I got baptised by the holy spirit

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  1. Q 1. When we refer to the Apostolic age, we are referring to the time the Apostles of Christ walked the Earth. Since they all died, the Apostolic period has ended.

    Q 2. Where does the Bible say everyone will know instantly when they receive the Holy Spirit? Where does it say that everyone who receives the Holy Spirit immediately shows an outward sign to evidence the event?

    Personally, I prefer when God works through me without my knowledge.
  2. Amen to that Banarenth. Well said. Thank you.
  3. Me too! Good point Ginger!
  4. so much knowledge is missing.we wait for Christ to tell us,hurry up Lord.
  5. What an awesome experience! Does this mean that the Holy Spirit intends to
    use you in the future? I would say so.

    Thanks for posting this, from a new humble soldier in the Lord's army.
  6. My understanding is that:-

    God has sent the Holy Spirit to us (In us) for His perposes, so that we might be tools that He can use when & how He sees fit.
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  7. ><> ><> A double blessing-being able to ''Watch'' God at work & knowing it's His works in progress.
  8. Hmmm I c where ur coming from G , that may be good , but i like to see in my own eyes and in my heart that God is moving through me to the peeps around me. It definitely opens my eyes so I can see what I am doing in the physical world.
  9. Oh yes!!! That is a wonderful blessing.
  10. At first, I don't believe something happens when you get baptized. However, when I got the chance to experience it myself, I felt this unexplainable feeling... I felt this tremendous warmth on my chest and I can still remember how relaxing it is. It's some kind of "mixed" emotions. After which, it doesn't stop there. I noticed a lot of changes in me. For instance, I started to enjoy going to mass on Sundays and church activities or events and I'm starting to fell in love with God through the Holy Spirit.
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