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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Silk, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. To quit smoking. I have literally tried everything else.:cry::notworthy::X3:
  2. That was what I resorted to...prayer.
    You must quit 'cold turkey'
    Do you belong to a home Bible study group or growth group?
    If so, then confess your problem and ask for prayer.
    That is what I did and it took about three weeks.
    Sometimes I would wake at night with my throat very discomforted and I knew that I 'needed' a smoke. Once I identified that it was a nicotine withdrawal thing I was able to close my mind to it.

    And I counted the hours, then the days and then the weeks since the last smoke, then finally I was a non smoker.(about 3 weeks)
    I believe the thing was that I confessed my problem as per james 5:14-16, but I had to work hard at it as well.
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  3. I've not found the answer for myself but I'll pray for you.
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  4. I will pray for both of us :)
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  5. It's a hard thing silk: I tried out smoking for 7 years and I think 4 of it was spent 'trying to quit'. Finally, I decided to do the cold turkey thing. It took me a 2 full years for me to not want a cigarette-WITH NO CHEATING!

    Then I woke up one day and the smell of cigarettes repulsed me. Haven't had a cigarette since 2001
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  6. Praying that you fall pregnant! It worked for my wife ...or so I hope :cautious:.
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  7. Hahaha. Actually, when I was pregnant, my husband and I went to a professional hypnotist, who worked for 3 hrs., and I couldn't be brought under. My husband quit forever. Go figure. I never did have children :(. altho I certainly wanted them. Getting that way now would be a cross of immaculate conception and Abraham's Sarah. I'll pray for your wife.
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  8. Done deal!

    Please ...STOP!
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  9. OK...... so then there is a chance for children!!!!
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  10. Praise the Lord!
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  11. Indeed I will.
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  12. Lololol XD ha .. hey say that prayer for me too :p
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  13. Will sure do
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  14. LOL! Yes!! I'm looking for a miracle...having a child has the smoke quits by a hair. Eeeek.
  15. I smoked for 26 years. I frankly did not know how I could live without cigarettes.
    I asked God to take the addiction away, spent about 2 months using nicarette gum, and was cured.
    Haven't had a smoke or wanted to smoke since Jan 2001.
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  16. smoking suks. Will be praying for you silk. Been there done that.
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  17. LOL - I love a good pun (takes halo off - gets out the Ajax once again, to clean off the nicotine grease build-up. Points the scrub brush thoughtfully). The chokehold death of Garner in NYC was about an asthmatic who, in the past, sold untaxed cigarettes. It got me thinking, I really don't want to meet my Maker with smoke on my breath. Thanks for the prayers - I need them.:)

    Believe it or not, it's incredibly hard for me to ask for help. I guess it is a pride thing. I should be able to do this on my own and yet....(puts halo back on and thinks, "darn near perfect" ....twinkle)

    Love and God Bless to All
  18. Have you tried " Chantix"? That's how I did it
  19. I will be praying too, silk.
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  20. I tried an earlier version - generic name welbutrin - I took it for 3? years. It did absolutely nothing for me. I have an ADD condition and studies show that only 10% of sufferers show any benefit from it and I wasn't part of the 10%. Thank God, it is one of the drugs that does no harm, if no benefit. Any psychotropic drugs are contraindicated and can be very harmful. So - no I haven't tried Chantix.

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