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  1. I thought I would give an update as to what's going on in regards to my daughter.

    Her mom still will not press charges. So I am pretty much just putting that out of my mind as I do not need to continue to stress over it. I cannot control what she does with our children, so putting these things out of my mind is best for me.

    She has said yes to her coming down for a little bit over the summer. The two stipulations are that my wife and I pay for her to come down and go back completely and that my daughter is home by August 13th. She will not put any money out to help us.

    We have sat down and crunched the numbers and I just do not see how I am going to be able to do this. If we do nothing but driving it's well over $1200 to make two round trips including a rental car (my wife will not drive our car in case something happens), and a hotel room. If I combine flying and driving it's over $1000. If I do the flying with her (I would have to fly with her as the cheapest airline in order to fly alone you have to be 15 and she is 14) it comes out to $768.50 total.

    We just do not have that kind of money lying around. So I was ecstatic that my ex-girlfriend said yes and that my daughter was going to come here and spend some time only to come to the conclusion that we just cannot afford it. So now I am extremely depressed!
  2. That's sounds incredibly tough; I cannot imagine the emotional pain you must be in.
    I will keep you and your family in my prayers in hope that a more appealing solution is just over the horizon.
    Thank you for the update too.
  3. God bless you brother! It is a hard place to be in that is for sure. It Sounds like God has closed that door to you.
  4. I cannot understand why God would not want me to see my daughter?
  5. Neither can I my brother. I wish I had the answers that would help you but alas I do not.

    How old is your daughter?
  6. Have you humbly as Him to help? You seem to want to blame Him for what happened to her and for the situation you're in now, blaming Him for not helping out. Humility comes before the honor of the Lord, riches and life.

    Proverbs 15:33 (KJV)
    The fear of the LORD [is] the instruction of wisdom; and before honour [is] humility.​
    Proverbs 18:12 (KJV)
    Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour [is] humility.​
    Proverbs 22:4 (KJV)
    By humility [and] the fear of the LORD [are] riches, and honour, and life.​

    If you want God to move in your life, you need request humbly and in reverent fear.

    Also search out any and all sin in your heart, like pride, anger, resentment, bitterness, frustration - all normal in your situation - but all part of the flesh and not of faith.

    Psalms 66:18 (KJV)
    If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear [me]:​

    It's time to believe the word of God, claim His promised in Jesus, 2 Cor 1:20, with humility and repentance of sin. Even David had to ask the Lord to help him search out the iniquity within his heart:

    Psalms 139:23-24 (KJV)
    Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if [there be any] wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.​

    Pray in earnest and call upon the Lord to deliver you from these issues:

    Joel 2:32 (KJV)
    And it shall come to pass, [that] whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.​
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  7. 14 he said...

  8. I guess I never mentioned that I have already asked for forgiveness of how I acted when I found out about what happened to my daughter.

    I am not angry, I am not being prideful, I am not bitter, or resentful or even frustrated about the situation. I am just asking why not since I have a very limited time window in which to have her down here.

    I have also asked Him to help me bring her down here as humbly as I can.
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  9. Try crowdfunding. It's how a lot of folks get things funded these days.
  10. My wanting to see my daughter doesn't quite rank up there with people who want to adopt a child from Africa who use crowdfunding.

    I guess if it doesn't happen, it wasn't meant to be. Will just have to wait a year and try again next summer.
  11. Why would you say closed that door ? Because the brother cant not YET see how this can be done ? You limit God!!
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  12. Brother Pray, Seek, Ask, knock....Do these things ring a bell ? Do not count God out of this unless He says Hey let it go...Faith Brother
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  13. Brother this is why you must honestly seek God like never before. Her mother does NOT set the rules. What I mean is God may have a different plan then hers and you need to find out for it might just bring you more time and easier too. Dont give up or take what others say as the final word.
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  14. FAITH......TRUST IN GOD........if it does not happen how and when you feel then it is not Gods will? That is a very sad way to live. It will leave you without the things you could have.
    Seek God Brother Seek God
  15. I do not think it's a sad way to live. It is a less stressful way for me to live. If it doesn't happen, then it was never meant to be and I am okay with that.
  16. Also, if it doesn't happen this summer then I have a year to save up for next summer where it wouldn't be a question as to whether or not I can get her.

    It will allow me to save up so that we're not just sitting in the house the whole time she is here because I spent what little money I had to get her here. I can take her to one or two of the amusement parks, or to the beach a few times and even Key West.

    So I am not seeing my not being able to get her as something to be questioned anymore and rather see it as a blessing because of all that I can do next summer when I have the year to save up for it.
  17. Well, I will pray for a favourable outcome according to the will of our almighty Father in heaven.
    I know of His tremendous love for us and therefore He has our good in His hand.
    May the Lord our God and Father in heaven through what Christ Jesus has won for us already bless you richly in knowledge and wisdom regarding this situation.
    His will be done. Amen.
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  18. I'm gonna pray for you.
  19. I just have to say this: God often would work out something when you do not expect it. This happens to me all the time. Don't lose your faith, keep praying, and things will be just fine. And remember: don't ask God for what you want, ask that His will is done, not yours. You most likely don't know what that will is. But God does. Now for me to pray...
  20. Father, thank You that the door is not shut, because we know that You have the ability and the money to provide the way, even if we cannot see it. What the devil has meant for harm and sadness, we trust that you can work this all out for good. We trust that You desire for naomanos to spend time with his daughter and thank You for making a way where there seems to be no way. Thank You for intervening in this situation and giving naomanos and his family the faith to see this happen. Thank You Father for making Yourself very real in this situation and their lives. In Jesus Name, Amen

    God has opened the door.....because the mom said yes....now is the time to believe that God loves you so much and is going to give you the desire of your heart that He placed there. Trust in the Lord, and lean not on your own understanding.....in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path Prov. 3:5-6. Don't allow the devil to steal this or your family from you. That is what this money stuff is designed to do. This is the time to use your faith in God's ability to make this happen. For it is something that you cannot do in your own strength.
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