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  1. IMHO the "literal" approach to understanding the Scriptures is the most effective way.

    The Bible will tell you when there is a poem, or prayer, or a metaphor. I believe that every one knows that when the Bible says that God is our "ROCK" it does not mean literally that he is some kind of hard round stone. We understand the logic and the use of a word to symbolize the meaning the writer had in mind.

    So then in Rev. 12:4 and anyone is welcome to disagree with me by the way, it seems to me that the "tail" symbolizes the delusive power of Isaiah 9:15.....................
    "The ancient and honerable he is the head, and the prophet that teacheth lies, he is the "TAIL".

    That tells us that Satan used his power to accomplish the moral ruin of those in high positions. But he is not successful with all, only a third.
  2. I've seen all sorts of commentaries on this regarding what the woman, child, dragon, stars, etc. represent. Given the wildly symbolic nature of it all, and the times in which it was written, IMO the overall point has to do with the persecution of the early Christian church and Satan's role in that.

    But most definitely I don't see the point of it being enumeration of demons.
  3. Are not the 'they' you refer to the ones who moved by the Spirit of God penned His Word?

  4. Jesus IS the Word of God. That is what God's Word calls Him. He became flesh (God in a man's body). What part of that don't you understand? It's quite simple; just because you don't understand the whys and hows of what God has said and done doesn't make them untrue - it just means you don't understand. The problem isn't with the Bible, it's with you. God is not the problem, your understanding is.
    When you were born, you didn't know anything about your parents. Not a single thing. You didn't know the first thing about how you were created or how you came from the womb. You didn't know a thing about who your parents were or why they were doing whatever they did to take care of you. Yet, it all still worked just fine, yet you understood nothing. Then as you grew, they would tell you things as your understanding grew, but still ask of you and tell you things that you didn't understand - you would obey and get good results. Or else disobey and get bad results, not because they were unloving, but because you chose your own way.
    This is a perfect picture of growing up in God. ASK God to give you the understanding of the things you understand not - ask and expect to receive. If you don't have the understanding, it's because you didn't ask God, and so you didn't receive. Be teachable and correctable and God can teach you all things by His Holy Spirit, just as Jesus said. Be quick to obey Him and watch Him teach you.

    With regard to all your stuff up there:
    Exodus 21:7-11 says nothing about slavery. Notice the word betrothed, that is for marriage. And it says she can be redeemed if he does not want her, which means her parents may pay to have her back again so that this evil husband does not send her away to some evil nation. See also how God set up marriage and the terms used in the old English of master being the husband. People who have been abused by those in authority see that word and want to rebel because the person that was supposed to be good to them (as Christ loves the Church Eph 5) wasn't following Christ and was evil to them. But when the husband actually does what GOD says, he fulfills his office as husband and that marriage covenant works, and his wife has no trouble at all following her husband who is actually following Christ. These people back then...just because someone does something doesn't mean God told them to do it or that He endorsed it. There are a lot of hardhearted jerks that are Christians (or claim to be), but that doesn't mean God endorses their behavior.

    Exodus 21:17 Yes, if a child carried out that act, then you must do what God said. You clearly don't know what a curse is. It is not a swear word like today's English language. To curse is to swear before God that you are declaring someone's destruction in various horrible ways. It is the opposite of blessing. Look up Genesis 1:28 and see what Blessing is, also look at Deut 28:1-14 for more description of what that entails. Then look at Deut 28:15-68 to see manifestation of cursing. Understanding that means there is a significant amount of evil involved here.
    Also realize that the Israelites, instead of walking with God under His grace (unmerited favor) like Abraham did, served God expecting to earn the Blessing of Abraham (the Blessing of the Lord). They put themselves under the Law, and it was what you had to do to EARN the Blessing, to be good enough to merit it upon your life. Part of that would be having your life absent of rebellion and to have your child curse you would be the worst thing that could happen, and to prevent others from doing it too, it had to be wiped out, just as you see other certain sins that had to be wiped out from among the people, lest they all do it and the nation falls apart.

    Deut 22:28-9 I don't see anything about the damsel (young girl) being forced to do anything. God says to "lay hold on eternal life" in the New Covenant. Does that mean we forced eternal life onto us? Of course not. This is to prevent sleeping around, so that you see that the reality of sex is that it may only be enjoyed within the covenant of marriage. In this Hebrew culture they knew that you were not actually married UNTIL you had sex. (That's why we know Adam and Eve had sex in the Garden of Eden because it says they were married in the Garden of Eden)...

    Romans 8:13 - you cannot be serious about taking this to mean castration. "The flesh" is a mindset first of all, and secondly it says "By the Spirit" - so the Holy Spirit would supernaturally castrate you...? Come on brother. This is ridiculous. The deeds of the flesh - if that had to do with only sexual things, then it would say "deed' singular, not plural, for there is only 1 thing the flesh could do in that instance. It is pluralized. Putting to death the flesh is the same as Gal 2:20 where Paul says he has crucified his flesh with Jesus and that he lives, yet he himself no longer lives, but Christ in him... It's about not giving place to what your flesh would like to do, but rather being led by the Spirit of God to do what God would have you do, which is what is best for you, and everyone else.

    1 Peter 2 - not when they violate God's Word or forcing you to do it. Because the rest says that they are "for YOUR GOOD". The Nazis would be the definition of "NOT for your good." I hope this clears that up.

    1 Timothy 2:12 - WHO is Paul's audience here? Timothy, the pastor, serving a particular church in a particular land. In the cultures that they were serving, women weren't allowed to teach men in the synagogues, so to suddenly put women up as teachers would create some firestorms and problems and probably get those women killed in those days. Wisdom. He didn't women could not teach at all - also note that suffer here has to do with propelling.

    James 4:9 - read the other verses above - this verse is speaking to those he just called sinners in relation to what they have done. Read those verses in the Amplified or even the New Living and see the fullness of those words in the Greek.

    James 5 - it says the prayer of FAITH. A lot of people call a lot of things faith, but many times, it wasn't. God is not to blame, He has said what works. If you don't understand, ask like you're looking for buried treasure, and you'll get the answer. I see God heal people all the time. He heals and His Word ALWAYS works.
    You are like the man in Jeremiah 17:5-6. Still calling yourself a Christian perhaps, but you have departed from the Lord in your heart if you despise His Word. That's why you don't see what He promises, because you don't believe Him. His Word is just as much a manifestation of Him as His Holy Spirit. It is completely HOLY.

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