The True Eden Place Is In East Africa Around Lake Tanganyika.

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  1. That's a really detailed opening on CfS well done. I hope you enjoy your time here....
  2. There is your dream man! :) Bingo!
  3. he was a Asian, with black hair and tanned skin tone otherwise he would look like the Romans(European),just my observation.
  4. Well if Jesus had parents that were from Europe he would be.

    But they weren't.

    So well that tears that.
  5. I haven't seen any pictures to support that.
  6. He's white.
  7. Looking at is lineage how do you get any Caucasian in him?
  8. Don't look at the lineage. Just look at the pictures. Besides, why would the lineage even matter?

  9. Really folks. Jesus was a Semite, and thus Caucasian. Though a bit browner in skin than what most would consider Caucasian and with either black or dark brown hair and brown eyes. Think Palestinian.
  10. So he's Italian?

    Venetian by the look of the nose to chin ratio. Rather odd as his Mom was of the line of David descendant of people that now inhabit what was Jordan. Would make it hard for him to be from Veneti.

    So I'll call eurocentric rubbish. And that is standard for most portraits of Jesus.
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    I suppose we couldn't know for sure, unless we knew what color his father was/is.
  12. Well, Obama's mom is white, but nobody calls him white. He is only black. So we really can only base it on Jesus's father.
  13. Semites are NOT Caucasian.

    They did not come from the Caucasus.

    Sorry, won't be entertaining any white supremacy nonsense.
  14. Who said this was about supremacy?
  15. He's black because of skin pigment. And skin pigment is not ethnicity.
  16. Are you talking about Jesus or Obama?
  17. Because when you label people that were derived from non-caucasian areas caucasians it goes along the lines of I want him to be white like me.

    That way I don't have to admit that "my Jesus" is a non-white. It is part and parcel to the great white race fallacy.
  18. Obama.
  19. Well, I say Jesus was white based on ethnicity. If you want to base it off skin pigment, then I guess I would have to say he is black. All the carpentry work in the sun would of made him very black. But, of course he was still white on the inside.
  20. Really? Why would it matter what color HE is. Just KNOW that HE is GOD. That IS all we need to know

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