I got baptised by the holy spirit

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  1. a priest baptised me. He placed his hand on me....Hes hand became hot

    i was normal when he baptised me then after a few minutes, my chest part was really hot

    I then drank lots of cold water and took the electric fan towards me...

    the heat was still there lol ......it was on heat for a few hours.

    it was a cool experience. I then prayed right after :)

    i didnt believe it when i see people getting baptised on the tv

    but now i believe!!! :D
  2. That is called "slained" in the Spirit. You don't need to pass out to get slained. Yes you were baptised in the Holy Spirit WOOOOOHHHHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aint it WONDERFUL?
    Been there dun that many times. God Bless you my brother from another mother Elmer D

    Chili out.
  3. slained???

    can you explain to me more about that? lol
  4. Some people are very skeptical about it. Because some of these supernatural experiences are not clear in the Bible. I however, believe in the power of the Holy Spirit in the form of miracles and signs. I know God's power not bound by what is recorded in the scripture John 21:25. In my personal experience, I have seen witnessed accurate prophesies, other tongues and signs in various forums. :)
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  5. Oh that is awesome!! Never heard of someone going through that, to be honest! But I believe it! :)
  6. Thats the term some use if they fall under the power of God because its so strong. You didn't mention you we overwhelmed by the power in that way altho it sometimes happens, not always. But because you felt hot when hands were laid on you, you were touched by the fire of God. :)
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  7. ahhh i see :)

    scary but nice... :D
  8. the holy spirit lives with you forever.repent your sins,ask God for the Holy spirit.
  9. Yess indeed true. i have been slained many x and every time the vessel (pastor) touches me with his finger ...i fall straight backwards to a catcher (A person in back of you) to break your decent. I LOVE being slain in the Spirit. When i snap out of it I feel light as a feather and a loving comfort that I can't find anywhere else.......not even from your Moms' hugs. I been knocked out for as little as 2 minutes up to perhaps 30 minutes. The result is I am full of HAPPY tears and a content smile with a sniveling nose hehehwehahahahaha oooo Thank YOU Jesus, I love you I love you I love you I love you.......Chili praising n out. God Bless this site. Amen

  10. hahaha Amen brotha!
  11. To experiance the Holy Spirit is priceless,and theres nothing you can compare it to.I love the way the Holy Spirit moves upon people and I love the way people start praying heavy in the spirit and than all of a sudden the tongues become tongues of fire to where it went from worship to warfare.The Holy Spirit is just such an awesome friend that I cant imagine how any one survives with out him.
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  12. Gah, you lucky fish! I had my chance to be baptized by the spirit but i got scared, and my brothers ended up getting it. Now that i understand the holyspirit is gentle and all i want it more than ever and hate i missed my chance. So congrats

  13. That's not of God. God doesn't hold back His Holy Spirit from you because you got scared :)
    If your brother received it, then you'll receive it. Simple as that. All you gotta do is ask :)
  14. I know xspin it was the spirit of fear that kept me from getting it i had no doubt in mind that i could get it it was fear that ruined my chances. But now im ready to be slained in the spirit as u say :)
  15. Everyone doesn't fall under that power when they are baptized with the Spirit. But sometimes it happens. Everyone's experience is different.
  16. I've always wondered about getting Baptized. My dad has been wanting me to do it for a long time now. I just don't understand why it is done. I still don't understand it in the Book of Matthew when Jesus got baptized by John; why wasn't it the other way around?

    I just can't get baptized until I fully know and understand why it's needed.
  17. Yeah. Try to understand what it's for :) Personally, I still don't understand. But people say since God knows, it's all that matters. But I still want to know what it means.
  18. Hi Christine. Firstly, you need to understand that there is a difference between being baptized (in water) and being baptized in the Holy Spirit. They can happen at the same time, but not necessarily. God baptized me in the Holy Spirit three days after I was born again (at a midnight Christmas service - best Christmas present I ever had [​IMG]) but I was not water baptized till 6 weeks later.

    Water baptism is symbolic. At one level, it symbolizes us being washed clean of our sins. At a deeper level it symbolizes the fact that, when we come to Christ we are "united" with Him in His death, burial and resurrection - it is as if we had been there with Him on the Cross, in the grave, and on that glorious first Easter morning. So, as we go down into the water it speaks of our old life being dead and buried, and as we come up out of the water it speaks of us rising in newness of life.

    I believe this latter symbolism is the reason Jesus was baptized by John. That event marked the end of His private life - from that moment onward, He was pointing to the Cross. By going through a symbolic death, burial and resurrection, He was effectively stating His commitment to fulfill His destiny as our Saviour (even though probably nobody witnessing it at the time understood.) His baptism looked forward to what He was going to do; our baptisms look back to what He has done.

    For Jesus, His "Holy Spirit baptism" came at the same time as His water baptism. For us, it can come any time after our salvation. We need to understand that being baptized in the Holy Spirit is not really "receiving" the Holy Spirit (as in receiving for the first time.) The moment we are born again we receive the Holy Spirit. He comes to live within us and begin the work of transforming us into the likeness of Christ. When we are baptized in the Spirit, the Spirit comes upon us to equip us to be Christ's witnesses.

    We also need to understand that there is a difference between being baptized by the Holy Spirit into the Body of Christ, and being baptized by Jesus in the Holy Spirit. The first happens as soon as we are born again, the second happens some time later.

    We can only be baptized in the Spirit once, but we can be filled with the Spirit many times.

    It is very important to remember that, as wonderful as the accompanying signs - heat, being slain in the Spirit, joy or whatever - may be, that is not what the baptism is about. It is about equipping us to be His witnesses - literally, His martyrs - about building the Kingdom of God. So please, everyone, enjoy the experiences, but be sure to seek the Lord to know what He would want you to do with His power for the Kingdom.


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  20. Hi Elma!

    That's just awesome!! [​IMG]

    I love the presence of the Holy Spirit. When I first came on this site...I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit all over it. I believe it is because this site glorifies God in a reverent way. The Holy Spirit will always be where Gods name is glorified! :)

    Mevorakh !

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