The True Eden Place Is In East Africa Around Lake Tanganyika.

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  1. He would have all the features of a Jew, a middle eastern man, descended from Abraham who was from the area now known as Iran.
  2. He would have the genes from his mom, sure. It still does not mean that he can't be pure white. It would really depend on what genes God gave him.
  3. God bothered to create a people from which the Messiah would spring. He cared about Yeshua's bloodline. He didn't play games like that.
  4. Don't you think if the pictures were wrong God would of not allowed them? If He don't play games like that..
  5. God lets man do all the crazy things they want.
  6. The guy that played Jesus in the passion of the Christ was struck by lighting, twice. I think with some things, God doesn't really let man go crazy, especially when it has to do with His son.
  7. God gave Jesus pure genes.
    Also nobody recorded an ancient painting of who HE was. I believe it is what we think HE looks like
  8. Has Polly returned and hacked Where's account?
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  9. Exactly! I too believe God gave Jesus pure genes. Throughout history, I think they have talked about what pure genes are. It's been awhile since I've been in college so I can't remember exactly what that is. And you are also correct that nobody recorded an ancient painting, but I think discovery channel or history channel did a show about what he would look like.
  10. LOL. I don't think you meant that as a compliment sir..
  11. Let's call it a poke.
  12. Hmm. In the chest or the tummy?
  13. No thanks, I'm ticklish.
  14. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. As a Celt, I am offended by this greatly.

    We were from the Steppes of Russia to the Atlantic Ocean. We were all the way down to Iberia, aka Spain.

    We were the grandfathers of Europe.

    But never once did we settle in the Middle East.

    Not since 1978. Worldwide acceptance of the Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice has canned that.

    It is not the 1950's anymore. These are archaic terms used by a small percentage of the scientific community and to keep holding them as a standard is akin to still believing that Phrenology still is valid.

    There are no sub races. Human is all there is. No separation. Because if you stand by that assertion you are holding to racist ideals.
  16. Yes, and your point is?

    Pure nonsense. UN declarations have no bearing on reality, just a bunch of humanist crap to control and pacify the mindless masses.

    Again nonsense. I like the token Phrenology comment, as if that has ANYTHING to do with the subject at hand. Lovely litle red herring. Nothing archaic about the terms. They are only used by REAL scientists, not sociologists.

    It has nothing to do with racism. Just acceptance of the obvious facts that there are genetic differences in humankind based on isolation and ancestry. Study up on physical anthropology, you might just learn something.

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