How Have You Been Enjoying The Fact We Can "rate" Posts Now? :)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by autumn oddity, May 23, 2014.

  1. You know rate it:

    Optomistic,creative,informative,winner, ect.

    How do you like this new addition? :)

    I love it ^~^ its really neat..
    I think my favorite is the friendly rating...or winning rating lol
  2. It's quite stressful. If I don't get at least 5 funny ratings per day I cry a little, and I'm not even going to talk about what happens when I get a disagree rating; let's just say it involves chick flicks and ice cream.
  3. Lol brian... i know that feel, pass the ice cream.
    ...Its Ben& Jerry's right ?

  4. It is taking us back to the bad old days of what's his name and thingamabob.
    And more recently we have had those estimable atheist folks using them in pretty much the same way.
    How would you feel if someone took a dislike to you and just went through the forum giving everyone of your posts a negative rating?
    Personally I think a few positives would be OK, but ditch the negatives.
    If someone doesn't like you or your posts, let them front up and say so publicly. As it is the only people who know who gives a negative rating are the person doing it and the luckless recipient. For example, I don't share your point of view, but I'm being upfront about it, not slamming a negative rating on your post. I have stated my case and everyone can make their own judgment. A Negative rating tells people exactly what???................nothing of value.
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  5. LOL Brian. Eat fruits as comfort food, not ice-cream. I'm on tapatalk, I only have like option. :(
  6. Yup. Caramelsutra is my fav. Not so fond of the name, but that's not what makes it taste good.
  7. The Dislike button is actually a positive rating last time I checked. Its that other button I won't mention that is negative. If the dislike button was a negative button I would currently be beating Mitspa.
  8. What is fruit?
  9. Dude, you know they have a fried icream flavor ? Lol

    But mine,personally,is birthday cake icream ^^

  10. LOL. What do you call fruit?
  11. A term used for homosexuals?

  12. Really?
  13. i dunno
  14. Man, I wish I can rate posts funny on this thing. LOL
  15. I call it 'something I've only heard other people talk about and see at the grocery store sometimes'
  16. Stress eating is so easy to do, yesterday I had 2 pizzas, nachos, fries,and chicken ( it was skinless atleast lol) ....And a cupcake with a brownie.... and after Im done eating,Im like.......

    What happened lol

    And suprisingly I still have bird legs x D ... in otherwords im not plump...had to get that out there bc I know you all were thinking it lol x D
  17. Just go to the regular browser in your phone instead of tapatalk if you really want to use the other ratings.

  18. LOL
  19. Exactly !

    When non-believers become irritated and angry with the truth you give to them, they will plaster that big red "X" on the page not because you were wrong, but just because they did not like the truth you gave to them.
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  20. I love fruit, mangoes and avocados are my faves

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