so many students drinking!

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  1. Yeah--I've tasted alcohol before, and I never got past the first sip. That stuff just tastes absolutely awful to me. ;)
  2. I went to college for seven years, and throughout my entire time there I never once touched an alcoholic beverage. I stayed smart, prayed everyday, and I one day met my current day wife. Keep the faith, and be strong, there are good people out there, you just have to meet them.
  3. It seems that alcohol is a form of escapism. Now, a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart. But if one uses alcohol as a means to get away from all your troubles it is a very serious issue- especially one that a lot of students face dealing with all of the stresses of studying.

    It also seems to me that students get kind of overwhelmed at the new freedoms that they can do once they leave the "nest" and they engage in all of it as much as possible. Binge drinking, "hooking-up", etc. are all results of both being overwhelmed with freedom and overstressed with work.

    What's further interesting is how fast some people get out of this stage (while others need some more time). It leaves people feeling spiritually empty since it fulfills just a short-term earthly desire, rather than doing something more permanent for the soul like develop a personal relationship with God.

    I went to UConn where the unofficial motto was "We drink beer for breakfast" :eek: ..Never knew anyone who did that though... hehe
  4. You probably shouldn't, just to stay clean, but you've gotta try Bacardi Silver Peach some day. Tastes AWESOME. I agree though, beer is overrated.
  5. If you were seriously saying that alchohol tastes bad, that's impossible. Why? Because alchohol can taste like ANYTHING. You name it, you can buy/ make it. That's one thing that alchoholics struggle with is when it tastes sooo goood, goes down eeeaaasssy, and makes you happy, all in one. It tasting bad is not the reason anyone will turn from drinking if you ask me.

    Heck I used to shoot nasty Bracardi 151 (75.5% alch.) It's soo nasty, but when your a teen sneaking around bringing alchohol into places where it's not supposed to be, that stuff is high enough alch. content to get you pretty drunk with very little. Shows you how pathetic I was and how I just wanted to get drunk. That was at my worst times, I learned to drink responsibly, and now don't at all.
  6. Alcohol is the urine produced by the yeast- that is the fermentation.
    etnavibes your comment "It seems that alcohol is a form of escapism" reminds me that such escape is an illusion and when one wakes up the next day with a hangover that one will usually find the problem is still there and may have even gotten worse as it has not been faced.
    Just some food for thought.
  7. Yup. Not to mention we've probably all heard from our peers from time to time say "I'm never going to drink again" after such a hangover, only to find them that "thirsty Thursday" chugging some shots to get drunk. It seems to be a vicious cycle. What our generation needs is some spiritual foundation because after one accepts Jesus into their hearts, a six-pack and bottle of Jack don't seem as helpful as they used to be. :D
  8. lol--I'm underage, anyway, so I'm not allowed to drink. ;) I'll keep Bacardi Silver Peach in mind for my 21st birthday. But I really plan to be a designated driver--not that I've tasted an exotic assortment of alcohol to know personally, but my experience with alcohol is that it tastes horrible and I wouldn't touch the stuff with the ten foot pole. :p
  9. so many christian drinking

    I am against drinking.Tasting intoxicating wine is not good for any thing.
    The world is looking unto us as christians. Everything you do infleunce them in one way or the other.
    What do you expect the unbeliver to do when he sees you drinking,What type of impact is it going to have on him.Please let everything we do be controlled by these Bible verses.Colossians 3:16-17 and 1 corinthians 10:30-31​
  10. Not to mention the smell. I don't drink, but my grandfather drinks beer if not red wine, and I just dislike that beer smell. Especially Kirin, that Japanese beer. Is it just me or is it stronger than Coors Light?
  11. well. before i was saved. i drank alot. i was struggeling with fitting in and was picked on alot at school.. it seemed like the only way for acceptance.. so i drank.. i hated it.. acted like i loved it. and just drank to get drunk.. i would drink as fast and as much as i could till i didnt care anymore.. it was my way of fitting in... i never liked it .. still think its gnasty.

    and i dont believe in "drinking responsibly" now. it doesnt say not to drink in the Bible. it just says not to get drunk.. but, how does it affect your witness when you either talk about drinkning. or some one sees you drinking.. if you are a stand up good guy. everyone knows your a Christian.. then some one sees you drinking.. how long do you think it will take to get around to everyone you know.. and how do you think they will react... how about this.. how will it look to the people you have been trying to whitness to or the people you will try to lead to Christ in the future..
    if you will put yourself in an environment or a situation where you might drink.. even if you think you will drink"responsibly" you will look bad.. and most people cannot stop at just 1 beer. or 1 shot of something..

    even if you do find something that tastes good. like bacardi peach or whatever yall said..
    drinking is wrong. it leads to doing other wrong things.. and most importantly of all it hurts your whitness...

    a evangalist that came to our church said this..

    "why do you think God left us here when we were saved? well think about it. there are really only 2 things you can do here. that you cannot do in heaven. you can sin, and you can lead lost people to Christ. now which one do you think Heleft you here to do?"

    P.S. i am really apalled that i am on a Christian forum and i see some one suggesting an alchoholic drink to some one....

  12. I’ll have to agree with that statement.

    I don’t drink anymore.
    I almost killed two kids quite a few years ago. Why? Because I was drunk.
    I don’t care what it tastes like. People get killed because there are so many drunks out there drinking booze that tastes like candy. It’s not candy. It makes your body function in a way God did not intend for it to function.
  13. People that drink alchoh are seperated from God.God only use people that are ready to listen to Him.
    engage in drinking and have yourself disqualify from God's special assignment that is supposed to be carried out by you.
    Don't forget, priests are not allowed to drink. ​
  14. And who wants to have cirrhosis of liver and have all those other problems related to drinking alcohol.
  15. I go to a maritime academy where drinkers make up the better percentage of the school. Alcohol is not necessarily a bad thing, but I have seen the demons manifest themselves upon heavy consumption, I am not exaggerating. Poor decision making and regrets usually follow much drink. Personally I have had good times after a drink or two...or three. But you have to be able to say enough is ENOUGH. When discernment leaves you, thats when the enemy takes advantage.
  16. Good post, Watchman! When I read threads like this, it reminds me of what I was like when I first accepted Christ. Wanting answers to questions that God was convicting me of, and hoping the answers would agree with what my flesh desired.

    Then I realized I was still wanting the "milk," and there would come a time when the milk was not enough. I was ready for the "meat." I was ready to be honest with God and stop fooling around with things of this world. There were much better things for me that I was missing out on because I was just a suckling. Now I'm a meat-eater and I want the same thing God wants for me. I no longer wish to see how close to the world I can get without really sinning.

    Get over it, kids! Grow up and start partaking of the meat of the Word! You may just find out how overwhelming His blessings are that are in store for you once you get your mind on Him and off the world . . . I double-dog-dare ya!
  17. Wow this is still the hot topic? Some things never change eh.
  18. lol^^

    i have to agree that drinking is wrong..

    The ONLY reason wine was accepted in biblical times was because there was no purification for the water.. So wine was the way to go.. (I do believe Jesus probably should have invented Purification Tablets instead of turning water to wine but hey, who am I to second guess God? )

    but anyway.. all kidding aside,

    Drinking can get you into trouble and into dangerous situations. And kill any testimony you have..
  19. Alcohol is one of the easiest trappings and snares that Satan has in place for anyone , especially teenaged kids, because of its easy accessability and for those over 21 it is LEGAL by the laws of the land.

    It's ability to render our otherwise self control and disciple diminishes with the first drink. That's all it takes for most of us, is one tiny tear in our heart, to open a door or pandora's box, that may take years to close.

    I agree with Whirlwind, we need to guard our heart and for me drinking was a sin as well.

    The Good Lord will convict you in His Time as He did me, as you grow, strengthen and mature in your Walk.

    Always remember that you are His Child! God is Patient, Loving, Longsuffering, Forgiving and in His Love He will admonish us when need be.:smile_anim:

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