Hilarious Moments

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Whirlwind, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Hilarious Moments

    Anything funny ever happen to you? I mean hilarious? Post it here! Let's share the chuckles!:D

    Here's mine: One summer, I went out yard-saling. My friend that lives with me collects dolphin-things: snow-globes, statuettes, etc.

    I found the perfect things for him!!! A dolphin book-end, now he'd have a matching set! A candle-holder! A wooden carving! Oh man, he was going to jump for joy!

    I got home and unpacked the things on the kitchen table and eagerly waited for him to get home from work.

    When he did, he bust out laughing!!![​IMG]

    We had a yard sale three months before, and I just went and bought all the stuff back that he sold!:eek:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. I can't tell the dumb things I do!!!
    I'd get banned!

    Oh, I didn't mean you were dumb WW!


  4. Oh I know!!!
    One morning I was so tired and all my cats were waiting outside my door for me, hungry.
    I went downstairs and had only 2 cans of food I used and poured what was left of the dry food but it was only half of what I needed.
    I looked in the corner and there was another bag so I opened it and poured in more~
    I even got a spoon and mixed it up!
    But it wasn't cat food~
    it was litter!

    My cats didn't know what they were suppose to do; eat it or go to the bathroom!!!


  5. [​IMG]

    That's cute, Violet!

    That's what I'm talking about...I like to laugh. A lot.

    And yeah...sometimes, I am dumb, he heh. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I think at work all day, so later on I don't like to think at all. That's when a bad case of the dumbs really sets in for me, when I really deserve it, heh.:eek:

    I'm going to share the kitty-litter story tonight. It's bound to get some chuckles.

    OOOOH! I have another one!

    One Christmas, Mom bought dad one of those Hickory Farms sausage logs that he used to love. She wrapped it all neat, and stuck it under the tree.

    On Christmas morning, we were all unwrapping our presents and dad tore open this green-moldy log.

    Mom didn't know it was supposed to be refrigerated, heh.:eek:
  6. I know WW! I like to laugh alot too and I have had a bad case of the giggles all day long!!!

    I just sit here and start giggling for no reason and I'm getting some really strange looks which makes me laugh even more!!!
  7. I am going to PM you with one, WW!

  8. There was the time that I thought I was Tarzan and tried to swing from the chandeliers...

    It worked better in the movies...:rolleyes:
  9. Nothing funny has ever happened to me.

    I am mean, and ornery, and old, and cantankerous.

    If anything funny ever happened, I simply didn't notice.
  10. Was this recently, Don? :D
  11. Very funny Violet...ha, ha...

    This happened when I was about 10

    I haven't played Tarzan for at least two months...:eek:
  12. I'll try to think of some funny stories

    I enjoyed reading your funny stories and I have to admit that an entire group of family members did the tarzan swinging from a vine trick.

    I was the smallest one and I couldn't hang on to the vine (actually branches with long skinny leaves that ripped off in my hands) very well and down I went busting my head open on the sidewalk.

    It didn't seem funny to me until I read someone tried it from a chandelier. Now -- that is funny.
  13. I am wondering if ALL little boys born before 1980 played Superman in their underwear and a a towel pinned around their neck!!!



  14. I can't speak for all little boys but I would certainly have to claim the fifth amendment on this one, on account of being guilty.

    My son on the other hand, used to be the amazing spiderman. He had the full costume and he looked like a mini spiderman, he would even wear it to the store. One little boy younger than him said, "look mom, it's spiderman". He really thought he was, he would climb the walls in hallways by putting one and and one foot on oneside and the other on the other side and shimmy up. I'll have to post a picture on monday as it's on my work computer, it was too cute!
  15. Oh that is cute!

    Yep, my brother is 43 and I remember him being Superman very well!
    His towel kept coming off and I had to keep pinning it for him.
    My little brother was my pride and joy, being 4 years younger than me and he was my birthday present too!~:)

  16. Ok ..... You guys ....Promise you won't laugh.... But when I was little and I think in about grade two my mom always put my hair in pigtails and back then we had ink wells and the boy behind me put my pig tails in the ink well. My mother was not amused when I came home.
  17. The Amazing Spiderman

  18. Nice picture!!!
    I had a cousing come over once dressed in a superman suit- we were about 8.
  19. Spidey reminds me...

    One Halloween when my nephew was little, I had to take him and my little sister around for treats. I was angry, because they were showing some movie that I wanted to see on TV.

    To boot, my little nephew just could not say: Trick...or...Treat. So I practiced with him. He was a pirate that year, and my little sister was a vampire.

    At the first house, my nephew said, "Tickle cheek!" My sister rolled her eyes behind him and that got me cracking up.

    At the next house my nephew said, "Trickle teet!" and my little sister slugged him once in the arm with her candy. I was roaring.

    At the third house, you should have seen my expression, I was enjoying this! I couldn't wait to see what he was going to say at this house. "Tickle treat!" I was rolling on the ground laughing! My little sister was like, "You should just stop saying things now!" with her vampire teeth making her slur.

    I was so glad I didn't stay at home that year.


    Oh! Then one time my aunt was out root-digging in powdery dirt. They were heading home when the car stalled.

    Someone came up to help them, and he had to climb up on the bumper to look under the hood.

    "Try it now!" he yelled at my aunt. She turned the key, not knowing the pickup was still in gear and the pickup lurched forward and threw the guy off into the powder.

    The pickup started and she gunned it...running right over the guy!

    But the ground was so powdery that the weight of the pickup just squashed him down into the soil.

    Scared, my aunt threw the pickup into reverse and backed up over the guy again!

    He sat up at the powder and screamed at her: "Shut it offfff!!!"

    That one always gets everybody roaring at get-togethers, he he he.
  20. Don .....

    Thanks for the picture ..... That's great .... It looks like your son is having fun. You are such a wonderful dad. God bless you for that.

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