden. Whether it is ouija boards, tarot cards, or going to "mediums".
    If God wants you to know something, He'll tell you.

    God answers prayers in one of four ways: yes, no, not yet, and grow up.
    You need to acually listen for the answer.
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  6. In my experiences, none of those things work at all and are outrageously easy to prove to be worthless. I've had friends try and use Ouija boards and such around me, and it took me about all of 10 minutes to conclusively demonstrate their uselessness.
  7. this is very good advice ..
    the only thing I can add to it, is sometimes God does not answer prayer because it is not His will .. what I do when I pray and ask for something (rarely for self) is I add IF IT IS YOUR WILL .. the reason I don't ask for things for myself, is God gives me what I need to begin with ..
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  8. If you're concerned with the conflict of Tarot Card practices and Christianity, I'd get rid of them. Perhaps burning them. Even if you see them as fun, your soul is worth more than that.

    I wouldn't even sell them as it would be passing along something that promotes evil to someone else, which is far from charitable.
  9. actually .. tarot cards, Ouija boards etc .. do work .. and is a favorite means of demons to enter a person and most likely why Polly has had problems .. I know because it happened to me as well ..
  10. it must be my comp glitching ..
  11. Okay. Or what if I can throw them to the recycle bin? I am not allowed to burn things...
  12. If you can't burn them, perhaps rip them up and throw them in the recycling. I suggested burning so that they can't be used again (even though Tarot Cards are still in production). The important part is that you discard them.
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  13. Meh....I don't buy it. Like I said, it's waaaaaaaay too easy to debunk such junk. If they really worked, why hasn't anyone shown so under objective circumstances?
  14. Fire cleanses the wickedness...
  15. well, I ripped them and I threw them to my garbage. Is that okay?
  16. I think you did the right thing :)
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  17. believe what you want .. but you can't debunk it ..
  18. Polly you must go read what Jesus told the young rich ruler in Matt 19. Everything that convicts you, burn and remove!

    I have a friend that when he got saved came and burnt all my comic books :LOL:. My brothers tried to stop him and said he is mad, I let him do as he pleased. I knew he was acting on a conviction. We either go 100% for the Lord or zero Rev 3:15.
  19. Because a demon is not dumb. He is not a clown. God also puts restrictions on this.

    Sure a lot of it is tripe. But there are too many testimonies to ignore River. Not just that, but scripture teaches us about demons....and their power. Consider Moses's encounter with the sorcerers of Egypt. What do you think of that?
  20. Not only can I, but I have, several times. It's so easy to do that my friends were quickly convinced that they're bogus.

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