Im giving up Theology

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  1. I've struggled for the past couple days to try and understand God through the teachings of many different teachers. I've felt so lost because I cannot discern what is true and what is not.

    So I have decided to scrap my endeavors and pursuits of Theology in efforts to let God speak to me through my life and his word.

    Being the cerebral person I am this is not easy. But I hope God leads me in the paths of life.
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  2. Many years ago the Lord told me to teach his Word. I was not happy about that because I am not a smart person. I said I would, if you teach me your word yourself, because I am not going to go down to the nearest Christian Book store and buy a bunch of books written by man and teaching what man say the word says. The Lord agreed. That was about 35 years ago, and at first it was really hard starting out, but once the Lord begins to teach you certain concepts, and precepts it gets easier as you learn little things that seem useless at first, but the Lord has his plan to get you to a place where the hard things become easy as you first learn the easy things. As you grow that growth speeds up to where you are learning so much it is hard to keep up. I have to write things down all the time, and I am overflowing with stuff beyond what I have asked for. Its fun!!!!
    Just remember it is the "anointing" that teaches you, and sometimes that anointing is on a man, and that man is usually you.

    Pro 16:23 The heart of the wise teacheth his mouth, and addeth learning to his lips.
  3. Theology has just sapped my joy and my faith in Christ.

    I just want to love God, not question him.
  4. Revelation given by God the Father, confirmed in his Word and in which the Holy Spirit bears witness to rejoices the heart, and is everlasting.
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  5. Good for you!!! The Holy Spirit will help, just learn to hear Him and trust God.
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  6. It is faith in God and Christ i more important than anything, there are many false teachers in today's time giving a message that is there own instead of God given it is wise to be careful with who you listen to, grow in th word and then you will be able to know by God showing by reminding you of what He wants.
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  7. Theology is simply study to know more about God.. Not necessarily from Bible college.. But from Bible studies.. And Holy Spirit is our teacher.. No denying that Lord has given us teachers and preachers.. Spirit filled teachers.. We are to learn from them.. But we should be like Bereans.. Verifying everything against Scripture. Lord will use teachers and preachers to introduce certain things which we would not have thought of. But not for us to follow them blindly..

    I listed to many preachers.. And I don't know if there is anyone with whom I fully agree on everything.. But I get great insight on scriptures from them.. They have certainly influenced by theological understanding.. But only after I was able to see that in Scripture itself..
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  8. The thing is, I don't want to study God, I want to listen to him.
  9. Actually study word of God to know more about God
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  10. Reading the word is still essential because when you believe you may have heard His voice you can tell by whether or not it lines up with His revealed will. If it opposes it you know you are listening to a deceiver (self or a spirit). I also believe practicing the presence of God is a wonderful adventure...focusing only on Him in praise and thanks for long periods and sitting in stillness knowing He is Lord (not us) speaking with Him wherever you go whoever you are with (He is with you)...

    But listening is important, after all He gave us two ears but only one mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we speak (actually that was a paraphrase from some preacher I heard once but it makes sense)...ever read "practicing the Presence" by the Monk Brother Lawrence or any of the early desert fathers...interesting?
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  12. Sometimes......reading comments of an internet site can depress us. It seems to me that these sites tend to bring out the worst in Christians. Instead of compassion and friendship we tend to see anger, hate, arguments and pride which leads some to always be right, displayed right in front of us.
    You know that is true or there would not be moderators to keep us from killing each other.
    That being the case, maybe its is not theology that has you in the dumps but the following of conversations on the internet????
    Why not take a break from the action and see if it helps you.
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    Haha lol major, always telling the truth.

    I know how you feel CW , however I think my problems are a bit deeper, but why does theology make you sad? what don't you get?

    After a bad experience , I feel the way you do so very much, feeling I did my best to love god and this is how I'm being related, and this is how I'm being treated...

    what do you feel..trips you up and complicates things?

    I wish I could do that too, just not question.
  14. I know how you feel CW , however I think my problems are a bit deeper, but why does theology make you sad? what don't you get?

    After a bad experience , I feel the way you do so very much, feeling I did my best to love god and this is how I'm being related, and this is how I'm being treated...

    what do you feel..trips you up and complicates things?

    I wish I could do that too, just not question.
  15. Yep, I am caught in that always be honest loop!!!

    It is not theology that makes me sad. Honestly, I get most of it, it is the actions of people that affect me the most.
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  16. Major: " It is the actions of most people that affect me the most."

    Ugh, Tell me about it.
  17. So... Cosmic...

    What I am hearing is more that you are seeking Obedience to the Lord.... to "Hear" what He is TRULY saying to YOU..... One thing that really helps with this is to pray and fast that God would start to Prepare you and to reveal His will for you. Now... This preparation may take some time.... but God is faithful.

    I Get your frustration with so much "teaching".... Unfortunately, it's so heavily "Sprinkled" with Doctrines of Man that it's nearly impossible to dig the tidbits of God's truth out of it.... Very few teachers JUST teach THE WORD.... They teach Their Agenda cloaked in a veil of "the word"......

    There is a critical purpose of Teaching the WHOLE Word of God... That is letting God speak to EACH PERSON as He will.... God is preparing each person for their own ministry... and each person's preparation is unique to that person....

    For example... I was listening to a radio show done by a WELL KNOWN bible teacher... This fellow has his own study bible and all..... More and more, I get very uncomfortable with his teaching.... Like my spirit was telling me something was not...quite...right.... but couldn't put my finger on it... till he DEFINED what he meant by "Teaching the Word".... His definition of "Teaching the Word" is that he really means "Teaching good Doctrine"..... and THEN I understood why I am so uncomfortable with this fellow's teachings..... by "The Word" - he does NOT mean the Holy Scriptures - but rather he means his interpretation of "Good doctrines".....
  18. What has upset me most is my own efforts to understand God and theology, not other peoples. So now I just read his word and live life letting the spirit work through me.

    I would get mad at God because I couldn't understand him.

    I am tired of all the conflicting arguments, I just want God to teach me, and to have peace.
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  19. Keep in mind that trying to understand His infinite mind with our finite mind is futile at best. I think too much as well so I know it can be a stumbling block. You are saving years of frustration by "giving up" on theology and instead reading His word and live life letting the Spirit work through you. It may not feel like it yet, but you are more mature than most pew fillers.
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  20. Sounds like you are ready for some prayer and fasting.
    Get into the word. READ scripture - not what people say about scripture.
    Try out reading passages in a couple different translations for clarity and insight.
    I like:
    nkjv, ylt, nasb, and nlt or niv
    These are consistently different enough that they give me some interesting insights...

    Go get yourself a bound notebook....

    Whenever something in scripture makes no sense - pray - then write it down. Then leave the rest of the page blank for when God gives you the answer.

    Whenever you get the awesome "Aha" moment when God gives you revelation or clarity - write it down.

    It will start slowly - then pick up as it starts soaking into your brain...
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