Texan chili cook off

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  1. A good laff is always good for the soul!!! had to be careful on my spelling heheheeeee
  2. Before this stupid disease got me I used to cook to chilis. My favorite was Commode Bowl Chili and the one that struck terror into the hearts of the brave was Two Pepper Chili. I made the Commode Bowl Chili once using Diamond Back Rattle Snake for the meat and everyone loved in in spite of the burn until I informed them what the meat was.

    If I could get to the Mesa in South Texas and get me another 5 to 6 foot Diamond Back again I believe I could find me a stool high enough to reach the stove and do it again. If you can get enough Cayenne Pepper into anything it becomes real taste.
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  3. OOOO BILL!!! you make my mouth water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love rattle snake, it tastes like rattle snake...........better than chicken. i grew up in so california. Hold on bro...is this big enough for ya?

    This was a very good griller. I know this will go good with commode bowl chili. if ya can remember the recipe y not post it eh? I will make it. I got connections to rattle snakes from so cal.ooooooPWEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ Billy ol pal ol chum my best friend, my brother from another mother in Christ? Pweeeeez :)

    Chili hungry now mmmmmmmmmm
  4. Chili you can have all the rattle snake! I don't mind passing it up at all :rolleyes:

    Just throw a steak on the grill for me
  5. I keep reading this!! It is still funny to me AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Poor frank aint never ate MY chili heheheeh oooooo yaaaa
  6. Swearing or not, I am gutting myself at this. Hilarious!!

    About the swearing, I have a relative who uses the F word in just about every sentence. e.g., It's f...... hot in here, I'm f...... tired etc, etc. I personally don't find him offensive. To him it is a word used for emphasis. It is part of his culture. I judge his speech by the motive behind it.

    On the other hand if he uses the words God or Jesus in a flippant or derogrative way, then I usually ask him to stop as he is talking about a friend of mine. (or something similar)
  7. Our culture has come to the point where cuss words are viewed as any other adjectives.

    Instead of saying it's "steaming hot" people say it's "f-- hot".

    I'm sure there are words that could precisely state how I feel about people using cuss words this way, but since my vocabulary is so limited, I'll just say it's f-- wrong.

    :( Did I make my point?
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  8. We had a chili, wine, bloody mary tasting contest in the town where I work last year. I will probably enter next year for chili and bloody mary mix. I could beat the competition - easy!

    I don't usually drink, but when my niece and her husband used to visit us the guys would drink beer and AI would mix bloody marys for Dawn and I and we would play cards and drink all night. Those were good times!!!!
  9. I wonder if I could meet you all in person and have those chilis, wine and beer. But I'm probably be next to the chilis all the time.
  10. I can already taste that rascal. Iĺl have to ask my wife if she still has my Chili Cookbook, she may have given it away since I don´t cook these days.
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  11. some of the best fellowships of my life were over an open fire, a cast iron pot and chili cookin´.
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  12. :) I couldn't agree with you more, Bill. Sometimes we need to chill out from time to time and discover each other without bickering or disagreements.

    I'm even closer to you guys here than to the ones at church. All of those I like, some of them are already dear to me, left the church which makes me sad and "alone" even though I can still give them a call or shoot them an email. I found out about their reasons but it/those was/were just not enough for me to leave. But, nevertheless, I am glad to claim that what I "got" here are also my brothers and sisters in Christ!
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  13. you and your obsession with chili. i think you need to be delivered :p
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  14. http://www.misternicehands.com/

    OK I need deliverance AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHhehheheheheehhahaheheh woo hoo!!
  15. Chili, she gave it away but if we ever get together I´ll give it a swing.
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  17. O srry but I am a herpatoligist since I was a young lad. BUT ya didn't give me deliverance hhehehehe. chek my link :) post 34
    God Bless you Katiegal
  18. You are crazy lol. Not really. BUT WHY?!?!?!?!?! Snakes are so.....creepy!
    And yes, I did check out your link already lol.
  19. hehehehehehehehehehehehehe thpthpthpthpthp aaaahahahahahahaha! TY Lord for the laffin Amen
  20. Actually, I wouldn't mind trying snake. I'm curious, do most people eat rattler? I'm wondering if other kinds of snakes are eaten and if they all taste different.

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