I got baptised by the holy spirit

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  1. Since yours were only guesses, I offer these as considerations: :)
    i. A person cannot identify with someone else's sin by water baptism. But Jesus did that on the cross.
    ii. A person cannot be water baptized as a validation of a preacher's ministry, John said that he was unworthy to officiate over Jesus baptism, not that he was unworthy to carry out the ministry that God had called John to do.
    iii. A person cannot be water baptized to mark the official beginning of their public ministry. An ordination does that.
    iv. The pharisees and sadducees were there getting water baptized by John.
    v. Our water baptism illustrates our death and resurrection which could not be an illustration until after Jesus had died and risen again.

    Jesus said that his being water baptized was to fulfill righteousness. Those who upheld the law in it's strictest form where there to be baptized by John, clearly it would have been a violation of Jewish law not to undergo baptism by the divinely ordained baptizer, John.
  2. Actually they came from my teacher. But yeah, they were guesses!

    Very cool considerations!!!! I enjoyed reading them :) :) :) :)
  3. Do you mean that those guesses were from your teacher?.... oops on me. Sorry I didn't realize if that was the case. :oops:
  4. Yeah. They were taken from my notes. Lol :)
  5. :)
  6. i wonder...If i can get baptise again? lol

    i want to get that same feeling again thay why...lol

    it feels soooooooo good, yup lol
  7. Go back. Read the rules for the site. Read the rules that YOU agreed too. Read the survival guide. See if you can figure out what you are doing wrong.

    For the purposes of this site, we define "Christian" according to the statement of faith. Yes, I know that is not inclusive or exclusive. However, you will also notice that questioning anyone's Christianity who has agreed to this Statement is a big no no.
  8. You certainl;y WILL KNOW when you get baptised in the Holy Ghost,
    Acts 2: 1--17. Acts 8: 17--18. Acts 10: 44--46. Acts 19: 2--6.
    How did they know Stephen was full of the Holy Ghost in Acts 6: 5??.
  9. Do you realise what you have just said??. What you are saying is, You can't tell people the Biblical truths, You have more respect for the people then what you do for God's word.
    If you realy loved the people on this forum You would want them to know the truth that'll be a blessing to them.

    There is a big diffeence between ones opinions and Biblical facts, And when a person gives Biblical facts, You should agree with them, NOT PROTECT THE WRONG PEOPLE. Maybe you should change your rules.

    I for one wont compromise God's word.
  10. Hello liberated, I do believe in praying in tongues myself. I do pray in tongues daily.Sometimes even two hours daily.

    However there is a right way to bring forth anything from the word of God, or else you will do more damage than good for the kingdom of God.

    We are all at various levels of spiritual growth, and while we will not agree with each other in every issue, let us purpose in our hearts to cast not a stumbling block to anyone.
    Now on correcting people:
    Col 1:28 Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus:

    It is easy to preach and warn and teach. However we must do it in all wisdom.

    Act 20:31 Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.

    Now it is easy to have zeal to warn others regarding anything we believe.However are you ready to shed tears for them?

    When I was a new Christian, I had great zeal for certain Christian in the work place to have a living relationship with Christ.I took the view I knew and experienced more than them, and I did.
    It was in this state of arrogance of mine, that the Lord Jesus challenged me and told me that it was easier for me to correct and teach for hours, but can you actually shed tears for them in prayer before you go and correct them?
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  11. I believe . . .

    We must recognize that sometimes we are in agreement, but we just say it in different ways.

    It's like traveling the same way on the same road to the same destination but in different vehicles.

    We must not use our vehicle to run others off the road just because we may not like their vehicle.

    And, even if we aren't in agreement we should still not use our vehicles to run others off the road.
  12. I appreciate your reply to my post, but I do have to disagree with you here. We no longer live in those times as the Apostles. From what I have seen, some do know when they receive the Holy Spirit and some do not know but is seen by others.
  13. I have no idea why anyone would compromise the Bible or why you would think that. Have you questioned anyone being a Christian?
    We are called to love all people, forgive them, and show them what it truly means to be a Christian, and for Salvation (if they want it). Shoving it down their throats will only make us look like how the Pharisees were. If you are so eager to throw around Biblical facts, as you say, we should be doing it out of love and forgiveness.
    We cannot force someone who doesn't want to be Saved.
  14. Please give me scriptures for you statements, NOT JUST YOUR OWN OPINIONS.
    Where doese the Bible say we aren't in the Apostle times.
    Where does the Bible say some don't know when they are baptised in the Holy Ghost.
  15. I haven't questioned anyone Christianity, I have asked some people do they speak in tongues, As the Bible says we can.
    What I said to Banareth was, We should be able to tell people if they are wrong, Not doing so is robbing people of their blessings.
    And agreeing with a wrong person is compromising God's word.
  16. Are we all talking about the same thing?

    Acts 2: say "repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus and you will receive the gift o f the Holy Spirit"

    That means we will receive the Holy Spirit working in us to guide us

    But I sense some people think that verse means only that we receive the gifts of tongues as a sign

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  17. Very aware. I am pointing out that you have agreed to these rules. If you therefore cannot abide by them, you have falsely registered. If you would have bothered reading any of these things or spent any time on this site at all before posting, you would have further realized that your "Biblical Truths" are as much as valid as mine, or anyone else and as such open to YOUR interpretation and should not be surprised if everyone else does not recognize or accept your version of it. The only version of it that is required for this site is spelled out very clearly in the Statement of Faith. Please familiarize yourself with our rules. Please realize that you have agreed to these rules by becoming a member and posting here. Also realize that just because YOU say that I have more respect for the people then for God's word doesn't make it true, and that while God is the ultimate authority, none of us are answerable ONLY to God and by taking the attitude that YOUR interpretation is above everyone else's interpretation, you are placing yourself above others and will not be received well, and as such you testimony will definitively fall on hard soil.

    It's interesting to see the two types of personalities we have come here. Those who disagree on issues but at least respect the authorities in place and those that don't respect any authority or recognize it even after agreeing to submit to those same authorities and rules. You much choose which you will be. It is my job to decide which of these you have chosen and to act accordingly.
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  18. Yes, we are to tell people when they are wrong. It is to be done with preaching, teaching and warning in all wisdom and tears.Preaching and teaching and warning is easy, however it requires Love to do the wisdom and tears bit.

    You do not have to agree with anybody here.
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  19. You know what, Liberated? I am quite offended by your capitals. Do not yell at me! If you have nothing Spiritual to say, then say nothing. Have some respect please.
  20. When we speak for God, we speak in love. When the Spirit acts through us, we act with love. When our motives are anything but love, we should check our hearts. Rudely accusing and belittling those that claim the blood is not acting in love. So, I ask myself each time, "If what this person is saying is truth, then why aren't they saying it with love?" And I'm left to conclude that whether their knowledge reflects truth or falsehood, if they do not have love, they are not speaking for God.
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