so many students drinking!

Discussion in 'College and Youth' started by baaaad_kitty, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. My name is Mark. And I'm an alchoholic. :D

    That's what I tell my friends now when they ask why I'm not drinking. "I'm an alchoholic." XD

    The only addiction (more than) worth embracing is if you're a new-wine-oholic.

    Err one out there drinking is still looking for something, because the things they have are empty and often just causing them pain, because they didn't come pure and blessed by the Lord, by being in His ways, under His protection. They came by human effort, at the wrong time, corrupt somehow - like a worldly partner, now just bringing in Godless ways... Many have accepted that what they have is all there is, and are now just waiting to die... Some life... But they believe they know what they want....

    lol! Never crossed my mind. That cracked me up!

    Yup. Even in small amounts, it can easily have you doing SOMETHING unGodly, and giving the devil a foothold. Even if it's not somthign serious, it's something for the enemy to use to work up to serious troubles, place blinding veils, and distance you from God.

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