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Discussion in 'Humor' started by Whirlwind, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Oh no ,.Whirlwind .... You're poor Auntie...... I don't think I would be laughing but I guess now you can but at the time it was no joke.
  2. Some things you can laugh at after the fact and W.W. refreshed my mind but it was not funny at the time.

    I was in Mexico and was swimming and the undertoe was very bad and was being swept away. I was trying to wave that I was in trouble and my son was very young and my ex just stood and waved back. Finally the life guard came to my rescue and brought me back and then I was embarrassed.
  3. DON~~~~~
    That's so cute!!!

  4. Ok the car before this one was a Ford tempo. I had it for 11 years and one day I went out to the parking lot .... Nothing.

    Called the CAA and they came and the guy said it was my transmission and he would get it started for me so I could drive to the mechanic..... LOL.... But he told me if I turned it off it would not start again and I could not back up so I started to think of a plan to get me there......

    There was also lots of prayers that day. I got to a street where it was a hill and just coasted all the way and into the mechanic. When I got there there was no brakes and I had to put on the emergency brake to stop. THe mechanic was really mad at that CAA guy but praise God ... me and my ignorance didn't know any better.
  5. DUSTY!!!
    You are a brave soul!

    You just reminded me of something I did~

    When I first got my Nissan I went to the furniture store to look around.
    I had forgotten something and had to go back out to the car.
    I put the key in the door and opened it.....
    You know that feeling you get when your brain goes into shock?
    You get a hot flash, your heart skips a couple beats and you feel frozen?
    I unlocked and opened the wrong car!!!!
    Yes my key worked in another Nissan!

    I KNEW it wasn't mine because there were no french fries on the floor!!!!

  6. Oh no Violet ..... That's too funny.

  7. Oh now I remember when my son was small and he had a little friend that he brought to church and I was busy getting them in to the church.

    Then during the service it was announced so everyone could hear that there was a car left running in the parking lot and would be out of gas by the time the service was over.and the licence plate was announced and someone behind me said who could come in and leave their car running ...... guess who... yup it was me. and the worse part I had to get up and the whole church saw me.

    And the car was locked so I had to call the C.A.A. to come and unlock it...... LOL
  8. I'm on a roll..... Tee Hee...

    I remember the time I filled up with gas and somehow locked my car with my purse and keys inside and the gas station attendant was telling me to move my car untill I told why I couldn't. I had to wait again for the C.A.A. Boy good job I have them and I probably get my monies worth..... He He
  9. We drive the same car...ha, ha...
  10. ...french fries on the floor!

  11. Good, Don and WW know exactly what I'm talking about!

    They never change either....They don't ever spoil or mold or rot!
    EWEEE~ we eat those things!!!

    You've heard about the Twinkie, hmmm?
    it NEVER goes bad! :D

  12. One time I got into an accident. I was on my way to work after a flood and forgot that the roads dept. had put up a barricade of boulders.

    CRASH!!! I ran head-on into it in the dark. But by the love and grace of our Lord, I was okay.

    Later on, they towed the car and I went to get my stuff out of it.

    *gasp!* There was a family of dead mice, dead, under the gas pedal!:eek:
  13. LOL - Dusty!

    My mom still teases me about it. Says it would have been easier to buy a mouse trap than to crash my car.:eek:

    I never would have thought that a family of mice could survive on my car...:confused:


    Every Sunday when dad lived with me, I'd get up and find him sitting in his chair watching Strawberry Shortcake.

    Okay, I figured, he's getting on in his years, and they say you revert to being a child. He knew the whole storyline! What was going on with Strawberry Shortcake, the whole series!

    So I bought him a Strawberry Shortcake "action figure" for Christmas and he bust out laughing.

    Turned out he got up every morning and turned on the news. By the time the news was over, he was sleep again and was too lazy to turn the channel. So he'd just lay there and watch Strawberry Shortcake!

  14. Dat's cute Whirlwind.
  15. Actually was thinking about one today. When I was living in Switzerland years ago some friends took me up in the ski lift to the top of the mountain and we all got out and I said . How do I get down " They said ski.... Hello. They didn't know that I was a beginner. so it took me ages to get down and most of it was on my bottom. It wasn't funny but now I can look back and laugh.
  16. LOL - thanks, Dusty!!! Needed that laugh today!:D
  17. My aunt makes traditional regalia.

    She married a nice Mexican man named Javier.

    Anyway, she told him..."if you ever see a dead porcupine on the roadside, could you bring it home for me?"

    He said he would.

    One day, he came home with something that she said looked awful! It was skinned. Looked almost like a cat, she said.

    "What is that!!!!???"

    "It's the porcupine you wanted!" he yelled at her in Spanish.

    She bust out laughing.

    She wanted the porcupine so that she could harvest the quills for the traditional regalia that she makes.

    He found a dead porcupine, skinned it, and left the quills and all on the side of the road and brought home the carcass.:eek:
  18. It is true that you get what you ask for in some way. :p
  19. When I was little, my older sister came busting into my room screaming at me for mutilating her Barbie doll. She had her naked little doll in her hand and was shaking it and screaming.

    I told her I didn't know what she was talking about, but she didn't believe me.

    Somehow, the legs on her barbie were reversed.:eek: Left was right and right was left.

    Crying, she spent about an hour popping the legs off and then squeeeeezing them back into the sockets.

    I sat nearby crying (because when I was that age, whatever hurt my sister hurt me).

    When she was done, I reached out and grabbed the doll and then did the most amazing thing...I turned the torso around all the way.

    The legs weren't reversed at all.:eek:

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