The Raptures (Harpazo) of the Scriptures

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  1. I think some believed and were saved. I think some knew and rejected for whatever reason. We have the benefit of hindsight and yet ......
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  2. They could not know something so profound a spiritual matter in the flesh so they never really knew and indeed didn't want some man to usurp them. They were too full of pride to believe, it's what sends anyone to hell. They believed they knew more than He. Their denial of Him being the Christ was based on their pride and spiritual ignorance. They were not saved, so how could they know?
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  3. My thinking is that when Herod asked his priests where the Christ was to be born, means that he knew that there was a promise of the coming of a Messiah. The question asked proves that even he knew what was coming.

    It is like Nebuchadnezzar saying........"There are 4 men in the fire and ONE looks like the Son of God".
    His comment about the Son proved he had knowledge of the Son and we are judged by what we know.

    Then when he asked his priests where he was born, there was no hesitation at all. Their answer was immediate which tells me that they already knew and did not have to look it up in the Scriptures. They are judged by their knowledge and they knew the Scriptures.
  4. That is true. My thought is that instead of some were saved it was a "few" who were saved.
  5. It's clear the Pharisees knew what was happening when Christ rode in on an ass to Jerusalem because they saw it as blasphemy that the disciples led the Psalm chant. It is why they questioned Christ about it. Christ says because they did not know the day of His visitation, they would now be blinded. Paul answers the question of how long the blindness - until the time of the gentile (church) is fulfilled. Those that knew scripture rejected what they knew out of pride.
  6. It is estimated that 1/3 of the Jews were converted at the time. Many of those probably died during the time before the diaspora and destruction of the temple. Obviously, most of the initial converts were Jewish.
  7. I have no idea Silk, but that percentage seems high to me. Jesus sent out to the priests to confirm His healing of them 10, but only ONE came back.

    There was only 4 people at the cross. (Fear?? Maybe).
  8. I don't know if that number is correct, but Josephus mentions that no Christians died by the Romans when Jerusalem fell.
  9. I was going by a number of sources I have read or watched (video) on the conversion numbers. I think Ice was one and another Missler? I think they were counting the 3,000 at Pentecost and another 5,000 - I forgot where. The Pharisees survived which is how the Jewish religion and Christianity grew so far apart. The converted Jews were those most likely to fight against Rome.
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  10. Christians and Jews weren't differentiated before the destruction of the temple. I also read Eisenman who also thinks there is a case to be made that James, brother of Jesus, was the teacher of righteousness at Qumram.
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  11. Josephus was one who indicated that James death was the cause of the war that caused the diaspora and destruction.
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  12. As an aside, I think Codists have found like? 40 names under that passage? It was in one of the many videos I recently watched by Missler (probably the learn the bible in 24 hours...on session 19 now). He says Judas's name (3 letters) should have occurred in the passage but did not and is conspicuous by it's absence.
  13. I think it's in here:

  14. isn't in there - maybe the session before. Sorry.
  15. Here's a question for all believers in the September 2015 date:

    Many Bible scholars say that the new Temple must be built before the Great Tribulation begins. But there is no Temple yet, so how can the Rapture take place in September?

    I wonder, however, if the word Temple has a particular meaning. Jesus said to the Jews "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up" (John 2:19). Following His death and resurrection, Christ became the true temple of God, ‘the place where His glory dwells’; by the grace of God, Christians also become temples of the Holy Spirit, living stones out of which the Church is built.

    And I wonder if this could also be relevant:

    In a historic ruling, a Jerusalem magistrate court has allowed for the first time ever Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.

    Until this ruling, police have prevented Jews from praying at the holiest site in the Jewish religion, bowing to the desires of the Islamic Waqf, which controls the Temple Mount complex. Jews, and often Christians, who visited the Temple Mount are forced to endure continual harassment at the hands of Muslims.

  16. The new (pre-fab) temple is already prepared to be erected at a moment's notice. It is most definitely built before the Lord's second coming, but I don't think that the scriptures say it will be erected before the Tribulation sets in.
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  17. I address this in my book on page 156 ( While it could be the actually temple, it could be the tabernacle. It won't be built by Jesus so the rapture could still happen, the Antichrist will make his covenant and as part off it allow them to build their temple. The book of Daniel spells it all out nicely.
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