Marriage & God's Formula

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  1. I think we can agree on that. Paul worked hard to bring His charges into a maturity.
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  2. Well it goes to prove my point: the modern 'contemporary' church has embraced the 'Age of Grace' neglecting the "Truths" of God. We are called to "remember" God's Word/ law / statutes/ commandments HUNDREDS of times to bring us closer to Holiness in God's love- Not man's skewed vision of what God's love is to be like. This can only be done in the Holy Spirit.

    The modern church has deceived itself in forsaking the principles of self-control: decency, order, appropriateness, modesty, speech, health, etc.... I am guilty of them all. We don't forsake these these things under God's grace; we are to seek them, do them and teach them to our children. But we don't. Because we are still on the milk and not the meat. We are not "perfecting" / maturing in God's Word. I see 40, 50, 60, 70 year old 'Christian' children acting like they are in their teens, and twenties to be 'hip' with the world culture.

    World culture should never influence our Christian behavior, but we have allowed it too. Our excuse is rather to 'reach' people where they are rather than being an example of what they (we) are to become. Western Christianity is lazy.

    Don't tell me: " I got this tattoo to honor Jesus". No you didn't, you have fooled yourself, abusing God's grace to do what you want. It's the same in dress, music, speech, lifestyle, etc... We aren't fooling God, we are fooling ourselves. Jesus won't condemn you for a tattoo, but he wouldn't ask you to do it either. He still loves you even if you choose to mar your body, but it grieves the Spirit. Apply this to anything we 'want' to do that just isn't Holy. God still loves, but we are young fools.
  3. Mike, this thread is "marriage & Gods formula, so maybe I can ask you, In the five wise and five foolish virgins story, you see Him collect the five wise virgin and take them into the marriage chamber. Now do you really think He is going to consumate the marriage vows. I can't picture that myself. :(
  4. Could you please detail your question a bit more so I know what it is your are asking me; I am not quite sure how to reply? Thanks.
  5. Also; as the author of this thread: God's marriage is the union of Truth and Grace as implied in the initial thread. This thread doesn't necessarily have to deal with marriage between human males and females....

    It is about the union of [Grace AND Truth] IN Love ONLY perfected in Christ- who is our example to be followed....

    We cannot forsake truth for grace or we ignore half of His attributes.
  6. Well we are the Bride of Christ, and there's going to be a marriage supper, so the story depicts the betrothed is taken into the marriage chamber to consumate their marriage vows, so can you see this happening .
  7. Yes He did... lol.. but He also told us to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) and to abide by all the rules of the land (Romans 13 through the Holy Spirit speaking through the Apostle paul), which were instituted by Him.

    James 3:16 says that where envy and strife are.. there is every evil work... and we certainly don't desire to allow the enemy to have any access in here, for we desire to have people ministered to and refreshed and if there's strife... that won't happen :)

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  8. Are you saying that the Western Contemporary Church is the consummation of Christ's Bride- as in - the 'perfecting' of the the Church? No I disagree. The Western Contemporary church is quite the opposite. But God will use it in his grace to save souls anyway because no matter how skewed our human thinking He will prevail. It would be arrogant / prideful of us to think that what.

    In the end the church will be "shattered" before Christ's return. (Not my words) This should make us reevaluate our perspective on our own personal sin and how deep it really is. But we continue as 'babies' because we are "saved" by grace and have our fire insurance so we don't really pursue Holiness (at least not Holiness according to God.)

    And He loves me anyway....
  9. Does this help? John 1: 14 And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us (and we beheld his glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father), full of grace and truth.
  10. What is the Western Contemporary Church?
  11. I once had a fellow ask me to borrow a $5.00. And he said, Jesus said to give to them that ask of you. But I knew he wanted to buy some bullets for his gun so he could go and shoot someone. so I declined politely.:)
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  12. It's what most "first world" or 'not third world' countries that have a protestant based view of what Christianity should be in the current culture. For example: with the plethora of denominations in the United States who seem to not be able to agree on the simplest and clear cut doctrine from the Bible; we have this idea that the "Age of Grace" means we say a prayer, get on board with Christ and everything is A OK from there. It's more of a mentality. The US is less than 5% of the world population and yet we influence so much. It is not of this current generation's doing, but the generations before.

    As people turn away from Churches and Christ teaching; with generations of children abandoning the pews: how can the "Church" in the US say that it is flourishing?

    People are turning to the Religion of Evolution: it is the mentality of the World power run by Satanic forces. Because they don't feel so dumb if they can turn to mountains of human knowledge (or data) to justify their lifestyle. It is the turning away from God to human knowledge and forgetting God's ways (Read 2 Peter). The Church tries to compensate by giving up on God's Word and coming up with compromise which divides the Church rather than unite. The church is succumbing to the culture.
  13. I once had a word of knowledge for a brother. When I went to this brother I asked him, " who would I have to be so that you would listen to me?" And he answered...." Elijah!" Well just then the voice of the Spirit said. " Tell him someone greater than Elijah is here! " And didn't mean me, He meant He who is in me......:love:
  14. Not sure what you mean: maybe we are not on the same wavelength....

    But yes; this verse well describes the attributes of God/ Christ. He is full of Truth and Grace and uses them in acts of Love. Many things fall under the category of truth as well as the category of Grace. Love is the action-it's a verb, not a feeling.

    Truth could be: laws, ordinances, statutes, commandments, historical fact.

    Grace could be: mercy, patience, long-suffering, compassion, grief

    Love: God's choice to ACT in favor for human kind. "For God so LOVED the world...." He acted on behalf of human kinds benefit; His choice, not because we deserve salvation, but because he delighted to GIVE it.
  15. @ BarElohim: I just want to be clear from your last 2 posts. So you are saying you are getting direct revelation from God?
  16. Well Mike what do you expect, He said that the world would be covered in Darkness, and the people great darkness, when suddenly your light shall shine.

    One afternoon I went over to a brothers house. While walking there the Lord said to me, "look up in the sky and look at the moon." I noticed it faintly in the afternoon sky. But when I was coming home at night, He said.." Look up at the moon now! Is it brighter now that it was this afternoon? I answered "Yes!" He asked. " Is it brighter now because the sun is reflected off it more brightly now that before?" I thought about it and said, " No, it is brighter now because it is much darker in the sky, than this afternoon!" He said, " that is just what will happen in the days to come!
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  17. Well Mike if Jesus is full of grace and truth, and He lives in us, then aren't we also full of grace and truth?:love:
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  18. With that kind of communication then there is nothing I could possible help you with. I would agree, the darker the night the brighter the light. If it be of God so be it. Who am I but a man of unclean lips. God Bless.
  19. Yes Mike I have for many years. The things I've been taught were not from man, but the Lord. And confirmed in His word...
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  20. Oh Mike you are so Loved by Him. Your right where He wants you.... He sees your Heart Mike, and the wanting to be more like Him, is what He has placed in your heart. And He will fulfill the desire of the heart.
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