So....what's for supper tonight?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by violet, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Ham and pine apple, easy. We won't eat at Apple bees around here. One time we went and we stood for 30 minutes at the hosteses podium and she never even made eye contact with us she just ignored us so we walked out :eek:
  2. Last night I grilled some steaks. No marinade. No steak sauce. I just fired up the grill, threw some mesquite chips that I soaked in water for a few hours over the hot coals and threw the steaks down. Came out good. The only downside was I cooked them at like 4:00. There was a storm that was supposed to hit and I wanted my steak!! Oh well. :D
  3. Well, tonight is my son's 16th birthday. So, my sister asked us if we would like to go out, her treat to Texas Steak House. We've been there once before, and it's pretty good.
  4. Jambalaya tonight. :)
  5. There's one of those in Wake Forest that we went to a while back. The setting was a bit corny (Seriously, are there saguaros in Texas? :rolleyes:) , but they were ble to make a medium rare steak where every other place in North Carolina would sear the steak into a hockey puck. Great food and great service.

    Tonight I'll probably pile on the charcoal and grill up some burgers. :D
  6. Steak sounds really good.
  7. I’m having steak tonight.
    Monthly alumni steak fry for the treatment center I went to.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Steak...

  8. I'm going back to an old standard - Pasta Salad...

    1 pound of Rotelle pasta, 12 ounces of Light Italian dressing, 3/4 cup of finely chopped yellow peppers, 1/4 cup diced yellow onions, 1 cup of pre cooked cubed turkey bits, 1 tablespoon crushed/diced fresh garlic, sea salt and black pepper to taste, 2 tablespoons of diced chives, and a sprinkle of basil, mix thoroughly and serve chilled.

    Goes good with sweet corn on the cob or some of the steaks that WhoAmI is enjoying...
  9. I want some of that steak. :)

    We are having oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans.
  10. Ok You guys .... Yesterday I had the best BBQ ever ..... Ribs .... fall off the bone kind ... with the best sauce.... Yum ... I had a half a rack.... Wooo - Hooo ... It was our once a year Rotary Rib fest at the park and goes on for four days with all kinds of competion , country music to go with it and line dancing. OOps , I forgot to wear my boots and cowboy hat.:D:D
  11. Whats for supper? Cake.
  12. Going to fry tonight!

    I just picked some squash and green tomatoes, I think I'll bread them up and give them a good fry. Top it off with some baked potatoes and some corn on the cob, and I think I'll have a meal my hubby can devour. Who says you need meat every meal? :)
  13. Pastor Gary; Sounds great! I am making pasta salad for a get together on Sunday; never thought of adding turkey cubes... I also add chopped cucumber and diced tomatoes and GREEN pepper. I MUST add dill weed also! SEA SALT is a must for any cooking :amen:

    Tonight: "Grilled" chicken breast; yellow rice (Mexican amarillo rice) and fresh sliced tomatoes in a tossed green salad with various veggies; MUST have RED onion. Dressing: how about a nice light creamy Italian? Coming over??? Don't forget to bring some fresh watermelon!!! I am out!
  14. I've been hungry for Fresh Fried Potatoes! With tons of onions. Might add ground round and sausage, with garlic powder. And a cucumber salad. Head 'em up, move 'em out!

    I don't know, but something about onions is calling me lately. Ever made onion sandwiches? My grandma used to fry up a bunch of onions in butter and put a pile on top of a piece of buttered toast. Ya gotta try it some time. Makes a good quick bedtime snack. . . if you can take the onions late at night.
  15. S-S; If you like eggs, try this one:

    Toast a couple slices of whole wheat bread and apply margarine or butter as you would on regular toast. Scramble two eggs and add two tablespoons of milk as well as a couple tablespoons of Kraft Cheddar Cheese Crumbles while you are scrambling the eggs and season to taste. In a separate pan, drizzle some high grade olive oil and thin slice some Bermuda onions. Fry the onion slices in the olive oil until both sides are seared to a golden brown. Apply the scrambled eggs to the toasted wheat bread and add the whole, sliced onions. This makes a quick sandwhich that will stay with you all day (unfortunately)... LOL... :eek:

    And you thought that this was a real recipe? Well, actually it doesn't sound that bad - try it - you might actually like it... ;)
  16. Oh goodness

    Pastor Gary -

    That egg and onion sammy sounds so yummy... I seriously think I'm going to gain 5 lbs just reading this thread, lol.

    How do Bermuda onions differ from just regular yellow or Vidalia onions? Are they sweeter, or look different? I don't think I've ever run across them at the grocery store!

  17. Bermuda onions can be yellow or white and have flattened ends. They have a medium strong flavor, but are sweet enough to be eaten raw. Also called Spanish Onions, they are just fine for cooking, deep frying as Onion Rings, garnish on fresh salads and hollowed out and stuffed / baked - just as you would use peppers. Enjoy !! :)
  18. Plain ole ordenary pinto beans, Slow cooked and seasoned with ham. Poured over a couple peices of hot buttered pan baked corn bread with perhaps a diced onion and some catsup on them to add a little kick. Some fried taders with onion and a sliced tomato to fill out the plate. And a big ole glass of cold whole milk on the side.
    It's been a few years since I had any and sometimes i just gotta feed on some of that simple ole time down home cooken for a change.
    Guess it's genetic or at least a part of my southern(Kentucky) hertitage and up bringing.

  19. Hey Cliff - You can cook those PINTO beans on the rear deck lid of an actual 1973 PINTO - (remember the fuel system explosions on those?) -

  20. mmm you all make me so hungry i wish i could eat half the stuff you are all talkin about :( stupid not bein able to eat veggies :((. tonight i had a donair and some cheesey garlic fingers from the pizza place just across the street from my appartment (i just got home from work and the pizza place is right at my bus stop and i was like mmmm donair lol)

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