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  1. It's funny how we quibble over terminology rather than to look at what's really being said.

    What's being said is that KingJ sought out guidance and direction from The Lord and he received it. Let's rejoice with him rather than throwing rocks because the word "sign" was used.

    The reality is that Jesus himself gave very clear direction that when it's time to move on - you get to it and move on. It's all through the bible. Abraham went into Canaan... Joseph took them back out. Moses lead the people by the hand of God back into Canaan... Ezekiel and Jeremiah likewise brought the message that it was time to get back out.... Is this a contradiction in the bible? Hardly.

    It's at the heart of The Shema.... Hear God today... Right now.... Love God - do what He says today.

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  2. Who is throwing rocks?
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  3. Be careful Jim. You are starting to sound like me. Scary isn't it?????
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  4. Better than seeking after a sign is taking God at His Word. Simple faith is more pleasing to the Lord than a reliance on a dazzling sensory experience.

    John 20:29......
    “Jesus told him, ‘Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed’”.
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  5. It is better to be grounded in the word of God vs looking for signs and not being grounded. But as we mature we start seeing God's hand moving behind the scenes all the more. These are signs we should all be seeing / looking for.

    God works with signs big time. All of His creation on earth works with signs. If we analyze our past catastrophes we would see many signs that were ignored.

    My church believes strongly in a Sunday message being confirmed by other elders / brethren. This is a sign we are all looking for. A sign to be certain we heard from God on Sunday vs effort put in to Google a sermon.

    We need to specify exactly what signs Jesus was referring to in Matt 12:39. A wicked and adulterous generation look for a sign to believe in God. They want God to jump through a hoop they have created for Him. They are tempting God. Mocking God. There is a world of difference.
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  6. I agree with you my brother. If....If we are talking about and ;looking for signs that point to the next coming of Christ, I agree totally.
    No one, not even Christ Himself knows the time of His 2nd Coming......but we can certainly know the seasons in which those signs manifest themselves.

    However, that is not what I am talking about. I am referring to events which take place in a persons life and they believe that the event is a sign to them personally to live there life by. Then there are others who always seem to asking the Lord for a "Sign".

    To me KingJ and it is only my opinion and you and everyone else are free to disagree with me, when we ask God for a "Sign or a wonder or a miracle", we are in fact testing God or taunting God. The Bible truth from the Lord Jesus says that cursed is the one who asks for signs.

    Matt. 12:39.........
    "But he answered them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah."

    Imagine that I want a better paying job, but I do not want to put in the effort of getting it. So I pray.......
    “Lord, if You want me to find a better job, make somebody come to me with a sign about what You have already chosen for me.”

    Now if we think about this a moment when I asked God for a sign, isn't the real reason behind my request was to take a shortcut.????

    However the Bible tells us to go to work! The Scriptures tell us to have faith in God and put our hand to the plow believing in Him as we go.
    My experience has shown me that we as Christians tend to look for a quick answer. This is why signs can be so alluring. While we wait, we are powerless and dependent, and anxiety grows inside us because we can do nothing but we need to do something. The baby is deathly sick and we are not in control. Mama has just been told she has cancer and needs surgery and chemo and immediately right in front of the Doctor we realize that we are not in control. We realize we can do nothing but are overwhelmed with the need to do something.

    Then the human phycology behind all of this is that asking for a sign, especially if we give God a sort of timeframe or deadline, puts us back in control. Suddenly, God needs to answer according to our schedule, so the seemingly endless waiting is over. We have done something about it—we fixed it.
    And because we pretended to be submissive to God all the way, we do not have to feel guilty!
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  7. Hello KingJ. I am a bit slow to reply :D I am happy to hear God took you out of a difficult situation at work. It is God who opens and closes doors. Some times God wants us out of these situation and some times God wants us to face it and be still. And know that He is God :) Last year at work things were really crazy. For some 3 months, I would just sleep for 4 or 5 hours everyday (including weekends). We had major issues after an application upgrade and I was managing the mess. I was wondering I had to go through that. I just prayed and let it be. If God wants that to end sooner, He would do that. But it kept on going for a long time.
    Just like Joseph story, so many good things happened at the end of it. I thought this kind of lifestyle is not good for me. I started applying at other places and I would attend interviews and finally they would pick someone else :) It happened many times when there were only me and another candidate left. Then I understood God wanted me right here and no where else.
    Through the difficult times, it got lot of good appreciation from senior leadership. Some wondered how I was able to manage it physically. Some said I have "some character"!! Frankly, it was God who was leading and guiding me all the way and helped me show that strength. It in my weakness, His strength was exhibited. It resulted in a big salary hike (enough for me to send my daughter to Christian school, which we always prayed about).
    Now I am very clear God wants me here. I am happy he closed all the doors when I tried to get out of here :) I am happy he closed the doors for you and opened something else. He is always with us!!
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    I agree completely that we cannot and do not order God around. We pray, wait and watch. Watching Him at work is the context of my 'signs' in the OP. I honestly feel you and Jim are thinking of lemons (forgiveable on this subject) whilst I am discussing sweet apples ;) :whistle:.

    We cannot limit God's interaction with us to only a quiet voice in our head / what rhema's we receive when reading scripture. I am not saying we add to scripture. Just that He can do whatever He wants and if we are close to Him / listening and watching, we will see Him at work. At work in whatever way He chooses.

    The verse before Matt 12:39 is quite hilarious. ''The Pharisees came to Him and said 'show us a sign'. Like Jesus was some clown.
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  9. Thanks for sharing your story. Very encouraging. Glad things worked out for you.
  10. We are in complete agreement my brother.
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  11. 27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

    I agree it was a sign........
    But what does correction say?
    Missing dead lines coming in late leaving early are all Signs of what here Kj?

    To say to be disciplined for bad work ethics is a sign from God to leave is quite strange.

    We are to be the light in the world, or another words example to the world. We are to shine and reflect the Love of God.

    So walking in love and forgiveness are to be seen through us.

    Now then KingJ , I have not Once claimed God did not direct you. I am however saying your reasons or examples seem off.

    Brother if you worked for me with the attitude you displayed above, you can bet there would have been some disciplinary actions taken.

    Blessings Brother.
  12. Jim I think you glanced over the OP.

    You can't discipline someone for coming in 15 minutes late when they worked the entire evening and weekend. You can't be upset with someone missing deadlines when you have knowingly given them the workload of three people. It is kind of hard to preach to anyone when you just want to sleep. I wish my situation had turned out more like Rav's. But unfortunately it did not.
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  13. Just an update. It is my last month now and God is opening doors to me doing my own business. I have told God I am tired of employment. I do have a contract that I am going to with my Dad's old friend. But am thinking of turning it down. Really need to hear from God now :).

  14. How are you doing. Please do update.

    And no, don't turn down the contract. You asked for open doors.
  15. That was unfair.
  16. King J I totally get what your going though.

    Wisdom is knowing the difference between "persevering" and killing yourself.

    I replied to your post because in a sense it is what I went through. Slightly different

    I did once have a job that drained me to the point of non performance. I should have
    left earlier, but no, I stuck it out till I hated it and then they saw that I hated my work
    and they said good bye because I dropped a number of balls. I should have resigned.

    Like you, it was long hours, for a quarter of the pay that those around me where
    getting. If you were 15 min late it would be a disciplinary. The environment was not

    Cut a long story short, when they asked me to draft a resignation letter I did not
    resist. I drafted signed it and handed it right in. With no job on the horizon.

    I would spend the next month driving cross country town to town. It was what
    I needed. Weird thing is, as I was on the road, got a call from a job I had applied
    for before going on the road. They wanted me now, - at double the pay from
    my previous job, +annual salary increases, +annual bonus or 13th cheque.

    The great part is, the job had all these perks but it was 1/25th of the pressure
    of my other job. I kid you not.

    Now, I have my own flexible hours. I see boss in the morning. Liaise over what
    needs to be done. No micro management.

    Sometimes you gotta be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    Trust your path and that whats best will come to light.
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  17. God can remove us from situations trust me.

    I was experiencing weird nightmares where I was staying.

    Originally, when I got these attacks I would use Jesus' name and the witches
    would wilt away. Like weaken. So I kept fighting them off in my dreams
    over and over.

    One day, I had a dream with black cats that were purring right outside my
    door step - audibly loud. That sound was as real as day.

    Someone in my family opened the door and the cats came pouring in.
    They wouldn't leave. Funny thing is I used Jesus' name and they wouldn't

    They increased and went into weird areas. intricate places they couldn't be

    It was only days later through a string of events at the place where I was
    staying that the interpretation came.

    That day at church on Sunday God said to me I have to move cause it will
    get worse. I had no idea of how I was going to move so I just gave up in
    a sense.

    Not knowing that, God was right. Cause there was a structure that fell.
    It was so heavy. I was forced to pay for it. A few hours before that
    structure fell I was worshiping around the area. Don't know why I wouldn't
    leave. Weirdly, I was also worshiping 1 hour before it fell in the house
    consistently. Not knowing that someone was prevented from an accident.

    Something said it would be a continuous battle being there. And I must
    shake the dust off my feet. As well, the ministry which I had there - the
    reason for moving there was done. The person I ministered to was
    standing on their feet. No longer suicidal.

    God confirmed I needed to get out cause in the space of 7 days I moved
    to a place beyond my wildest dreams that is now a home I will own.

    I shook the dust off my feet because even though I did the best for
    this family - they despised my help and kept finding ways to get at me.

    I didn't fight them but left them peacefully - with the witness of Christ
    still intact by His grace.

    Take care J.
  18. Thank you for sharing this testimony of the Lord guiding you and ministering to you. And showing us that obedience to God brings very wonderful results and blessings!

    God bless you!
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  19. Hi there

    Thanks for your testimonies, very encouraging to hear.

    As for me I have been very busy. I worked on the contract I mentioned whilst buying and selling cars. I am now pursuing my own accounting business with the cars on the side. The contract has come to an end, so I am once more in a position where I need to trust God to provide. But I am sure I will be fine. I have such an indescribable peace in me :). I am also of late getting to spend so much time with my family. It seems like God wanted me to take some time out and spend it with them.
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  20. KingJ
    It's Really Good hearing from you Brother
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