How many guitar players?

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  1. I appreciate the people who want to worship the Lord with their talents. Wish they could be with me. Tip--- those blisters on the finger tips, are meant to be a blessing. The skin toughs up and makes a seal which in time actually makes a hardening . it is a gift, don't earn it to fast let it be gradual. After playing 2-3 hours a day mine sting but God heals them quick.

    You don't have to worry about playing well it comes with time. sing without instruments also, Christians in prison most likely won't have any and singing will be like Paul and Silas. Memorize scripture will bring bible with you.

    I played music for many years for free. Even was my own road crew. God blessed in ways you can't imagine. Money became less important. I am very rich with temporal items because our needs is not all money that God supplies.
  2. I'm learning classical guitar.
  3. I played bass actively for 25 years. Have played chords on bass also.
    One fellow said once, when you play bass, I hear God talking to me through your music because you make your bass talk. That is quite a anointing.
    In brief, my first bass was used as a heavy metal artist so asked the Lord by faith for a new bass. 3 month later after asking was looking for a job. The call came from a place that owned a music shop. My co. discount caused me to pay for the amp and case. The Aria pro 2 precision bass was free. A few years later was working in another state and a fellow said his dad who was in prison, but had bought him a bass, so couldn't teach him any more. He was
    a fellow I was sharing Jesus with and also my music. He gave me his whole package for free.
    Peavey amp, very expensive hard shell case, strings, fender tuner, strap, and Alverez 5 string bass. red with brass knobs. electric boost inside back.
    My six string Dillion is like a Ovation. Once I fix the bridge on my 12 string will use it again.
    Just copy righted 7 country gospel songs. Have to slow down, so get the lyrics memo down pat. As it is, am memorizing scripture at a speed beyond your imagination.
    If it helps someone, drugs mess up your head and God is healing mine. Take care of that precious gift from God it is a mega great machine. I repeat God is healing mine.
  4. I play keyboard but I like playing as a guitar.
    When I learned music, my favorite artist was a guitars, like : Van Halen, Gilmour, Hackett, Jeff Buckley, Blackmore etc...
    I had not a guitar, I had a Keyboard and I tried to follow them reproducing their style ...
    At that time I wasn't in Christ, but today I don't follow them and servant playing in the Church worship team.
  5. Daniele hi, the way you write and even your name seem to say you are a man from another country. appreciate your post. We have a same testimony. From heavy metal band to 40 years in many music situations. right now am seeking to go public with the most advanced gospel music in the world. This may sound odd, but Christians don't even want to hear my music. That is because they will have a real encounter with Jesus Christ. It is more than music it is praise and worship in Spirit and in truth. To have the Holy Spirit in us will bring miracles. row in Christ.God bless you as you g
  6. Hi Brodav9 you're right, I'm Italian, thank you for your post and consideration.
    In this forum I have not friends so far and I hope to make a lot.
    I would like learn English for listen, speak, read, share much more things about Jesus.
    I understand your situation, the Christian music, I think like David, that is one of the first weapons that we have ... and
    like any weapons can hurt the enemies but become strong their mates.
    Have you a link where I can listen your music ? I would be honored to listen!
  7. if you go to the Google search bar, could also go Yahoo, Msn etc. write in brodav9 click and you can scroll alot of my ministry. also videos there. also see illuminator shines---we want to know. blogspot .com in search will find my Ex. 1-40 chap series which will change any ones life forever. Thanks for your fellowship. by the way, My rock band fellows who came to Jesus because I did, were Italian. God bless, in Jesus.
  8. yes, you have intrigued !!
    I will search you in yahoo and I'll tell you !
  9. I played a little acoustic guitar when I was younger. Long time ago though.
  10. I play guitar, bass guitar, and a bit if the mandolin. I play in the praise and worship team and write original songs. A friend and I have been trying to form a praise and worship band to play outside of church, but it's tough to get committed players who wanna serve God more than money.
  11. I play guitar :) and other things with strings ;)
  12. Mozart worshipped God through his music too I think
  13. I CAN play, but I don't often. I prefer piano and drums. I haven't played in a little while. I used to play drums here and there with a surf garage band called The Seventies.

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