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Discussion in 'Humor' started by Whirlwind, Dec 28, 2007.

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    I LOVE IT!!!!!


  2. :D:D:D:D:):):):)
  3. One time in high school two of my friends were away at another school for a choir-something.

    One of them went to the bathroom, and the other one explored the halls for a bit.

    Then he got a great idea! He'd sneak in and scare the friend in the bathroom!!!

    So he crept in, and jumped up on the stall door, hanging on, and screamed: "Booga-booga-booga-booga!"

    Some old man was sitting inside, looking back at him like: Are you NUTS!?

    Hey - they were in high school, okay?:eek: The friend who had to use the restroom was out in the halls, finished, exploring.

    I could write a book with all the crazy stuff that happened to me and my friends.:D
  4. Whirlwind , I am sure you could and maybe you could be famous so why don't you start writing.... I would buy it .

    Just thought of today as I phoned the church and said my maiden name when they asked my name .... LOL.... I haven't been that for thirty years and then the secretary says we don't know any one by that name and I asked what she was talking about and then found out...... LOL
  5. Dusty - funny you say that...:rolleyes:

    I've been writing since I was 15. I've won awards and such, but I think of it only as a hobby. Honestly, it physically hurts me when someone reads something that I write (as in a story). One time my English teacher in high school asked me if he could read one of my stories outloud to the class...he had to give me a hallpass and let me wander around the halls until he was finished - I curl up into a ball, honestly! I'm almost finished with a story that I've been writing for about 11-years, called Strange Rain (Science Fiction/Thriller). This may be the one that I send out (after...oh, 17 years of writing? hee hee)

    Okay! Next funny moment...

    One time I was working as a forester way back in my teen years. A lot of my classmates were on the same crew. We'd ride in the back of a board-railed truck on the bumpy back logging roads all day, getting dusty and dirty.

    One time, this girl named Jewel lost her cap when it blew off in the wind. We pounded on top of the truck for our boss to stop.

    Jewel jumped out and started running back for her cap.

    Our boss threw the pickup into reverse and started backing up.

    We were screaming at Jewel: Run! Run!!! Because the truck was almost right on top of her. We were pounding on the truck for the boss to stop, because he couldn't see Jewel. (I don't know why, today, she didn't just step out of the way and let the truck go past her...she just ran along in front of it)

    I'll always remember that look on her face, though...it was like: Oh, man! I could have just stayed in the truck instead of being chased-down by it!

    She was okay...our boss stopped and Jewel got her cap.


  6. I'M LOL-in'!!!!!!
  7. I am with you on that. I have had some extremely fun and funny times with my buds growing up.
  8. Tell some of it, da_man! :D

    I love laughing!:)
  9. One Christmas, I had to go away for a bit.

    So I left the cat some extra cat food (this cat was named Ankhasunamun or Ankles for short).

    When I came back I found the strangest things had happened.

    She had a present under the tree, mmmkay? She was there when I put the present under the tree, and I told her specifically to wait until Christmas morning.

    But while I was gone, she opened just her present and left the rest alone.


    Everybody gets a kick out of that one..."Maybe she smelled the catnip?" some people suggest...nope. It had no catnip in it. It was just a rubber ball covered with cloth-design.

  10. I had a cat once, that I think was semi-retarded, but if there was a piece of cardboard on the floor she would go crazy on it. She would get to running in place on it and then all of a sudden it would kick out from underneath her with her doing a bout 100 mph. The problem being is it was usually set by our piano. I think that cat had a lot of headaches.
  11. LOL - poor kitty! :D
  12. Back in the day, I used to do some wild things with my hair.

    My cat back then was Mocha W. Marshmallows (that was her name). She used to follow me around the house, peeking around the corner at me.

    I had my hair up in rubber bands just to keep it out of my face, and I was shaving. My face was all lathered up.

    I came walking out of the bathroom looking like that...and Mocha saw me, hissed with her back arched, and bolted from the room.

    I guess I must've looked pretty awful to her for her to be afraid.:eek:
  13. Whirlwind!
    I had a pretty comical day yesterday~

    I had a Dr's appt.
    We arrived and parked..
    I got out and walked across a big parking lot to the door~
    When I turned around my husband was still getting out of the car~

    He finally got there.
    I'm standing by the elevator and it opened so I got in~
    There was a Dr. in there, about 35 yrs old~
    I let the doors close with my husband on the other side.

    WW, I know you will appreciate this!
    I started laughing!
    I had a bad case of the giggles~
    The Dr. just stood there smiling at me, not saying anything!
    I just looked at him and said, OOPS!
    I covered my mouth with my hand and still couldn't stop laughing.
    I know he wanted to laugh too!!!

    I finally got off....somewhere.... and 3 women were standing there, very serious!
    I looked at them and started laughing again!
    They just stood there!
    I finally said...."I lost my husband"


    I took the stairs and found him waiting where I left him!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, it was all too funny!:D


  14. LOL!!!

    Thanks, Violet! I needed that laugh today. You sound like a fun person! One time, on the air, I got the giggles BAD for no reason. I just started breaking up half-way through the news. It got so bad I just gave up and went to commercial. People were calling me, in tears themselves, telling me that they were laughing, too!:eek:

    Did I tell the one about my ex-wife?

    I was in the kitchen one night - stirring my spaghetti sauce and whistling away. She came BUSTING out of the bathroom, still yanking up her pants, ran over to the oven, threw it open, and pulled her garlic toast out. It was on fire, I mean - literally flaming! She had it under the top element to toast it and forgot it while she was, shall we say, using the facilities. She threw it into the sink and it hissed itself dead with the water.

    I bust out laughing! Here I was, stirring my sauce, whistling away, while her toast was bursting into flames right under me...

    I think about that some nights and just crack up.:p
  15. Where I grew up we had a few acres of pasture and so me and my buddies would always go out there to play baseball and football. Well one day during our baseball game one of my friends was playing catcher. He squatted down to get into the traditional catcher's position. He didn't realize how close he was to the electric fence. Sat right on it. LOL:)
  16. Youch!!!

  17. speeking of retarded cats...we had a cat aptly named "Doink",
    he would run half way up a tree, forget to hold on, and fall flat on his back (thump!)
    I thought cats always landed on their feet? I thought they had the sense to hold on...it's not like he was de-clawed or anything. Must have been snorting the laundry detergent or something!:blink: Maybe he just chased one too many parked cars DOH! bonk!!!!
  18. LOL!

    Violet that last one had me laughing so hard, I was just imagining you giggling "I lost my husband"

    I don't have anything too funny that I can recall right now....hmmm...

    Well. I have a friend, Becky, that I work with. I go over to her house where she lives with her boyfriend Rob. We play cards, monopoly, pictionary, play video games, and just hang out. Every time he picks me up in his Transam. Sometimes from home, sometimes from work. I sit in the back behind the passenger (Becky), we arrive at their house, then becky gets out and holds her door open so I can get out, by pushing her seat forward since it's a 2-door.

    This time, we arrive at their house. Rob and Becky get out, but Becky shuts the door on me. (Not ON me, but before I could get out.) So I sit there and look at them standing outside the car, with the palm of one hand pointing up. I look at Becky and gesture "What the...? Why'd you close the door?"

    After a long pause I realized I was in a 4-door car. His Transam was behind us in the garage, he picked us up in the Honda!

    They must think I'm slow.
  19. LOL - thanks, Mark! Had me rolling!

    One time we were at church for a funeral (Indian Shaker Church - wooden floors, wooden benches, no decorations, very solemn).

    The people were singing a song of thanks, and you could hear their voices echo off the walls. Faces were sad.

    For kids, this is pretty boring. One of them had fallen asleep on a bench in in the rear. He rolled off and BAM!!! It echoed through the church like a shotgun blast.

    Everybody tuuuuuuuurned to look. I remember the faces of those singing, like..."what now?" They kept on singing and tuuuuuuuurned to face forward again.

    Some of the people, even the mourners, started laughing and couldn't stop. I was one of them. The kid that rolled off just kept right on sleeping.

    This has happened at weddings, funerals, Sunday service, so on. Usually at the quietest moments of the ceremony. The elders always say one of the kids has received the spirit, hee hee:D

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