How many guitar players?

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  1. I've been playing bass since 1964. Currently using a Fender ® Power Jazz Bass Special as well as a Kay Pro-Line bass. Both run though a Fender ® Rumble 100 amp/equalizer with 15 inch high output speaker.
  2. I'm not very musical (except for singing hymns) but my son who is 10 is an awesome guitar player.
  3. I have been playing guitar since I was 8, and have done so as a worship leader for several years, although not currently.
  4. Ive been playing guitar for about 7/8 years now...

    Currently have two guitars:

    Cort X_6 - Modded with LED's in the middle pickup
    Jackson Dinky DX10 - My main guitar

    Running it into the Boss GT8 and Boss RC-2 loop station and into a FRFR (Behringer K3000FX right now)...

    Used to play for a large Church and youth group before i moved here to Melbourne...

    Here are some of my recordings ive done upto date, hope you dig some of em :D

    SoundClick artist: Jake the Jammer - Basically rock

  5. [ One of the members who posted in this thread is no longer with us due to an 'issue', but I wanted to keep this thead going if possible. ]

    Just this morning, I traded in the Kay Proline bass for a new Fender® Precision Standard Bass. I have two Fender's now - the Power Jazz Bass Special® and the Precision Standard Bass®...

    You might ask, what in the world is he going to do with two bass guitars?

    Well, the Power Jazz Bass Special® has an equalizer and pre-amp built in that is used for recording studio work as patched directly into the master studio control system. It can also be used for a level of on-stage sound for special occasions that a passive system just can not attain. The Precision Standard Bass® is a passive system ( no active internal electronics ) with a really sweet pickup and output level for on-stage work that gives the classic bass sound from the 1950's.

    Since I do both Christian Contemporary music as well as Rock Classics, I needed both types to get the right sound for each application.

    Any other bassists here at CFS ??? :)

  6. I play a Cort electric SP-3 series and an Alvarez 5021 12 String Acoustic.
    I'm big into the classics. Southern Rock, Classic Rock.
    Eagles, Pink Floyd, Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, America, Bread,...

    I like BOTH kinds of music.
    Country AND Western :D
  7. I just have some basic idea about guitars. I play the same 5-6 chords for any song. :)
  8. Hey!!

    If the melody sounds good,...Ya got it!

    All the rest is just fluff. :cool:
  9. Chord ? What's that ? Hehehe... ( question from a bass player.):D
  10. :D :D :D Yea,..

    And..... What do you call those people who follow bands around all the time???

    .........They always seem to show up......

    ..............And follow them around everywhere??......

    Oh! Yea!..................... "DRUMMERS!" :D
  11. hey now dont be slammin the drummers now lol. i used to play the drums a bit my self lol one day i would like to learn how to play guitar aswell and jeff as far as only being able to play 5 or 6 chords you look at some older bands (or new ones for that matter) and you will find alot only use 3 chords.
  12. Haha.. I thought it was a common word. :D It's a combination of 2 or more notes. Check this page out: Guitar Chords @ Chordbook.Com
  13. Nah,...Don't take any offence. :)

    That's an old joke we like to tell around a drummer buddy of ours.
    It drives him crazy, but he knows as well as we do, it just don't sound right without a good drummer. ;)
  14. you got that right to me a drummer can truly make or break a band for me. you can have the best vocals and the best guitar/bass but if the drummer isnt good then that just brings every one else down.
  15. Yeppers.

    You know, I'm working on a couple of tunes right now by Brad Paisley.
    His work sounds very simple. No fast changes, country tempo....

    But when you try to duplicate him, you find out real fast just how good that man is.
    His chord changes are extremely difficult and most of his finger picking seems all but impossible to follow.

    There's a man who knows how to make a guitar sing!! :)
  16. I dont' play, but my husband is a very talented guitarist. He plays a Seagull Acoustic and a Fender Strat. Both I bought for him with my very own Christmas bonuses from work. I get just as much pleasure from hearing him play as he gets from playing.

  17. Jeff - I know what chords are - I was just being silly with you - because bass players play one note at a time... very quickly at times, but there is no 'chording' on an electric bass...:D

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