So....what's for supper tonight?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by violet, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Hmmm...I'd have to be pretty hungry for cold meatloaf.

    Then again, I've been pretty hungry a lot lately. Hee hee hee:D
  2. Red beans and rice with smoked sausage and buttered french bread.
  3. Tommorow is Salisbury Steak with mashed potaotes gravy and petits pois green peas.
  4. We had a big Pot of Bean Soup with Ham.
  5. Gosh, Bo...Shllby - that sounds great!

    Tonight we're having my famous (in 3 counties), patented, secret-recipe enchiladas!

  6. WW,
    you just reminded me of this little family owned Mexican restaurant in Vienna, Virginia~
    That food was so good!!!!!!

  7. Mmmmmmmmm...

    ...refried beans and enchiladas still sizzing on a hot plate.

  8. Trying a variation this evening:

    Pan seared Tillapia filets in an egg and cream wheat flour, garlic breading. These will be served over fresh olive oil sauteed spinach greens with some finely diced onion, and tomatoes with fresh asparagas on the side with a lite cheddar cheese sauce drizzle. Desert will be poached pears with my own egg white, sugar, vanilla and cream topping. Yum! :)
  9. Sounds great Pastor Gary, how about sending some over via e-mail!
    It's Friday night and the honey and I are going to snuggle and eat pizza.:)

  10. Yum... Pastor Gary ..... Can I come to your house ????
  11. i cooked dinner tonight. (okay well just one of the dishes)
    i made salsa chicken (basically chicken seasoned with lots of taco seasoning, salsa, baked in an oven and topped with grated cheese. serve with sourcream).

    there was also beef sirloin with onions
    and chinese style eggplant
  12. Today is pretty typical for this time of year.
    It was sunny and 65 when we left church.
    72 at 1:00, it got very windy, 35 - 45 mph
    It clouded up by 3:00 and hailed pretty hard at 4:00.

    Now it is 4:45 and it's turning to snow and 34 degrees.
    We will be down into the 20's tonight.


    KC Strips on the grill
    Baked taters and corn on the cob.

    No matter the weather, mesquite wood and grain fed black angus are proof.
    That God loves us and want's us to be happy! :)
  13. Pasta/chicken/corn casseroll.
  14. *homer simpson drool* it Cheesy corn casserole?

    I made rice -n-beans last night. Oops...mexican food.:eek:

    Tonight we're gonna have chicken 'n dumplings.:)
  15. I always forget this thread exists until someone posts in it. :p

    Tonight for dinner is asparagus and marinated boneless beef ribs.
  16. Might do some Sausage Rotini or go out to eat at Applebees
  17. My 6 year old loves Applebees. He makes jokes about it all the time..... "Why did the bee cross the road? To get to the apples on the other side, because he was an "applebee"!" :)
  18. My night off from the kitchen! :dance:

    Hubby's making barbecued chicken and salad.
  19. Chicken, brown rice and green beans.

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