The True Eden Place Is In East Africa Around Lake Tanganyika.

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  1. I think he could change his color at the snap of a finger if he wanted to.
  2. WHITE? I hope your talkin PURE Snow white as in HOLY
  3. Well, white isn't really an ethnicity. We would need to know if his mom was Irish, or Canadian or something like that. Nonetheless, nobody recognizes his white side, only what color he LOOKS.
  4. Yes, like a dove.
  5. Doves are come in all colours.

  6. Sadly, as is often the case around here, you have no idea what you are talking about.

    There are only 4 races of human on the planet.
    Negroid. From sub Saharan Africa and the islands associated with it.
    Mongoloid. Commonly know as Orientals, i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malay, etc. also includes Native Americans and Innuit.
    Australoid. From Australia.
    Caucasoid. Everybody else.
  7. His "father" (if you mean Joseph) had no part in siring Him, so Joseph's ethnicity has no bearing on the issue.
    If by "father" you mean God, then the race question becomes a bit absurd.
  8. You are going by terms that are used only by older people that still hold onto racism or by a small group of forensic physical anthropologists.

    Next you'll be spouting about other poor terms like Ectomorphic, Mesomorphic and Endomorphic.

    None of which is dealing with people of Semetic orgins which are Akkadians (Assyrians/Syriacs and Babylonians), Ammonites, Amorites, Arameans, Chaldeans, Canaanites (including Hebrews/Israelites/Jews and Phoenicians/Carthaginians), Eblaites, Dilmunites, Edomites, Ethiopian Semites, Hyksos, Arabs, Nabateans, Maltese, Mandaeans, Mhallami, Moabites, Shebans and Ugarites.

    None of which would be considered "white". Which that word is itself a misnomer because the amount of melanin in the skin can vary among all sorts of Homo Sapien Sapiens due to evolutionary adaptations dependent on proximity to the equatorial areas of the planet.

    There is only one race, unless you are a racist. Ethnicity is not race.
  9. The point is that you cannot say The Jesus was snow white like the traditional model of what Westerners call a dove.
  10. All of that drivel has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Your claim was that Jesus was not Caucasian, which is false.
    What sub-group of Semite He might or might not have belonged to was never part of the discussion.

    Please keep any pointless/mindless race baiting to yourself. This is not the place for it.
  11. And again he would not be Caucasian as he was not from the Caucasus.

    The old terms you cling to became outdated in 1978 by decision of UNESCO.

    We've moved on now. One race, Human. No other. Can't divide them and then use the US vs THEM mentality.

    Not even God sees no distinction. All men, all sinners, all needing salvation. NOT a respecter of man.
  12. That makes me want to laugh. You obviously have no idea what the term means or where it came from.
    Celts aren't from the Caucasus either, yet they are very Caucasian.

    in that vein
    Well, he can't be black because he's not from Niger.
    He can't be Mongoloid because he's not from Mongolia.
    He can't be Australoid because he's not from Australia.

    Last I heard UNESCO was not a scientific body. They are a bunch of political hacks working fo the UN.

    Non sequitur. Again, that was not part of the discussion. The human race has 4 major sub-races. That is fact, not opinion.

    Non sequitur. That's a red herring, has nothing to do with the discussion at hand.
  13. Of course I mean his Father God. Joseph didn't help in creating baby Jesus. That's why this whole thread is absurd. No one can say Jesus is white, black, purple, or anything without first telling me what color God is.
  14. "what color God is"

    Any color He pleases, at any time He pleases.
    The question is absurd.
  15. Even if Jesus was born in the middle of Africa with all Africans that are darker than night, we still wouldn't know what color he was. Maybe all of Mary's genes were recessive. Maybe she had all dominant genes, but of course Gods would still be more dominant. Is white a recessive gene? Is black a recessive gene? What if God had a gene for red skin that was/is more dominant than any gene we've known. There's too many unknowns for this to be a serious debate. I mean nobody here is actually taking this conversation seriously, right?
  16. Exactly. Any color He pleases. So it's pointless to argue the skin color of Christ.

    Even if we could say for sure, which we can't, what color his mom was, we still don't know what color God was.
  17. Jesus was a full-blooded Jew. His skin color would reflect his human lineage. I think it's pointless to argue anything else about it.
  18. You can only say that if you know that God is full blooded Jew. Other ways you have to say he is half. If someone asked what race he was, it might make even more sense to say he is only half human, half God.
  19. Jesus was Jew. Enough said.
  20. What does that have to do with his skin color?

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