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  1. I'm game for anything as long as I eat it first!! heheheeeeeeeeeeeee :)
  2. I haven't eaten any snake dish but would like to know from others. I can't even eat a duck cos they're too gamey. How much more a reptile??
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  3. Rattlers are very tasty n it aint like chicken.
    Way cleaner cuz they eat natural stuff, not hormone fed corn and what not.
    Here is a hint to good chicken.............get range fed birds. the yellower the skin the better the flavor. If the bird is white in color it was fed ...........well u know what. The yellower the skin the more natural it is. OOOOOO yeah!!!!
    Rattlers are naturally white in color n taste really good!! O yaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rumely, all snakes taste different, trust me ...been there dun that, still doin it hehehehehe
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  4. reptiles are not gamey at all Gemma cuz they r not game :)
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  5. :). So how does a reptile that eats rodents, spiders and whatnot taste like??!??
  6. In the name of science, I think I'm going to have to do some research by eating one of these critters. I'm thinkin' crispy fried with a little salt and a touch of pepper, or maybe some of the breading I use for fish. Now....where to acquire a cooperative snake. Actually, I would prefer to buy some already dressed, if that's possible.

    You know, it would have saved mankind a lot of trouble if Eve would have eaten the snake instead of the fruit.
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  7. heheheheeh yes
    rattle snakes r very abundant in all of USA
  8. And with a rattler..you get to save the shaker too!!
  9. http://exoticmeatmarket.com/rattlemeat.html
  10. Hey Rumely, if you were a rattler..don't you think you'd be worth that much??
  11. I have cooked Diamond Backs in any number of ways and there is a secret to Fried. If you choose to marinate cut your subject into about two inch pieces and do not eat any snake under five foot in length, there is not enough meat to make it worth while. Marinate the snake for 8 to 12 hours in the fridge near the vegetable crisper. It s best to smoke him for 3 hours at 225 to 250. short of a smoker filled with pure Oak roast him in the oven. Place the meat in the fridge again over night. The next day season your flour mix and bring your grease up to temperature. I drip one drop of water from my finger about 18 inches above the grease and it should pop immediately without trying to boil over. After double dipping your meat in the egg and milk mixture and the flour mixture fry only until golden brown, any longer and youĺl dry it out.

    Fail to smoke or to roast and youĺl be picking that tough rascal with a 12 inch Tennessee Tooth-pick for a day or two. Do it my way and folks will kill for more of it until you tell them what they have eaten. But they will sneak back and ask you for the recipe. And no, there is no gamey taste so no need to soak in milk over-night.
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  12. Well i catch em fairly easy. Im not as fast as I used to be so I use a longer stik hehehe
    Wooo Hooo I'm gonna try that Bill!

    "Hint Rumely" if u gonna jump in the middle of em and try to catch em feed them all a rat first!! Y? heheheheheeh cuz thay catn't bite with their full. "Sik em!" I tried it heheheheheeh
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  13. OOOOOOOOO goooooood stuff here guys. The Great Chili has spoken heheheeh......enjoy

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