How many guitar players?

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  1. I've played guitar for about 8 years now off and on. I never really practiced a lot though so I'm not as good as I would like to be. I'm really into classical guitar, and hope to learn that better someday!
  2. Finally got around to charging the battery in the digital camera...

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    If anyone has photos of their guitars to share, please feel free to post them in this thread. :)

  3. I bought an electric guitar in high school, but it basically sat and collected dust. So I sold it to my brother-in-law. At least someone is putting it to good use! :)
  4. Oh, well, it's only money - - -

    My Fender® dealer in Wisconsin contacted me several days ago and mentioned a deal that I just couldn't pass up. He told me that he brought in a Fender® Precision Bass in the Mike Dirnt Artist Series. I was in the area on Chapel business and stopped by, tested it, did some basic bridge adjustments right in the store and bought the bass on the spot. This Mike Dirnt version has a slab ash 1951 body in black with a white pick guard in the 1955 style as well as the Fender® Custom Shop Elite tuners, walnut neck and fingerboard and Custom Shop 1959 style pickup.

    I'm very happy with all three Fender® basses that I now have and the Mike Dirnt Precision Fender® Bass is a welcome addition to my Fender® Power Jazz Bass Special and my Fender® Precision Standard Bass. :)

    Now, three is probbaly what I will stay with for now. Each bass has it's own personality and purpose for my style variations of playing and my bass requirements have now been met and exceeded with these fine Fender® products.
  5. 3 is enough? No such thing. PG, I love the red one...I mean, the one on the left.

    Right now, I have 2 bass guitars, 4 electric, and 1 lonely acoustic that I rescued from my mom's closet which never seems to get any attention. I love my guitars, and I love using them to worship. It is the only thing that truly makes me feel complete. I praise God for leading me to a church home where I can give back what God has given me.
  6. Three of either of your guitars still only have as many strings as one of mine!! :D :D :D

    Seriously, I sure wish there was some way we could meet up together somewhere someday. :cool:

    We need to organize some sort of a C.F.S. family reunion or something like that.

  7. We could be like Hillsong United. Come to Florida, we can play Cornerstone!!
  8. We have enough lead time and planning time; so how about this:

    My family will be on St. George Island, Florida again in March 2010 for some R&R after our next southern states prayer service and teaching tour. How about if we try to coordinate a meeting somewhere in the general area for that time period? Bring your instruments... we will probably need a keyboardist and percussionist as well as an alto or tenor sax player. Any thoughts ? :)
  9. One of our CFS members sent me a PM yesterday requesting that I post a photo of all three Fender® Bass Guitars...

    Certainly will.:guitar:

    In the new photo,the Fender® Power Jass Bass Special is on the left, the newest addition, a Mike Dirnt Fender® Artist Series Precision Bass is in the center and the Fender® Precision Standard Bass is on the right.

    I have these custom tuned so the 'string feel, settings and spacings' are all identical.

    Again, if anyone wishes to share photos of their guitars, please feel free to do so here. We would also like to hear from any musicians here at CFS who play instruments other than guitar. Please chime in with your info... :) Who knows - if several of us are close enough, we might get together to jam...


  10. Hi- Ron Lewerke here, new to the forum. I've played rock lead guitar for now for almost 40 years, 15 of that professionally. Have opened for Foreigner, showcased at the Whisky aGo Go in LA for rock producer Tom Werman, played SXSW, and toured all over the midwest.

    About 9 years ago, I re-dedicated my life to Christ and got heavily involved in my last 2 churches' Worship teams. I'm now in the process of putting together a 4-song EP of original Christian material that will be simultaneously released on YouTube as videos and ITunes for sale as MP3s.

    Currently, I have a 1976 Gibson Flying V that I bought new, a '91 Jackson outfitted with a MIDI pickup for guitar synth, a 30w Kustom amp, an Alvarez acoustic and a cheapo bass. And, I've got a nice little digital home studio that gives me great results!

    I've got a website for this project if you are interested in this or in any of my past bands- lots of video, audio, and photos.

    Sounds like I can't post the link to it until 15 posts in, so the link will be coming!

    Glad to be here!

  11. Well, I'll join in on this. This is too funny. I just put my Strat up for sale today, and this thread pops up. Oh the irony :rolleyes:. I've been playing for about 15 years, really just to relax , so I never devoted enough time to actually "declare publicly" that I play. Maybe I'm meant to be more of a listener than a player, or maybe that's just what I've settled for up to this point. I would like to play in a church worship band someday(got to commit to a church first though). I'm kind of at an odd point in my playing. I have taken less than a handlful of lessons over the years, but I've been playing the same things over and over for so long, the last couple of instructors I had told me I really didn't need lessons, just dedication and a commitment to learn. It's a character flaw, being too lazy to exert the energy to learn new stuff. I can pick out note by note song melodies fairly well by ear, but listening to a song and learning it completely is something I have never been able to do well at all. I've tried tabs, but I guess I just don't get it. Forget notation cause I cant seem to tap my foot and strum and finger the frets while counting beats all at the same time(lol-that's why I'm not playing the drums)I love all kinds of guitar music(except heavy metal-had to leave that behind me:D). I can sit and watch youtube clips of people playing for hours. My favorite guitar would have to be blues guitar, then classical, then rock(third day style music-crunchy on the outside but with a soft chewy center).
    Question for those singer players out there: How do you learn to play and sing at the same time? What are the best methods you found or developed to get used to that?
  12. Hey, Steve - please tell me a little about your Fender® Stratocaster... I have a colleague in Burlington, Vermont who is looking for one.

    If you wish, please PM me with the full model and serial as well as a physical description of options, pickup, pick guard, body configuration, fingerboard style, tuners, etc. I belong to the Fender® Community Forum and have some internal search resources for things like that. Thanks.
  13. If any Fender® guitar owners would like to visit the Fender® Community Forum, please use the link below -

    .:: Fender®.com ::.

    The site is sponsored by the Fender® Corporate Headquarters and everyone is welcome to join. :)
  14. I've been playing guitar now for 21 years and has been involved in praise and worship leading as well for more or less the same time. I have a Aria guitar. Playing guitar is not really my passion, I play because I can not because I really want to. Maybe it is the wrong attitude. I hate bar chords (because of the shape of my fingers) and play "straight chords" most of the time. I do however experience such an anointing when playing and the people usually enjoy singing with me when I play. All praises to the Lord though! I also love the old hymns. They where written with so much passion and was born out of the true experience of faithful believers hearts!

    I absolutely love the older generation songs by the older songwriters. Some of the new generation songs you get today is sometimes very difficult to play and almost impossible to sing in a congregation setup! Just a personal thought.

    I don't know about you guys, but we experience a huge demand to go back to the older and simple praise and worship songs - they had an appealing tune and a good rhythm and can actually be sung in a congregation setup! There is just those classics that will not die and will remain the core of praise and worship no matter what!

    You may think I am totally nuts but if there is one instrument I would love to play then it is the Church organ or pipe organ. This king of instruments has haunted and fascinated me since I was a child! What a glorious experience it is to sing Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty with everything you have within you while being accompanied by a church organ!

    Yours in His service
  15. I play acoustic; I'm largely a self-taught amateur. I was given a guitar by a good friend about 1.5 years ago, and I've loved it ever since! Everytime I hear a new song that I like, I try to find chords on the internet or figure them out myself (sometimes with less than satisfactory results :p).

    It's wonderful to be able to praise the Lord both playing and singing at the same time! That's the advantage of having an instrument that doesn't need the use of one's mouth :)
  16. Same here.

    (Same results too.) :D

    Anything you're working on right now?

    Have you ever tried reading "Tabs"
    Myself, I don't read music, I just have chords memorized, but I like the way tabulature is laid out. It's basically a "picture" if you will of the chord and the order the strings are played in.
  17. So funny, when I saw this thread and opened it just now, hubby was playing, so I snapped a photo.

    This was taken moments ago.

    I bought him the Fender Stratocaster two years ago for Valentines. Thought he was gonna pass I get as much enjoyment listening to him play as he gets in playing it though. He's very talented.

    Btw., see what living with me will do to your hair? lol

  18. I consider myself in excellent company! :D

    I'm trying to figure out "Redeemed" by Reilly. I know that A, F# and E are played in the bridge from 2:28 onwards, but other than that I've not had much success :( The same band has a song called Sunlight, which I'd love to be able to play, but I'm at a loss as to what chords I should use :confused:

    I don't read music either, but generally I can sight-read the chords in a song, as long as they're mainly majors/minors/seventh notes. I barely know any sharps/flats :D Keep up the good work R4TS!!
  19. I love my guitar. I'm so blessed that God has given me such a love for music.


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